Good thing the cleaning woman was there…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  This is an evening rant, but I have work to do, packing to do, and most importantly…basketball to watch.  I travel tomorrow and Thursday, so I will save my long hooks for then.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  People make fun of me because I don’t take time off from work.  If I did, I think it would have been today.  TWENTY FOUR straight hours of college basketball.  Heaven.  I obviously didn’t see the game, but Butler had a horrible game today evidently.  They dropped 47 on Xavier today.  Xavier dropped a more normal 62 points.  You don’t jump off bridges because of one game, but Butler joining the A-10 means one thing.  Life is not going to get easier in a league that is rising up to a Big 6 level (not YOU Pac-12-you don’t count).  VCU?  St. Louis?  Ugghhh.

2)  Wolver Chase Budinger is out 3-4 months for an injury.  I always laugh when I see his name.  Lute Olsen, years ago, once said that Chase was the best player he had ever recruited.  This coming from a guy who has a decent hypothetical NBA team using JUST his ex-college players. Chase might have made it to the NBA, but we were all waiting for more from him.  Still are.

3)  Anderson Silva will take a vacation.  This eliminates the super fight between him and St. Pierre down the road. I admit to not being an expert on MMA, but I also think anyone would think it is odd that a 37 year old, non heavyweight MMA fighter would take a year off at this stage in his career.  Anderson, you are not Widespread Panic, where fans WANT you to take a year off so we know you last a few more years.  You are getting into a ring where there are young, angry badasses waiting to take out any old school guy in front of them.  And being 38 won’t help you when you return.

4)  Mike D’Antoni has said that “if the Lakers aren’t in the hunt, then I failed.”  Ummm.  They were ALREADY in the hunt from what I understand, therefore implying you SHOULD be in the hunt.  So, what you are saying is that you just want to do well.  Congrats.  Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t “well” what your non defense Phoenix teams were EVERY year?

5)  I am sitting here watching Kansas-Michigan State.  Basically, I am watching a game where you can pretty much can guarantee that one of the teams will be there close to the end. Reload.  Shmreeload.  Self and Izzo just find a way.

6)  The Blue Jays are about to acquire like 15 of the Marlins players for 5 of theirs.  Ok.  Not 15.  About 5 guys.  Basically, anyone who makes ANY money on the Miami roster.  This is like circa 1998, except they didn’t win the World Series the year before.

7)  The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Mike Trout and Bryce Harper won rookie of the year awards.  Not much suspense on this one, and about TIME Trout won SOMETHING.

8)  I know UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad is ineligible.  What I found funnier in the last day is this.  As I am reading every single word of my college bball preview, I noticed that Shabazz (before being ruled ineligible) was picked by Athlon to be on the All American team.  A freshman on that squad?  Didn’t we learn our lesson when Harrison Barnes was named on it and failed to put a dent in a chance of that happening.  Stop getting sucked into these freshman being the top tier, unless their name is Anthony Davis or Carmelo Anthony.

9)  Lindsey cooked me corn on the cob and king crab last night.  Not only is it definitely the fanciest meal ever eaten on my crappy coffee table, but it was really, really good.

Oh, and here is her contribution.  This is absolutely HILARIOUS.

10)  The Steelers barely escape the Chiefs.  Whatever, people.  Bring on the fact that they were at home.  Bring on the fact that the Chiefs sucks AND are unlucky.  I will take it.  Survive and advance.

-Mike Tomlin confuses me.  He runs it on 3rd and 5, gets stopped, and then goes for it unsuccessfully on 4th down.  Hey, Mike.  How about we just try a longer play on THIRD down?

-Chiefs Derrick Johnson had 11 tackles in the middle of the third quarter.  That is one bad (in the good way) man on a really bad (in the negative way) team.

-For a trusted backup like Leftwich, I didn’t think that Todd Haley gave him the green light enough to throw.  They were up 13-10 and were calling plays like they were up 14.

-However it breaks down, Mike Tomlin is 6-1 on MNF.  Ugly or pretty, he wins.

-Big Ben’s shoulder.  I like “sprained” better than a lot of words out there, and perhaps he misses the Ravens game, but it could be worse.  Can we make a playoff run without him? No.  Can we win enough games to keep us on track FOR him to come back?  Yes.  Maybe this way, there won’t be any decision about whether to do the game or the delivery of his kid when the time comes.

11)  Does Cincy basketball REALLY have a kid named Cashmere Wright?  Wow.  Where DO I start on the Seinfeld jokes?  I don’t know what the rules are as far as uniforms, but I think he should put a red dot on his uniform IMMEDIATELY.

12)  Lindsey said that she had seen the music video for a song we were listening to.  How is that possible?  My first response was that as of 13 years ago, all I see on MTV is Real World and Road Rules.

13)  Bobby Knight is announcing the game.  I forgot to ask my dad if he dressed up like Knight for Halloween.  He is a ringer for Knight.

14)  I haven’t heard anything today on the NHL talks.  Their previous meeting that we heard about must have been all about HOW to have a secret meeting and keep it a secret.  I am sure they are making tremendous progress.

15)  I realized that my Jeep’s repairs were equal to my its present value.  I don’t know what that means except that I must really love Eleanor.  AND it still idles at the exact RPM of what I took it in at.  I am turning the radio up really loud to not think about it still stalling.

16)  Lionel Messi took over Pele for goals in a calendar year.  I am not buying it.  Maybe it is because I read the same Pele book over and over as a little kid that I am brainwashed, but I still think Pele was better.

17)  I hate when you search on Google, and they ask “did you mean….?”  You click on it and realize that is NOT what you meant and that this was a worse search phrase and that you meant exactly what you typed initially.  I think I am grumpy tonight.

18)  That is it.  I am tired, and I have work and packing for DC to do.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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