Frame of Drones.

Greeting and salutations, people.  Sorry for being out of the pocket.  Far from done the reboot, but let’s just say that blogging is a very minor, important step back to normalcy.  I did not jot down anything two weeks ago, but have been dutifully logging in my ideas for the last five days.  Only 135 items or so.  That’s all.  Let’s move.  Old school style…

  1. The night before all hell breaks lose on the NBA free agency front…can’t wait.
  2. I mean, Iggy is meeting the Spurs AT 12:01am.  That is awesome.
  3. For the record, my money is on the shark against our best human swimmer. The only glitch that could happen is that the shark just hangs out even with Phelps, waiting for the opportunity to eat him.
  4. But IF Michael has a problem with the shark, he can always go to Seaworld and make friends with an Orca.
  5. This NBA offseason is exciting as hell. I mean, can you IMAGINE anyone saying when Gordon Hayward left Butler that HE would be the first domino that could dictate the entire rest of the free agency period.  What a time lapse.  That is just crazy.
  6. Why is this so exciting this year? One, two, three, and so on, because you have a dominant team in the East, and that dominant team couldn’t hold a candle to the power team in the West.  That is scary, and making some marginal teams make some VERY aggressive moves.
  7. The Rockies tonight are trying not to lose their 9th Good teams don’t go on losing streaks like this.  Fact.  Yes, the Cubs lost 9 of 10 last year, but they had a win in the middle.  Still a good record overall, but we ALL knew this when this season started.  Their starting pitching is very, very young.  Could they hold up?  They are faltering a bit and the break can’t come soon enough.
  8. There are enough bad teams in the NHL that SOMEONE has to pick up the phone and call 45 year old Mr. Jagr. Seriously, someone needs his help.  If they don’t need his help ON the ice, they need it in the locker room.  Plus, we just need him in the league until he is 50 like Gordie Howe.
  9. I wonder if Jagr and Bartolo Colon are text buddies. Maybe they are right now having a beer.  Anyway, someone give Bartolo a ring too.  Not a title ring.  A phone call, silly.  Got it?
  10. In case you thought you were going to be a part of the “young Super Team,” you are not, Ricky Rubio. You got traded for a first rounder.  The Wolves MUST have a plan we don’t know about for a PG.  Teague?  Hill?  Lowry?  Rose?  So interesting.  You need someone to pass the ball to those studs on the wing and on the block.  Butler, Towns, Wiggins.  Wow.  What a core.
  11. I can’t believe how little the Bulls got for Jimmy Butler. Just can’t even process the roundtable discussion that allowed that to happen…TO THE COACH THEY FIRED!!
  12. What happened to Rotoden? What happened to my recruitment to be an NBA writer on their site?  I will tell you.  Let’s just say that an event in my life paired at the exact same time with a detailed breakdown of how my Nuggets article needed a lot of help.  Listen, Rotoden, here is the deal.  I still would like to write for you.  I still wish you the best in the interim.  I still know my NBA.  But, I work 65 hours a week.  I don’t have time to spend long effort on an article and then spend the next three nights of my life editing what I wrote the first time.  I write how I write for now.  I said I would write an article once a week focused on the NBA/ Nuggets and send it along for posting.  I never said I would have a second job.  Let me know when I can just copy and paste.  Sorry.  Truly am.  Bad timing, and no bandwidth.
  13. I now know that Nuggets roster like no one in this town though from writing my initial article…
  14. Probably for the best, as we all know I would focus on college bball when that rolled around. I am more of a college junkie than NBA anyway.  Still huge fans of both, but college bball gets the edge.  Not Secretariat edge.  Not a Usain Bolt edge.  More like just a normal winning advantage in most events.
  15. What does the holiday weekend look like for me? Well, I plan on having one of the most productive weekends I have ever had with nighttime Game of Thrones binge watching to get primed for next week’s season opener.  Big plans.  Lindsey is in L.A. visiting a friend, and I went to the grocery store and plan on going nowhere all weekend except for the gym a couple of times and church.
