Gone In 30 Minutes

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Quick one today.  I am watching football, Lindsey is doing her mobile art gallery thing, I have some work to do, a non Steelers day, and I wrote a fun cast on Friday night with fun pics.  Today is one sentence and one sentence only per hook.  Let’s move.
  3. 30 minutes on this thing-door to door.
  4. Denver is currently down 26-9, a very bad, lost team, and maybe I am a little more bitter since I threw a small wager on them to actually play respectable…my mistake.
  5. I admit to backing off the mild Pats spread and not betting the game at all, and guess Tom Brady was PERSONALLY insulted by that touchdown plus spread.
  6. As I peruse the scoreboard, let’s be clear that bets come first and fantasy football is a distant second.
  7. After the 75 we all kind of expected at some point this tourney, I am VERY impressed Tiger Woods rallied to shoot a 68 on the Sunday round.
  8. Before kickoff today, there were FIVE teams in the NFC with records 8-3 or better…impressive.
  9. Before you go on saying the NFL is suddenly the NBA with the conference differential, let’s keep FIRMLY in mind that the Pats and Steelers are two teams the Eagles or Rams or Vikings or whoever do NOT want to see line up against them in February.
  10. Hue Jackson is 2-30 as a head coach before kickoff today, and probably 2-31 by the time you read this cast.
  11. The Giants are about to fire Ben McAdoo, and THAT is what you get when you tell an HOF’er to play a half before getting relieved to keep alive your streak.
  12. The Giants will now start Geno Smith, their “young talent,” whose .78 TD-INT differential is the worst in the league since 2013.
  13. Watching the now viral video of Brady going apeshit on the sidelines was refreshing to me for some odd reason.
  14. Maybe because it was Josh McDaniels he was yelling at.
  15. I don’t root against the Packers unless they play the Steelers, and hearing they are targeting the Rodgers return for week 15 if they are in the playoff picture is nice and we could always need some more Aaron Rodgers magic in our day.
  16. Wow, the conference championships didn’t provide much suspense overall, did they?
  17. So, either the Hurricanes were hungover, were overrated, or Clemson is THAT good when Bryant is healthy (he was not at Syracuse).
  18. Cuse did not win another GAME after they beat Clemson, which is just weird.
  19. OU with any type of respectable defense (better in last 4 weeks) is a team no one on this planet wants to play.
  20. Maybe the Steelers can draft Baker so my team has all OU backups on it.
  21. It sounds like my New Year’s plans might be going to CA possibly now…why not?
  22. For the record internally in my wife’s family AND for the blog, even when Iowa State beat OU, I still said OU would run the table and make the playoff.
  23. My preseason predictions were Bama, Clemson, OU, and Ohio  State…so not far off on that one.
  24. I teased Indy to +16 and they have been losing by 17 points for the last 45 minutes…ugghhh.
  25. Maybe after Kevin Sumlin goes to UCF, he can go to Division II and win some titles…downward transfer if he goes to UCF.
  26. BUT, on the flip side, he IS getting a relatively full cupboard.
  27. As a sign that most RB’s don’t make it much past 30 years old, it feels like Frank Gore has never done anything of any real prominence, but yet he just moved into FIFTH in all time rushing.
  28. As far as the Bama-OSU debate, I agree we got the better team and not maybe the hotter team, no one will complain about Clemson-Bama III, and OSU can look at the WAY they lost to Iowa as their losing straw.
  29. Listen, Bama couldn’t have had it scripted ANY better than to have Ohio State BARELY beat Wisconsin instead of destroying them.
  30. If I had to do it again, I STILL would have laid money on Auburn to win that UGA game…I thought Stidham would OWN that game, but the fact is that it is very hard to beat a very good team twice in a couple of weeks.
  31. The I am hearing the Packers fans boo like Philly fans, and they do realize it is not Rodgers out there, right?
  32. I just read an article on Carson Wentz that mention Ron Jaworski, who added color by saying he once started a game 11-11, threw an incomplete pass, and got booed by the fans.
  33. Has Natrez Patrick heard of this thing called “Uber?”
  34. How freaking STUPID is what HE did?????
  35. Every time I think about UGA yesterday though, I think of the kicker with the specs under the football helmet.
  36. Good day for Detroit, as the football team gets smoked by the Ravens and they can’t successfully blow up their old stadium.
  37. I just watched Marcus Peters THROW the ref’s flag into the STANDS when his team was down by 5 points late in the game.
  38. What an idiot.
  39. I love football, but did ESPN really make the college football selection show FOUR hours?
  40. My wife had never seen Yonder Mountain String Band (I have multiple times opening for Widespread Panic), so we checked out them down the street last night, and they were solid as always, but the violinist really stole the show in my opinion.
  41. Kyle Guy is the real deal, and my Cavs are quietly undefeated in hoops and moving up the rankings quickly.
  42. My deep social media thoughts are when did Twitter stop counting down your characters and how have I magically stayed between 530 and 540 followers for like 6 months.
  43. Wait, NOW I found out that Marcus Peters WASN’T ejected, and left ON HIS OWN…classless.
  44. The college football season now becomes REALLY hard to bet on, as you have to figure out who is sitting out the game for draft stock, who is just happy to get the bowl money, and who really cares about winning.
  45. I assume the kid who got worked by a chick in the Dr. Pepper football toss challenge is NOT very excited about getting back home.
  46. Lost in the UNC bball win this week is that they ruined some sports books in Vegas with a late collapse and a spread that was around 10.
  47. Hey, Georgia Tech, Grambling is not supposed to be a loss on your resume and thanks for making the ACC look proud and good.
  48. I love Joe Montana, but I can’t take that MasterPass commercial anymore.
  49. Donovan Mitchell is BALLING this year, and could piss off some teams that passed on him in the draft.
  50. I love watching SVP’s ESPN SportsCenter Bad Beats/ Spread Alert section of the show as long as it doesn’t affect me.
  51. The one thing I have noticed about not drinking (besides being a cookie monster now) is that I like WAFFLES again.
  52. I had wanted to do a quick blog today so I can work on the drop downs on my site, but that ain’t happening again as I have one more month of the year, am in sales, and will spend my afternoon watching football and working.
  53. What you MAY have missed in the crazy UCF-Memphis ending is that the spread was 6.5…dilly, dilly.
  54. Maybe I like Lane Kiffin because of his personality, idiot displays of whatever, or football genius, but the fact that he has covered every single time I have bet on him to cover over the last 8 weeks (the one I didn’t was a Friday night game I forgot to do) definitely HELPS.
  55. That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or at least are more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  56. Go, Eagles, tonight.
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