Going in with low expectations. But, it is required attendance for someone like me. I will let you know Thursday. #gnr

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Quick one today before GOT…

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s move.
  2. Allen Iverson was a no show at the Big3 Tourney today.  Part of me wants it to be nothing, and part of me wants it to be an EPIC story…maybe some trouble.
  3. THAT story doesn’t surprise anyone, right?  “Gallinari punches opponent” in Euro play DOES surprise most of us.  I guess it is frustrating kind of being underwhelming for expectations for a career.
  4. Beltre hits 3000 and impresonates Marshawn Lynch in post game interview.  The latter is funny, and the former just makes my head explode on how GOOD he has been after age 30.  Never in history (without PED’s) has a player just simply batted BETTER after his 30th birthday.
  5. Guess the Royals ARE buyers, and the Melky Cabrera pickup is decent-not amazing- and should help their cause.
  6. Quick.  Who is the third top paid CB in the NFL per year.  Xavier Rhodes.  Tell your friends.
  7. Love of hate Lilly King, the chick backs her talk up and THEN some.  Nice Worlds showing, Lilly.
  8. If you were interested in HOF induction bloopers, I hope you didn’t expect much.  Raines, Pudge, and Bags are all class acts and just don’t expect excitement.
  9. This is a baby blog, as I have a feeling with my week that I will save it up for a monster blog on Thursday.
  10. Monday, Tuesday are big double workout days.  Wednesday is GNR.
  11. Maybe they won’t, but just assuming Axel’s voice has gone to shit and that GNR will sound less than stellar.  But, Slash’s guitar skills don’t age, so enjoyment will still be found.
  12. He can’t sound ANY worse than Roth during his Van Halen reunion tour.  No one can.
  13. Today, my amazing streak of picking the worst grocery store line continued, and I even tried today to pull a Princess Bride and do the opposite of which line I typically would have picked.
  14. Labor Day is almost completely booked (working on hotels).  Doing Seattle for two nights and then Vancouver for three nights.  I have no idea why that city calls to me, but we will find out why here in a month.
  15. While I was at it, we booked flights to Dallas for the Red River Shootout, because both of us need to knock that off our bucket list (and it was on my bucket list BEFORE I married a Sooner fan).
  16. I love how I read one full article on how this was a true make or break year for Blake Bortles and then the next day he threw FIVE INT’s in practice.  Perfect.
  17. My laughter on this barely beat out my laughter on Trubisky fumbling a snap three times in one drill.
  18. Each day, I am faced with the decision of whether to catch up on this David Price-Eckersly thing, and every day I choose not to.  Something about challenging or facing him now…whatever.
  19. I will be posting and going to my Game of Thrones world.  Today, I will just tell you to go catch up on Deadspin on your own.  It will be exciting as always.
  20. But, I can’t leave you totally empty handed.  Check out this installment of the Drive By Dunk Challenge.  http://deadspin.com/derrick-jones-jr-drive-by-dunked-over-an-unsuspecting-1797363224
  21. My love of pics extends even when I am driving from my own airport in my own town.  
  22. Speaking of PED’s, I just try and keep our flowers barely alive, and my neighbor is evidently giving his plants ‘roids.  
  23. Seriously, WTF.
  24. I can’t do Club friendlies.  I watched the first two goals of El Clasico and then turned the channel.
  25. Not going into it again today-the Kyrie thing really bothers me.
  26. I never finished a better than expected beginning of the movie John Wick, but decided to watch the second one this weekend and figured I could catch up easily.  A) I COULD catch up easily B) Counting how many people he kills in those movies HAS to be a drinking game somewhere and C) I just wanted it to end.  The K.R. one liners wear on you.  And I really had some problems with how they ended it-lots of issues I needed closure on.  Oh, and dammit he is still alive so there WILL be a third I assume.  Skip it.
  27. The Phillies are in rebuilding mode, made no progress, and here we are.  They have traded away lots of players in the last week, so I will assume this is Rebuilding Process Phase B.
  28. For local people.  I live right by Beast & Bottle.  If you go there for brunch, everything is good, but I have decided that the Cherry Sausage is my go to and you should try it next weekend.
  29. The only thing we CAN root for when rooting against Bama is DL DUI’s I guess.
  30. I will NOT comment on LaVar Ball today.
  31. Dammit, I guess I just did.  Dammit.
  32. Just because you will have the top grossing fight (well, SPECTACLE) of all time, it doesn’t mean tickets need to be sold for $3500 and maybe THAT is why your ticket sales are slow right now.
  33. Started practicing for the wedding I am playing pre-music for and the wedding song for.  My chops are still intact.  Maybe not competition level from my prime, but I learned the song in about 15 minutes.
  34. Not drinking of course has brought back whatever sweet tooth I had, and I am still having dreams about that damn cookie from House Rock Kitchen in Buena Vista.  I need someone to send that thing to me.
  35. #twocatmark report.  So, we took Jackson to get a lion’s cut.  That is not the funniest part, but here is the picture.  Anyway, the other freaking cat hisses and has NO idea that Jackson is indeed Jackson.  This has been going on for 24 hours, and we already tried the vanilla extract trick.  Hilarious.  
  36. Cormier-Jones.  We bought the fight.  I was impressed by Donald hanging in after that initial onslaught by Lawler, I am amazed that not that cut woman hung in that long against Cyborg, I just wanted to see ONE time Maia take down Woodley so I could witness his floor magic they talked about, and Jones is just too long, and too good with those kicks for someone to get successfully inside on him.  Mixed bag night.  Not sure I would have paid the money had I known how everything went down.  Maybe like $30…
  38. That’s it for today.  Talk to you the day after GNR in Denver.  So, that is Thursday.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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