  16. I have literally mapped out the episodes I am watching each night through Tuesday. Tonight, I watch four select episodes from Season 1.  Obviously, episode 9.  Listen, non GOT watchers.  I will tell you this.  Thinking about indulging into the series?  Try this challenge.  If you diligently watch season 1, episode 1-8 and take everything in, then you have one more thing to do.  If you walk after that, all the power to you.  I DARE you to watch all of season 1, and then watch the last two episodes and THEN walk away.  Can’t do it.  You WON’T.  Episode nine blows your freaking mind.  So, if you want to NOT get hooked on the series, then stay away from those last two episodes.
  17. Patriot Games/ fall off couch/ no holds barred shit.
  18. Well, I am weird and am working on Monday in the middle of this holiday weekend, but that is neither here nor there.  I am kind of a workaholic.
  19. I like what Iggy is doing. Sure, he could ride the championship bandwagon a couple more years while getting underpaid.  But, what else does he have to prove?  He was a Finals MVP.  He has a couple of rings.  He is in his prime enough to get paid with a good contract.  Do it up, bro.
  20. Some nicknames you just walk into. I mean, Lauri Markkanen BETTER be good On the court.  Dirk take two perhaps with a little more inside play?    He has the looks for ads.  IF he is good, how can he NOT be called The Finnisher for like forever.
  21. He has the lockdown nickname, and we can’t think of enough nicknames for Aaron Judge. He will be a wrecker for years to come.  This is how great baseball is.  We had two superstars come into the league like Magic and Bird in Harper and Trout.  Then, we waited.  A couple of MVP’s later, we get THIS?  Judge and Cody Bellinger start doing THEIR thing?    Judge just kills the thing and is a large man, Bellinger’s swing is absolutely beautiful.  Neither is going anywhere.
  22. I find it really weird that the Yanks have a definitive losing record against oddly the AL West. Sure the Astros are doing their thing, but the rest of the division is .500 or so or worse.
  23. SUCH a shame about Dustin Fowler. The Yanks were rolling with young talent and rebuilding the right way, and the kid gets hurt for season before even getting his first AB.
  24. Speaking of the Astros, remember years ago when we were laughing at THEIR rebuilding process? Kind of worked, didn’t it?
  25. The Timberwolves out West and the Sixers out East could be the next two good basketball versions of the Astros. Both are young, talented, and we are seeing the pieces come together.
  26. The FEDS nickname for the Sixers.   It would be more relevant if they were the Wizards, and I still feel bad for the fifth guy who didn’t make the fancy nickname.  Way to use those names though, guys.  Genius.
  27. So, for the 5th year in a row this year, I choose the Timberwolves as my closet champion team.
  28. It would be like me picking Tsonga to win Wimbledon for the fifth straight year, but with promise this time.
  29. It must be really depressing for golf type people to see a guy win the US Open in record fashion who looks like he could go a few rounds with Floyd Mayweather. Brooks pumped iron before the final round, probably drank everyone under the table after, and woke up to do legs and back the next day at the gym.
  30. Since I am home this weekend, I might get that Manny-Jeff fight. Why not?  I will root for Jeff Horn, since he is Australian, and I think Australian accents are the shit.
  31. I spent at least 20 minutes before last weekend reading about the next coming in MMA, Aaron Pico. Then, he got DESTROYED in his first fight in less than a minute.  LESS THAN A MINUTE!  Sure, he had nerves, and sure the guy he was fighting was experienced, but to go down that fast is NOT a good start.  Maybe he can go start getting with Ronda Rousey to bookend bad starts and finishes.
  32. I really like the way Federer is playing this year.  Put me on the record picking him.  On the women’s side, I could break down each player by surface if I had a million hours in the day or no GOT episodes to watch, but I will just say this.  With Serena out doing mother stuff and Venus driving badly, I just really think and kind of WANT Madison Keys to win something and make her move.  Will it be on grass?  Probably not.  But put me down for her winning either Wimbledon, or more likely the hard court Slams in NYC or in the Land Down Under.  I guess I am falling into the same trap with Keys I did with Tsonga.
