Gonna Rant Now…ranting high now…gonna rant, rant, rant…dah dah DAH!

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Twenty minute work breather.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)  Greg Norman has declared to the media that Tiger Woods might be “intimidated” by Rory McIlroy.  Wait a second.  Maybe this is a different Greg Norman.  Are there more than one popular, celebrity Greg Normans?  There HAS to be, because this BETTER not be the same Greg Norman who was ahead of Nick Faldo by 6 strokes in 1996 at the Masters, and then lost to Nick Faldo.  Most people remember that he lost.  Most DON’T remember that Greg lost by FIVE strokes.  Does that mean YOU are intimidated by Nick Faldo??  If I had time, I would mention a couple of your other majors losses, but for now I will just say that Tiger is fine, Rory is fine, and you can feel free to go crawl back under that rock you came out from under.  Leave your fancy hat.

2)  DC swimming coach Rick Curl has been banned from swimming forever for abusing members of his team.  Most known for coaching swimming badass back in the day, Tom Dolan, Rick was known as one of the most successful coaches in history.  Shame those skimpy little suits his team was wearing persuaded him to do some Sandusky stuff.  Shame on you.  He pulled a Lance Armstrong by the way.  He was fighting it, and then suddenly pulled back and stopped fighting.

3)  Best wishes to Roy Williams, who had a tumor removed this week.  Get better, Roy.  You are one of the best out there in the coaching world, have a charm that is very likable, need to get healthy to take on now strong NC State, and need to stay alive long enough for my Cavs to someday give you all a run again on a regular basis.  Basically, stay healthy for a while.  We need more time.

4)  Michael Turner has apologized for his DUI.  Thanks, Michael.  If I was a Falcon fan, I still don’t understand you wanting to drive 97 MPH at 5am at night.

5)  Jay Cutler has apologized for bumping his OT on the sidelines.  Well, he sort of did, in a half-ass way that only Jay could do.  He said “I probably shouldn’t have…”  Dude, saddle up and come clean.  People will respect that more.  Go practice up on Trivial Pursuit, because I hear the bubble boy needs some company.  You can bump HIM, Tunnel Vision.

6)  After an 18 inning marathon, and sensing they are in it to win it, the Orioles are bringing up their #1 pitching prospect, Dylan Bundy.  Dude was 9-3 2.08 in AA.  He is a stud.  They are bringing him up a year earlier than they hoped, but they also thought they might be fighting off 100 losses at this point in the season also.

6a)  Odd stat.  The O’s are now 14-0 in extra inning games.  That is crazy.  Tell your friends.

7)  Why did the media think that USC QB Matt Barkely would react negatively to Lane Kiffin’s comments on his bad decisions over the weekend against Stanford?  Matt has played two years on probation when he didn’t have to.  He is a class act, and still has a job on Sundays next year any way you look at it.

7a)  The loss against Stanford guaranteed that Barkley won’t beat Stanford in his career at USC.  Don’t worry, Matt.  Some dude from Tennessee never beat Florida in four tries, and HE turned out ok.

8)  This must be the west coast version of the ’97 Marlins.  The LA Kings WIN the Cup, and now are for sale.  I know you are supposed to walk away when you are ahead of the game if possible, but it is not like that roster is exactly old or anything.

9)  Anyone else notice that the San Francisco Giants are 21-10 since Melky Cabrera got banned?  The Fillerbuster admits I thought they were toast after losing him, but it is kind of nice when your badass pitching comes into form finally also.

10)  I grew up loving Rocky.  I am from outside Philly, I had a heavy bag in the garage, have done the whole stair run up to the statue, and I loved Survivor.  Am I the only one who HAS to click on any Rocky movie when it is on TV just to see how far away the training scene is?  I think I would rather watch those than any of the fights.  Or, at least, it is easier to tear myself away from the TV before the actual fight scenes than the training scenes.  They make me want to run through a wall.  And yes.  The Rocky theme music is on my iPod to work out to still.  Whatever.  It works for me.

11)  Jay Cutler is toast to his teammates and media, and Aaron Rodgers is getting shit from ANYONE?  TE Jermichael Finley called out Rodgers’ leadership on Twitter.  WR James Jones has gotten Rodgers back.  The guy took over for a legend, already has a ring, has an MVP award, and is classy off the field.  Shut up, Finley.  Go pick on Cutler.  It is VERY easy.

11a)  I think I DON’T miss Tim Tebow from being in Denver equally to how much I MISS Jay Cutler.  I could flow chart that if needed.

12)  Lindsey has gotten me to be a HUGE Tosh.O fan.  In addition to being funny, he makes some sports references on his show that are so subtle that it makes it funnier to the part of the audience who gets it.  I almost rolled off the couch when he was making fun of a kid on a Nerf bball hoop and threw in an Isaiah Rider reference.  Freaking awesome.

13)  Bode Miller tweets he is engaged.  I wish Twitter was around longer, because I STILL want to know where he was partying all through the Olympics a couple years ago when he was supposed to rake in medals in his prime, and then didn’t do shit.

14)  Tony Stewart grabbed the backside of the Delana, Kevin Harvick’s wife, over the weekend.  He blew it off, saying the media caught something that a lot of drivers did to other’s wives.  I am sure Kevin would say the same thing.  Something tells me there was some regulation when the cameras were NOT on him.  They can’t be THAT good of friends.

15)  That is it.  Back to work.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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