Gen. Kirby: Leave anything for us? Matrix: Just bodies.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  True speed version as I missed a day yesterday because of the holiday.  Let’s roll.

2)      I think that Jason Kidd might be mad he retired.  I think he would be having more fun as the “old guy who can’t hang up the sneaks” rather than the “new coach who can’t get a handle on his team.”

3)      For some reason, I don’t care a lick that the Heat missed Christmas again with their families due to playing.  I think that not having Chris Anderson at your holiday table is probably good for the kids too.

4)      Everybody’s day is warmer now that Jon Kitna is coming out of the schoolroom and lacing up as a backup.  What is even cooler is that he is donating his ONE week of salary of $53,000 to the school he teaches at.  That is stellar, and must indicate he didn’t exactly gamble away some of those decent salary years he had.

5)      So, with this signing of the rugby player who runs a 4.22 forty, I will assume that the Lions don’t send scouts like normal people to football games, and that they are allocating some to odd locations and venues just to be different.

6)      Because if you recall, they also signed that trick YouTube kicker guy last year.

7)      Sorry, Inbee Park.  The nomination of Serena Williams as athlete of the year means that A) golfers are a little disrespected B)  you don’t even look like you are in shape.  Three consecutive majors doesn’t override these factors.

8)       With the present status of the LA Lakers, should we say “good job” for only losing by 6 at home against the Heat?

9)      Lindsey got me THIS piece of art for Christmas and it is awesome.


10)   Blake Griffin called out the Warriors for being “cowardly” last night.  Whether you think  you deserved it or not, Blake, you responded both times and a rule is a rule.  Whenever you get really upset in a game, think about how cool and calm you look in those commercials, ok?

11)   Hypothetically, IF I was still betting, and IF I would have wanted action yesterday, I would have lost a ton on the Spurs-Rockets game.  Retirement is good.

12)   Yes. If things are going to be THIS cyclical, get rid of the NBA divisions.  Not the conferences.  Just the divisions.

13)   Not sure if she found out what Mincer’s was or had another alternative source, but I am pretty sure I have the dopest UVA pullover in the land right now.

14)   It is a shame that when people years from now look back at the stats of the 5th NBA player to ever record a triple double on Christmas, they might miss in small writing that he did it in TWENTY NINE freaking minutes.  Dude sat out the entire fourth quarter.  Amazing.  Nice line, Russell.

15)   Luckily, the Knicks really can’t feel any more disjointed, lost, or sad then that already were before the OKC game.  It at least keeps JR Smith from doing dumb things for a few hours.

16)   My system of aimlessly walking around the mall for Christmas gifts was easily routed by Lindsey putting a lot of thought and effort into mine.  Damn.

17)   Having Christmas Day in the middle of my work week is just freaking strange.

18)   Lindsey’s brother introduced me to a very dangerous drink yesterday.  I advise trying it.  Caramel vodka and Angry Orchard Apple Cider.  When I say dangerous, I am just saying that it tastes very holiday-like, doesn’t allow you to taste the alcohol when it is all alcohol pretty much, and is very very good.  Glad I was home.

19)   I respect Michigan State football.  First Rose Bowl game in 26 years, and they STILL suspend their star linebacker for the Rose Bowl for whatever he did.  Rules are rules, kid, and your school is evidently pretty standup.

20)   Shhhh.  Iowa State/ Transfer U basketball is 11-0.

21)   Just like Jimmy Chitwood coming back to save Gene Hackman, Aaron Rodgers figures it is about time he started playing some ball.  I worry about the rust if I am a Pack fan, but I am sure as hell much happier with him as the captain of my ship as opposed to Matt Flynn.

22)   I didn’t even catch this Monday even while I was watching the game.  During a time in the game when they were talking about him, the video picked up his blatant attempts to open a bottle of beer.  Funny stuff, Deadspin.

23)   Deadspin also broke down the enigma wrapped in a puzzle on whether Carmelo passes the ball.

24)   If you have not seen the video of Coyotes G Mike Smith and the butt goal, you should really check it out.

25)   If you are in central Denver, seriously.  Go get some pizza at Sliceworks.  Great location, great atmosphere, and I would rank the potato pizza, green chili pizza, and buffalo chicken pizza as my top three.  Oh, and the vodka penne.  And the cheeseburger one is pretty damn good.  Aaahhh.  Moving on.

26)   I never thought I would see the day that might Florida football would be plucking assistant coaches from traditional floor mat Duke.  But they are.  And they did.

27)   Crazy year in the coaching ranks in college when NFL coaches are looking to jump back to college jobs.

28)   A report has surfaced that Mack Brown was forced to resign.  In related stories, the media has reported the sky is blue and the grass is green.

29)   It is afternoon on a weekday, meaning we are about 30 minutes from Jerry Jones telling us the security of Jason Garrett and the health of Tony Romo.

30)   As much crap as we give Romo, can you IMAGINE being a Cowboys fan and somehow rooting for Kyle Orton to take you to the promised land?

31)   I do not have the best makeup to host a Christmas party at my house.  Luckily, I have Lindsey.  I rooted her on quite nicely.  In a couple rooms, my “clean” actually qualified as “clean.”  Amazing.

32)   For those of you wondering who this Tenaka lad is, you will be blinded by him soon enough.  He will be “posted” I believe very soon.  In case you care, he had better numbers back home than Darvish, which is pretty stellar in itself.

33)   After preparing my digital sign for use at home, I have decided that maybe some more thought should have been put into putting it into part of the actual living area in our place as opposed to the front door where no one hangs out.

34)   Our church service Christmas Eve had the pastor repelling down the interior side of the church.  He did the whole sermon in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice dressed as an Army guy.  This is three weeks AFTER he had a heart attack.  Pretty stellar.  A few too many minutes of the Arnold voice, but still thinking outside the box to tell the story we have all heard for years.  Solid.

35)   I was wondering how many people in the audience could identify the movie photo he popped on the screen.  I could tell by the makeup, the gun, and the odd flowers behind him.  Commando.  The mansion attack scene.  That movie is so bad that it is AWESOME.  I think I need to make Lindsey watch it.  I wouldn’t be lying by saying it was early Alyssa Milano material.

36)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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