Free Chipotle is NOT free pizza…but ok for rhyming.

Just a quick one.  I can’t leave FIVE days of stuff for Sunday’s cast.

One sentence per hook and one sentence only.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people, thanks for coming aboard (the boat), and let’s turn and burn.
  2. I don’t know what time’s Drew’s wedding is Saturday, but I plan on getting him drunk so he buys the GGG-Alvarez fight for me to watch while others are being crazy.
  3. Now THIS is a real fight.
  4. I did my first escape room yesterday, and my big contribution was staring at four porch lights and deciphering their message.
  5. Axe throwing was fun, I would recommend everyone do it, they even brought out throwing stars and knives, but don’t think I was one of the naturals where you have to be concerned with me taking it up competitively.
  6. Brett was the natural, and oddly Neel was scary good at throwing knives even though he doesn’t own a board (note to self about talking smack to him in the future).
  7. I took a bunch of pictures and will share some of them on Sunday after this wedding mad weekend.
  8. I have been hot while NOT divulging my college and NFL picks, so you will continue to be on your own.
  9. I guess when I start losing and sharing my picks, you shouldn’t use them using the above methodology.
  10. It is Thursday, so I guess the Indians are still winning.
  11. Watching the Texans-Bengals game, and between the rookie QB and the great Houston defense, you people looking for scoring and pretty plays will be lost tonight.
  12. Our losers pool person had a conscience attack, so therefore I am now back OUT of the pool…ugghhh.
  13. You are in LUCK if you are trying to continue to hate Jon Jones like I am, because swing and a miss on Sample B ALSO.
  14. Sometimes you just wonder what COULD have been had you thought of THIS years ago.
  15. That shit is BRILLIANT.
  16. I dare you to ask your iPhone “who owns Ohio Stadium” and the answer (at least as of Wednesday) was “Baker Mayfield.”
  17. Do it-no link-ask your damn phone that question.
  18. See?
  19. A mixed emotion day is when you break your 11 game losing streak and clinch an early playoff berth with 17 games to go. #dodgers
  20. We all know I hate KD for switching to the Evil Empire, but those messages on his new kicks ARE pretty cool I will admit.  
  21. The story about the Murray State lineman getting married by his coach is beyond awesome.
  22. I wish Danica would have won something, because I am now worried she will most be remembered for being the Go Daddy girl.
  23. All I can say is that I think Jason Day SEEMS so nice of guy that if he fires his caddy, it MUST be really warranted.
  24. Did anyone else think that Josh Gordon was out of rehab like MONTHS ago?
  25. I don’t feel like looking up whether it is the first time or not, but Brady vs. Brees will feature two QB’s with 400 TD’s in their career and that couldn’t have happened very often.
  26. I remember in 2010 thinking Brian Cushing was the next great thing right before his drug suspension and now we have deja vu all over again.
  27. WOW, did ESPN handle this Jemele Hill thing badly.
  28. Big racist sign at Fenway, a guy at the Lions game putting a picture with derogatory language of two black people sitting during the anthem, and I wonder when we as a whole will get ANYTHING.
  29. I think WR John Ross is playing tonight, and my question is if Dalton couldn’t hit his normally fast WR’s, how is he going to hit an EXTRA fast WR?
  30. Sometimes sick things in life either make me laugh or make me sad, and I think oddly the story about the Last Chance U kids getting suspected for a stabbing made me laugh.
  31. David Price is now activated for the Red Sox and unfortunately they can’t keep his mouth on the IR for longer.
  32. I think this will rhyme:  Today was a good day because there was free ChipotLE!  Image result for ice cube it's been a good day
  33. It was also one of my best days at work ever but mentioning Chipotle is important too.
  34. It of course would have been a little better with free pizza, free cheese plates, cookies, or deviled eggs, but that is neither here nor there.
  35. Free pizza of course reigns over ALL.
  36. USC-Texas is this weekend, and I will ballpark that this game will not be as good as the last one, but I am spitballing.
  37. (the last one was one of the greatest games of all time for you people not understanding that joke)
  38. Russell Westbrook is signed on by Jordan these days now, and his extreme fashion sense make this relationship a very interesting one to say the least.
  39. That’s it for today.  I have to go practice my wedding songs on the piano one last time.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Talk to you Sunday.  Peace.
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