Glad THAT dog sitting coverage is over…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Everyone wanted to go somewhere.  I needed a chill hour on the couch before deciding on my night.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)     Greetings and salutations, all.  Bonus.  My hour of chilling times well with the Nuggets-Timberwolves NBA game.  I have the home town team versus the team I have been saying will break out for the last two years.  In case you care, we are in the first quarter and Lawson has 6 assists and Rubio has 5 dimes.  No one is playing defense.  It is like an ASG right now.

2)    Rubio also leads the league in steals.  Just saying since I have been talking about him since before he was drafted and played overseas.

3)    Indy came back to beat Tennessee with Andrew Luck not scoring through the air.  It is like Tennessee thought that Indy would play exactly the same as they did in the first half.  How do you not see SOME type of adjustment coming?  The better team won, and that division is all but sealed.

4)    Nice to see Donald Brown getting the TD’s I thought he would have when I stashed him on my fantasy bench.  Twice.  Gone baby gone.

5)    Richie Incognito has filed a grievance against the Fins.  Martin met with the NFL.  I bet you every time that Ryan Tannehill gets sacked and is laying on his back that he is SO glad he has been a part of this.

6)    Lindsey bought $50 plants when we were showing the old place, they are here now, I suck at keeping plants alive, yet I think I am the only person watering them.

7)    Matt Barnes tweeted racial slurs.  Matt Barnes apologized.  The NBA fined Matt Barnes.  Matt Barnes today UNapologized, saying they are everyday phrases and that he will keep using them.  Hold on….I’m back.  Needed to go follow that idiot on Twitter, since he seems to tweet stuff before he even reacts to whatever he is mad at.  Those people are fun to follow.  Wait until Twitter just records your voice.  THAT will be fun for people like Matt.

8)    Omar Asik has asked for a trade.  It is still unknown whether the request occurred because of lack of playing time, or the mere fact that Snowball irritates the shit out of him.  I will go 40/60.

9)    MJ picked the Ewing baseline dunk as his most memorable.  You know the one.  The quick pivot and then the facial.  He ought to know best, but I don’t know how he remembers all of those masterpieces.

10)                       If you are tapping your head trying to remember who the #1 NBA draft pick was this past year and why you haven’t been reminded from his play, this play, per Deadspin, summaries his miserable season.  Here is your #1 draft pick, all.

11)                       Watching my colleague’s cat for two days reminded me that cats really suck and are extremely irritating.

12)                       A chameleon sounds like a better choice.  Can’t have the dog yet.

13)                       Big Ben will retire before he accepts a trade, and says the rumors started falsely and through miscommunication.  Glad to know that, bro.  I am naming the good players on my team and barely can get off the first hand.

14)                       Seriously, Andrew Luck’s is really, really loud.

15)                       Seriously, Clay Matthews Gillette commercials are really, really weird.

16)                       This Stanford-USC game is predicted to be interesting.  I know USC is on a roll.  I know they have the talent.  I also THINK Stanford is going to ROLL them.

17)                        I was unsuccessful in driving by the McDonalds coming back from dog sitting again today.

18)                       I WAS successful in having Eleanor stall at a traffic light.  Of course, I only stalled once because I put it in park the rest of my trips.

19)                       Two Oakland U basketball players have rape charges against them.  Horrible stuff.  Yes, the Fillerbuster draws the line against THOSE types of crimes for my Rant Squad qualifications.  Guns?  Funny.  Drugs?  Funny.  Even domestic assault CAN be funny from a high level, idiotic view for my Squad qualifications.  But these dudes are way over the line.  No joke on this hook.

20)                       Four of the top 5 2014 recruits were announcing their schools today.  I haven’t looked, so I will talk about it tomorrow night.  Just know that I eyeballed their final picks and there were a LOT of “Kansas” and “Duke” schools listed.

21)                       College picks.  If I was still betting, I would go nuts this week.  I like a lot of these a lot.

Ole Miss minus 28 vs. Troy

Purdue plus 21.5 at. Penn State

UCF minus 16.5 at Temple

Wisconsinn minus 24 vs. Indiana

WVA minus 6.5 at Kansas

UGA plus 3 at Auburn

FSU minus 38 vs. Syracuse

Michigan plus 2.5 at Northwestern

Oklahoma State plus 3 at Texas

TCU plus 10.5 at K State

Louisville minus 16.5 vs. Houston

South Carolina minus 12.5 vs. Florida

Stanford minus 4 at USC

22)                       That is it.  I have time tomorrow night to hit all the things I skipped this week and the games tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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