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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       How intriguing is it to have rookie of the year candidates Russell Wilson and RGIII face off in the first round of the playoffs?  It is not quite as intriguing as our nation’s capital finally hosting a playoff game for the first time since Joe Gibbs’ first coaching stint there…early 90’s.

2)      All streaks are made to eventually end.  The Bobcats beat the Bulls to end their streak of futility and the Nuggets ended the Clippers’ winning streak.  The second is understandable since the Nuggets are pretty damn good playing at home at altitude.  The first was unexpected, but more of a sign that young kids are going to have really good days as well as bad with a lack of mature consistency.

3)      Black Monday took out a lot of coaching and GM personnel.  Lovie Smith?  Ten wins?  Headcase as his top QB AND his top WR?  Injury plagued year on defense?  I don’t see it, people.  Wrong guy to totally be blaming.  In my opinion, NO one is going to be successful with Cutler as their QB.  Think of him as the modern day Jeff George.

4)      Gonzaga took out Oklahoma State in college basketball on Monday.  Both teams are high quality and should contend on the second weekend of the tourney this year.  The Zags have their best team in years, OSU’s Marcus Smart is the real deal, and does anyone else wonder when the Le’Bryan Nash mental state will catch up with the Le’Bryan Nash physical and skill set state?

5)      With all of these coaching vacancies, someone tell Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden to clear their voicemails daily.

6)      Boise State will stay in the MVC.  Basically, we figured out the #1 bipolar team out there.

7)      The Jets keep Rex Ryan, meaning we have another fun filled year of dumb, questionable quotes.  Yay.

8)      Minnesota basketball cracked the top ten this week.  When Tubby Smith took that job, I bet you even hard core fans were wondering about how successful he would be at a school that has basketball way down their priority list.  Well?  What we found out is that Tubby can flat out recruit and coach, and that Kentucky thing wasn’t a flash in the pan.

9)      OK.  This dude is TOUGH.  We found out this week that Browns RB Trent Richardson played 9 games with two broken ribs.  It hurts just to THINK about that.

10)  USC ends the year losing to Georgia Tech in football.  Sure, they played this game without Matt Barkley, and damn right the experts AND the Fillerbuster were WAY off on their FBS predictions.

11)  I was watching some of the Tulsa football game and perked up when I heard the name Cody Green.  I KNEW that name rung a bell.  Anyway, if YOU are curious who he is, he was a top flight QB coming out of high school that went to Nebraksa that then transferred out of there.  Might as well.  There isn’t anyone taking Taylor Martinez’s job any time soon.

12)  New Year’s Eve was fun.  I am still bitter about losing my aviators I had JUST claimed earlier that night as FINALLY a pair of sunglasses that fit my head, but better those than coats, credit cards, hats, etc.

13)  Whatever your liking in music, this song by the Black Keys is TIGHT.

14) Check out one of the Blakroc Sessions they did.  Mos Def makes an appearance, and if you like it, there are about 8-10 more of these things floating around.

15)  Mike Holmgren has said “I’ll listen.”  Not sure if anyone is talking yet, but there are enough vacancies for SOMEONE to give him a call.

16)  Clemson takes down mighty LSU in football.  I am an ACC guy, and I acknowledge that the ACC sucks in football these days.  I guess I will be footnoting the FSU win, the Georgia Tech win, and this win when defending my conference’s pride.

17)  Hey, 49ers.  Just pick a kicker.  It is sketchy enough having your QB about to play his FIRST playoff game, but knowing who might be kicking game winning FG’s probably will take a LITTLE off your plate.

18)  Stanford takes out Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.  I guess that odd QB change in the middle of the season WAS a good idea.  Hey, Wisconsin, you now have won 3 straight meat eating contests, but then lost 3 straight actual Rose Bowl games.  I think that meat in your kids’ systems are slowing you all down.  Mix in a salad maybe.

19)  The Bills GM is “safe, but will lose authority.”  What?  What exactly IS his job now?

20)  The NHL sides are doing something…or nothing depending on how you look at it.

21)  Last night, the Fillerbuster got yelled at by Lindsey for an odd reason.  NOT turning the station back to football from a non sports event.  What can I say?  I really, really like certain scenes in Beverly Hills Cop.

22)  I wonder if Eddie Murphy and Rick Ankiel go out for beers a lot.  One woke up one day and couldn’t find the strike zone, and one woke up and suddenly wasn’t funny.

23)  The Pennsylvania government will sue the NCAA for imposing too harsh of penalties in the Sandusky fallout.  Although I am tired of this whole story like everyone else, I actually think the penalties ARE too harsh for kids not having anything to do with it.  Find another way to penalize the school.

24)  David Price signs a one year deal with the Rays.  I don’t care HOW you have to do it.  You keep that kid locked down.  GREAT pitcher.

25)  Sad, sad, sad.  In a year where Donald Sterling might FINALLY have a team to make some serious noise in the NBA playoffs, he finds out his son died of an OD yesterday.  Thoughts and prayers to the family, and a shame that as soon as the occupational part of his life looks up, the personal side goes down.

26)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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