  33. Glad I don’t bet college baseball, because I would have taken LSU, and DEFINITELY would have at least them making it a three game series in that second game.
  34. Congrats and well deserving for Mark Buehrle for getting his jersey retired. Why do I know football, hockey, and basketball jersey numbers so well, but not baseball?  Basically I am saying congrats and I would have to Google what that jersey number actually was.
  35. When I swim laps, I remember the lap I am on by naming as many players with that jersey number as possible during that lap.  I know.  I am weird.
  36. I think Blake Griffin stays in L.A. Sure, his sidekick isn’t there anymore, but I think he takes the more money contract.  If he doesn’t where does he land?  I think the Suns have a nice core, so that would work and he would be the man.  We have to see what happens with Hayward and George before the Celtics can make room for him (and they would have to let Horford loose if they do realistically).  I think the Heat make a play too.  And I think he might say “Miami is a very nice beach city with no income tax.”
  37. Actually, every free agent will say those words.
  38. We are not sure if it is the players performance, injuries, or GM problems, but we all have NO idea how the Mets keep being sellers during trade season. That rotation was supposed to be mid 90’s Braves II.
  39. Big Baller brand is selling their sneaks for $500 per. I used to feel bad that I made my parents get me $75 bball sneaks in school.  As I got older, I got sneaks like the Starbury’s, which went for $14.95.  I played great in them.  There is no way I am wearing a $500 sneaker.  I would wear a $14.95 basketball shoe while boarding my own jet.
  40. The Imagine Dragons are a band where I don’t like all of their songs and can’t listen to a bunch of them back to back. But, due to stuff, I did listen to their new one start to finish.  Walking the Wire is one of my favorite songs presently.  Great, great song.
  41. Just my usual very random life notes. Bad hotels have the most responsive remotes.  All hotel business centers have keyboards manufactured in 1995.
  42. In case you wondered if Humpback whales are nice or not, and whether or not you need to read Deadspin like every day of your life.
  43. DeAngelo Williams might be teamless and wrestling, but it must just be a bucket list thing. Dude is such a quality guy to think this was his next calling in life.
  44. Wouldn’t it be crazy if all of this mayhem happens at 12:01am tonight and Ainge just gets another 5 draft picks somehow?
  45. SO much fun that Pat Riley and Danny Ainge will be targeting a lot of the same guys…old school Lakers-Celtics stuff.  Well, with the Heat as one of the teams.  Flowchart.
  46. Not saying I would watch the whole thing start to finish, but WILL say I started watching a movie midway through, didn’t know what it was, and I watched it to the end and thought it was decent. Law Abiding Citizen.
  47. It is bad enough that Ronaldo is good looking and rich, and I know he has earned it and then some. But 14 goals in his last 9 games? Dude I guess is pretty good.
  48. I got my new Athlon college football preview, which single handedly could occupy me for four days. Just dipping my foot wet into that wealth of knowledge.  The only mag I read for longer is the college basketball preview.
  49. War Dogs is a pretty decent flick I have decided.
  50. I love how Cuban treats Dirk consistently over the years It would be just “cool,” but then you remember those guys got a ring and it just becomes adorable and storybook.
  51. Seriously Tim Tebow. I get that you might be a Senator or President someday and I will have to deal with that when it comes, you lovable guy.  But, stop hitting home runs on the first day of promotions, driving up crowd revenue, and all of those other things that get you closer to being in a Mets uniform.  That just can’t happen.
  52. Actually, Clyde. I love you , but must adjust your thinking.  The Celtics and Lakers of the 60’s and then 80’s were just teams that happened to get players and draft players who all became good.  You actually WERE the first attempt at a Super Team, formed by players communicating and trying to beat the system by joining each other.
