Greasy, fast speed…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Quick hitter.  Speed version, and have to do one, as drastically increased readership means I have to deliver daily if at all possible.  It is not like I don’t WANT to write one ever.   Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       On the record.  Give me these guys as division winners.  Giants, Packers, Atlanta, San Fran.  Give me these guys as wildcards.  Saints, Seahawks.  I like San Fran over Seattle out this way.  Division winners.  Pats, Bengals, Houston, Denver.  Wildcards.  Steelers, Colts.  I like Houston over Denver in this conference.  Houston over San Fran 31-23.

1a)  There will be LOTS of football talk this season as always.  PLENTY of time to give you my LONG explanation on those picks…along with the fact I will most likely modify them before the weekend.  Just thought I should get SOMETHING out since the first day of football is finally here.

2)      Stepping back INTO my biased zone.  Steelers over San Fran 23-17.

3)      Newsflash.  Bama got the #1 OT in the nation.  I know you almost fell out of your chair on that one, but let’s keep going.

4)      Ferrer lost in 5 sets at the US Open.  If we are not lining up for Djokovic vs. Nadal for the finals, then I don’t know WHAT is going on.  Can we just advance them, give them a longer rest, and call it a day?

5)      Do you think the verbiage when Revis is “sharing secrets” about his ex- team, the Jets, is simply this.  “Don’t worry about specific plays.  They suck.”

6)      Floyd Mayweather will make $41.5 on the Alvarez fight.  He now can pay mortgage on his color coded mansions and cars (seriously-look it up), and it reminded me to put the fight on our joint Google Doc.  Lindsey and I will be using this system for events and sports as football season can be very complex at times.

7)      If you are not excited about this upcoming Mayweather fight…then I don’t know.  SOMETHING is off on your side.  This will be AMAZING.  Mayweather 44-0.  Alvarez 42-0-1.  Old vs. young.  EPIC fight in the making.

7a)  Read an article on Floyd Mayweather.  It is amazing how he rolls.

8)      Lindsey and I evidently have a long day Saturday.  UVA-Oregon at 1:30pm and Oklahoma at 5pm.  One advantage.  I might only have to watch only a quarter of MY game before it turns ugly.  That will make logistics a little easier.

9)      The Cleveland Indians brought out a live chicken for BP the other day.  Not sure why, but my best guess is that it was the Rocky movie scene gone wrong.  The chicken didn’t move.  Greased lightning.

10)   I forgot to tell you something else about the Taste this past weekend.  A dude used MY line on ME.  He was wearing a Lambert jersey, we conversed, and I asked him how old he was.  He said “Older than YOU.”  He was 53.  Damn.  That is MY line when people ask me how old I am.  Dude looked alright.  I have a real life example in this anti-aging thing.

11)   NASCAR banned a female for slapping a racer.  She probably didn’t get the answer she was looking for when she asked them to turn right.  Or maybe she said “What if we just TURNED around and you and I LEFT this place to go have some fun?” and he just THOUGHT she was making a left turn joke.

12)   Stop asking me who to start this week in fantasy.  Until teams show their hands finally, NONE of us really know any trends.  Go with the projections.

13)   Nice of Denver to put a pot sign right by the stadium for our opener on national TV.  Classic.  Between this and the Joe Flacco billboard, this city is getting some heat.  This one is BEGGING for some joke with Mile HIGH in it.  I am just not a good joke teller.

billboard Capture


14)   Yes.  It is true.  There really is a fall movie called Big Ass Spider.  Told you already.

15)   John Wall’s new mansion has 10 bathrooms.  I would have trouble allocating enough ESPN Mags to that many bathrooms, but that is me.  Sound tedious.  Max contracts in the NBA must be a nice problem to have.  I guess you could order enough ESPN Mags for all TEN bathrooms.

16)   This…this is just HORRIBLE. Your warning is that it involves a broomstick.

17)   I am not hip on TV shows.  That show, The League, is about fantasy football.  Saw my FIRST one last night.  Hilarious.

18)   You have to wonder when the Eagles let go of Riley Cooper.  Dude is trouble waiting to happen with the insults he will face on the field.  He can’t even go through a practice with his OWN team.  Him and Cary Williams had to be separated at practice today.  Chip Kelly might work wonders with X’s and O’s, but he can’t regulate a racial issue ALL the time.

19)   Ummm.  It hasn’t just been ONE year.  It has been TWO years.  Hilarious that UNLV put Lon Kruger as their head basketball coach on a BILLBOARD.  UNLV, he is at Oklahoma rebuilding THEIR program presently.

20)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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