Get off my plane.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work to do tonight.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  We are three weeks into the NFL season.  Atlanta, Houston, and Arizona are the sole unbeaten teams.  Arizona??  The in their prime Saints are 0-3, the supposedly upstart Lions are 1-2, and year after year contenders Steelers and Pats are both 1-2.  I am not concerned about the Pats and Steelers, but does anyone else think that Sean Payton’s headset will be waiting for him next year at training camp?

2)  Josh Hamilton is back in the lineup after it was determined that caffeine/ energy drinks were the culprit for his recent condition.  It makes me want to stay away more still from all of those energy things, and I am just glad it wasn’t ANYTHING to do with alcohol.  I am so rooting for that kid to stay clean.  We are watching one of the best baseball talents in years…well, besides Mike Trout.

3)  Andy Reid says he is sticking with Michael Vick.  Maybe Michael should start thinking less about starting the dynasty he has proclaimed they will be and study a little more film.  Plus, Reid doesn’t really have a lot of options to go to.

4)  Marlins reliever Heath Bell says it is hard to respect Ozzie Guillen.  This is the time of year to start ragging on Ozzie when things are going well, and I guess Bell wasn’t invited to any of those Ozzie Office parties where they HAVE to drink some of that huge stash of liquor on top of his shelves I see in interviews.

5)  John Fox was fined $30k and Jack Del Rio was fined $25k for their actions against replacement refs last week.  After taking in most of the games this weekend, that list will be  LOT longer next week.  I did love the coach who politely dropped the challenge flag in a very sarcastic fashion.

5a)  Are you telling me that a replacement ref made a wrong call and was going to let the clock run out, Redskins assistant Kyle Shanahan goes to explain it to him (angrily), GETS an unsportsmanlike penalty, and therefore accidentally gives the ref a legit reason for the initial call?  Talk about full circle.

6)  Island #1 shut down in North Jersey.  The New York Jets’ Darrelle Revis had an MRI revealing an ACL tear.  That locker room has enough problems.  Having peace of mind on one half of the field during pass plays would have definitely helped.

7)  My sentiments go out to Jason Winrow’s family today.  Jason went to my high school, played at Ohio State in football, and then had a brief NFL career after being drafted by the Giants in 1994.  He died today at the age of 41.

8)  My FAVORITE part of this week is the EXACT reason I say watch EVERY game until the end as the Bills’ Frank Reich or the Pacers’ Reggie Miller MIGHT do something special.  I was walking to the bar to watch the Steelers game yesterday and I passed a Lions fan on the road.  I was friendly and asked how his game went, as I was traversing because of lack of TV options during the end of the opening games.  Anyway, he gives me a sad face and says they lost by 14.  THAT guy had an exciting night, as he didn’t realize that they scored two touchdowns in the final seconds to tie it up…well, and THEN lose in OT.  Still depressing result, but he made MY day.  Still, c’mon man.

9)  Did anyone catch the ref who called an illegal block in the back on a kickoff return…on the KICKING team?  Wow.

10)  RGIII loses to a pretty decent Cincy team, and we are saved from Griffining references for another week or two.  If he loses another couple games, his reign on the US media might be shorter than Jeremy Lin’s time in the spotlight.

11)  Being a 14 year bartender veteran, I am always excited about make your own bloody mary bars.  I make WICKED ones if I have all of my needed ingredients.  I had to get A-1 Steaksauce from one of the servers, and had to talk the bartender into hitting me up with about a half inch topping of stout beer, but otherwise, everything was there.

12)  I love my Steelers, but feel NO need to be around other Steelers fans.  I don’t like a lot of them and sometimes their abrasive passion.  You give me what I had yesterday, which is a working TV in the very corner of the bar all by myself, and I am a happy camper.  I watch games quietly and intently, which doesn’t jive with places where I need to high five someone every 1st down.  It gets kind of confusing listening to a different game while watching mine, but I am seasoned and tolerant.