  53. I am not saying what ranking Serena would fall if she were on the guy’s side, but that is because I choose to remain silent. Love your non filter, Johnny Mac, but you don’t have to actually SAY that stuff into a microphone.
  54. Try to be a superstar. Try to.  When you are voted the best player in your league at age FORTY, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you also beat little girls at throwing contests.  You go, Tom.
  55. I truly wish that LaVar Ball finds his calling in wrestling and just stays there and stays away from microphones. Anyone else kind of mad the old dude is ripped too?  I wish he was loud, irritating, wrong in his predictions, and out of shape too. Dammit.
  56. I will be watching some Big 3 bball this weekend. Sad that my boy, White Chocolate, is out of the mix due to injury, but I will watch anyway.  I mean, where else am I going to find Cuttino Mobley sightings?
  57. Man, I know he is over 40, but when my boy Iverson got older in the league, that lightning quickness went a 1/2 step away and it was OVER.  Should have quit when his scoring average was over 30.
  58. I like the idea of a celebration of the season, and I get that ratings and sponsorships for an event create money, but I feel like the NBA awards were too separated from the season. I liked it better hearing about it early in the playoffs.  Just my two cents.
  59. Of COURSE Charlie Sheen has the Babe Ruth trade doc and his 1927 ring. Why WOULDN’T he have it?    That dude has just…found the way somehow through a living train wreck.
  60. How come I had to read this to realize it? Both Supermen are now in Charlotte?  Just put that together.  That is awesome.  Well, I dislike both of them, so it is just neat, and I don’t really care to be honest.  Glad I can seal off Charlotte in my media browsing.
  61. I had a joke about Ahman Green, but I forgot to write it down. Kind of like that Seinfeld episode with the maid.
  62. I don’t fault the guy who drove onto the Mizzou basketball court, but I would think driving onto the football field would be much more exciting and probably less of a bill too.  You could do a 4-wheeler too and make it worth your while.
  63. The Defiant Ones show. Yes, you have my absolute FULL attention.  Let’s get this started.  LOVE Dre.
  64. I love that the family of the Nats fan who died talked about their subpar bullpen in their obituary.
  65. And now they lose their leadoff man too…well, at least the rest of the division is absolutely HORRIBLE. Cushion and then some.
  66. Not splitting the atom here for those who have read my stuff, but whatever happens in the free agency craziness tomorrow and moving forward, I want Melo to not be happy and not on a winning team. IF he does get to a winning team with capability of taking down the Warriors, then I guess I say “Go Warriors” again.
  67. No, I can’t do that either because of KD.  Dammit.  I am a man without a team.  Go Spurs.
  68. Someone stash La La in the same room we stash LaVar in to get them away from us.
  69. I am a UVA guy of course. In case you care, Malcolm Brogdon was the first second round player chosen to win the ROY award since 1966.
  70. I didn’t know this. Did YOU know that Klay Thompson only dribbled the ball ELEVEN times in his 60 point/ 29 minutes played game?
  71. I find the new NHL HOF class includes about three guys who should be gray area on the other side of the draw.
  72. I will buy the fight and watch.  It will be entertaining.  But Floyd will DESTROY Conor.  It won’t be an early knockout, because Money doesn’t roll like that typically.  It will be a brutal, methodical beating punctuated by a couple knockdowns.  Did you see the videos today?  Floyd looks SHARP and Conor is making curved body jokes.
  73. I feel bad for John Wall. Dude just wants one more guy for help getting over the hump.  He is pleading people.  Kind of like that guy now.  And they are very close in the weaker conference.
  74. Vince Young called out the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick has a job in the league. Listen, Vince, we ARE all confused.  But, you at least had the greatest college championship performance (Watson has had something to say about that in the last two years).  Leave Harvard guy alone.  You guys both have different problems, but they are problems regardless.
  75. Good week for free food at work, which is very, very important to me. Free sandwich on Tuesday, unlimited free pizza on Wednesday, and free burritos on Thursday.
