Free pizza right after an all you can eat buffet? No problem.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  SUPER speed version.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Unable to win enough actual games to be talked about this time of year in the media, the Nuggets made sure they fired George Karl today on the same day the Finals are starting.  If George Karl does his resume by year, he will have the odd combination of “NBA Coach of the Year” and “fired by Nuggets” all on the same line.  You can say it was his playoff record.  Maybe.  I think there were some internal struggles not making headlines.

2)      For the record, Spurs in 6.  Rested, experienced, and an odd numbered year.  The Spurs won’t bother the Heat as much as the Pacers inside, but they will slightly still as Splitter and Duncan will  give the Heat fits. What is the one other thing that bugs the Heat?  A pure, speedy, dangerous PG.  Parker is that.  Spurs close it out at home in Game 6 and Duncan rides into the sunset.

3)      I am already over this whole Bosch thing and the story is only a day or two old.  I am just glad that A-Rod might get some (more) bad pub, and very glad that Ryan Braun won’t be able to blame this one on leaving his sample over the weekend.

4)      The pizza the previous meeting left in a conference room that I then finished (I eat a LOT and will finish pizza even if I just ate a full meal) had sundried tomatoes on it.  I don’t actually buy those things in the store, but they are damn tasty on and in stuff.  Do I just lay tomatoes out in the sun or is it more involved than that.  I assume it is more involved since they are a little pricey in stores.

5)      I am writing this trying to be done faster than Serena took today in her victory at the French Open.

6)      Sharapova-Williams.  Like the matchup, and worth watching.  Williams is playing too well right now, but Sharapova will make her earn it.  Williams 6-4, 7-5.

7)      If you get a parking ticket stuck in your door, and someone steals it before you go to your car next, that could really mess you up I think.  You would never even know, right?

8)      The White Sox and Mariners became the first teams to score 5 runs in an inning each after being scoreless after 9.  What is better is it broke an 8 game losing streak by the White Sox.  Maybe they can build on it.

9)      The overall game was great, but that second period of the Pens-Bruins game was crazy.  I never saw this coming, but it is happening.  The Pens are getting SMOKED.

10)   Hockey is tied for #3 in the Big Four sports, but LISTENING to the announcers in the playoff games is amazing.  They are the most knowledgeable announcers in sports if you ask me.

11)   In my slow packing to move, I found this AWESOME Widespread Panic sweatshirt I forgot I had.  Too bad I have to wait a few months to wear it now.

12)   A new form of “be aggressive.”  Congrats to the high school female cheerleader from Minneapolis who just got busted for sex trafficking and prostitution.  THAT is some serious motivation.

13)   With Jason Kidd and Grant Hill retiring, we now have no one left from the NBA Jam TE game.  Those were the last two.

NBA jam-Capture


14)   Nadal and Tsonga advance.  Then, it is win-win for me.

15)   Van Halen was smart when it wrote Jump and Right Now.  Those tunes will be played forever at sporting events.

16)   Finally,watch Mother Nature score a soccer goal.

17)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Thanks for reading.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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