13)  They have lacked other strong points on the team for here and there over the years, but Big Ben and ex-UVA grad Heath Miller have a really special bond in the red zone over the years.

14)  A shout out to a dude I met Saturday at Lindsey’s baby pool party (don’t ask.  It was exactly what it sounds like and the attendees had a good time).  His name was Aaron, and people were telling us we were on a different (not higher, just different) level cracking our jokes.  We are definitely on the same wavelength, and the world should be thankful there aren’t more of us.

15)  More proof that football is a very dangerous sport.  Darius Heyward-Bey’s injury knocked him out of it for 11 minutes.  Sure, it looked like it hurt, but it amazes me the hard looking hits people get right up from, and then they get grazed and they are out cold.

16)  If I am a Broncos fan, aside from Peyton looking inconsistent overall, I am not concerned.  Sure, you are 1-2, but your schedule is BRUTAL.  You MIGHT want to mix in that catch up no huddle that has been working when teams are EXPECTING it in the 4th quarter, but don’t panic.

17)  It worked, and I love you as a coach, Mike Tomlin, but can you think again before going for it on 4th and 1 on your own 30 early in the game?  I didn’t like that call.  I KNOW you are tough.  You don’t have to do that stuff.  I would be more afraid of you than 80% of your players.

18)  Air Force One was on the other night.  That is one hard movie to switch from.  It didn’t win awards, and it wasn’t high, high quality made, but damn, Harrison Ford is like the non-badass spy/thriller Rocky Balboa/ Bourne/ Gladiator/ Diehard.  I think I would get off his plane if he said it like that.

19)  I called Brandt Snedeker earlier today.  He hasn’t returned my call oddly enough.  Dude, I PROMISE you gave me your number last year to go have some beers some time.  I didn’t even NOTICE that you are $11.5 million dollars richer today after winning the Tour Championship and Fed Ex Cup.  Swear.

20)  Holy cow.  I forgot to put this link on yesterday’s rant with this jump over a defender by OU’s Sterling Shepard.  Pretty sick.  I was going to give you the link, but the last time I pegged this site, it gave some people malicious site feedback.  Just go google Sterling Shepard jump over defender sbnation.  It will be there.

21)  It always one of my brightest two seconds two times a month when I open the mailbox and ESPN Mag is in there.

22)  Bravo, Torrey Smith.  A day after his brother dies, he goes out last night and gives a great performance.  My thoughts and prayers are with your family, bro.

23)  I will say it again.  Whoever is making these insurance commercials over the last few years, is doing a damn good job.

24)  Does Nike make their uniforms extra ugly on PURPOSE?  Am I that NOT hip?  I am watching the beginning of the MNF football game, and I think they are doing the opposite job as the insurance commercial people.

25)  I am not sure why I like this song, but I do.  Deal with it.  Whoever that rapper is that is telling me to turn on the lights, I will do so.  Using my learned Hustle and Flow terminology, and relating it to what I call my thoughts on here, I like the hook.  A lot.

25a)  I like this song too.  Hold on, I think I have already linked another song by these guys. Guess I will have to go get it on my shuffle.

26)  I was watching the OU game against KSU with Lindsey.  There was a guy wearing a Kansas shirt sitting next to us.  When questioned, he said he liked both KU AND KSU.  People, just like this rant does not straddle the fence, and no matter WHAT part of the country you come from, you HAVE to pick a side.  Then, you hate the rival, and have a good life.  Lindsey doesn’t make me go watch OSU games.

27)  I didn’t get to everything, but I have to cut it off.  This GB-Seattle game I do NOT expect to be good is on, but it IS at Seattle, and I want to get my work done to focus on the second half if it IS a game.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

27a)  I joked about my robot blog comments.  Here was today’s.  I am glad he liked my clause.

There are some interesting points in that clause but I dont know if I see all of them eye to centre . There is some validness but I will take hold legal opinion until I look into it further. Good clause, thanks and we want more!
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