  76. Interesting in this whole Cavs-Paul George thing that the Nuggets are the key element.
  77. Quietly, the Georgia Bulldogs landed the top RB in the nation. Todd Gurley II?
  78. I like Germany to beat Chile in the Confederations Cup Sunday, but I will watch to make sure I am not wrong. Should be a good match.
  79. I really feel like you are missing something if you don’t at least check out Deadspin’s funbag regularly.
  80. I will tune into the ESPY’s this year. Peyton’s dry humor already has me sold.  How is he going to be mean to anyone with jokes in the audience?  He is so NICE.
  81. Anthony Young died sadly this week. He might be known for having the longest losing streak as a pitcher ever, but Andy Warhol would have said A) he had his 15 minutes and B) he at least made the show
  82. Chris Paul and James Harden will be able to play next to each other very easily, especially since Harden is a made PG, not a natural one (a very GOOD one, but whatever). Anyway, they still need a piece inside.  They now match up on the guard level with the Warriors.  It is simply two out of the remaining three positions that remain a problem.  Dammit, Durant.  WHY did you have to do this to everyone?
  83. No matter how slow the pitcher is getting the ball to the plate, HOW does a catcher who has thrown out 7-97 baserunners talk smack about his All Star pitcher? #cubs #released
  84. Really is sad that Phil was so stuck in the Triangle offense and HIS way to jack up the Knicks like he did. My favorite player, Zeke, now has competition for jacking up the team the worst as a GM.
  85. Well, if the UVA football team is going to live through another losing season, at least their CB got paid. Dude hit the lottery for $100k.    I am trying to imagine myself in college having $100k in free money.  That.  Would.  Not.  Have.  Been.  Good.
  86. I feel like I have gone past like 14 quotas on PSU-Paterno lawsuit media coverage. Just let it go.  I don’t care.  Pretty sure no one else does outside of the state of PA either.
  87. Rondo got waived today too. Dude will go down in history as one of the biggest misfits ever in NBA history who has a freaking ring.  Basically, he will be known as the guy who passed to Ray, Paul, and Kevin.
  88. For my long weekend in my house, I would say some people would find it very disturbing the amount of cheese in this house presently. I went to the grocery store and treated my home like a bunker in war.  Cheese.
  89. Not even a banner winning FIFTH game. The THIRD game jersey for Steph Curry sold for $135k.    I really made bad life decisions when I was bouncing from sport to sport as a kid.
  90. Yes, Gronk, your logo DOES look too much like the Nike logo. Come on, man.  Was your logo roundtable involving kegs and shots?
  91. Doc Rivers says the situation with Paul and Griffin “bugs him.” Glad you are bugged, Doc.  You won one title with three of the greatest players ever, and now have nothing to show with Jordan, Griffin, and Paul.  Something is a pattern…
  92. And your kid is on the freaking team.
  93. Can someone update me before Monday on whether Joey Chestnut has any competition or whether he will just be trying to beat his own record again. I miss the old times with the other guy.
  94. Oh, and if you don’t like to READ Deadspin, they actually have cool gear on there. It is like a cool person went through Amazon and just chose the hip, useless stuff for us guys.  Drones with cameras, and paint guns, and stuff.
  95. Can’t wait to do my annual three day full time Tour De France coverage in my blog. You will love it.  Must read.
  96. Like dogs and music? Everyone does.  Which is why everyone loves this adorable video.
  97. I find this funny. A MAILBAG talking about Bill Simmons possibility of returning ever to ESPN.  I need a flowchart.
  98. I think I believe that Calipari is happy at Kentucky, but seriously. Who called the Knicks?  How does he allow ONE sliver of info to leak that allows us to believe he COULD leave…like once every 6 months?
  99. I love when my colleague, Anthony, talks about how Alexa and other customer service robots/ machines will be the first to start the Terminator days on earth because they are always yelled at. Be nice to these, people.
  100. Anthony said out loud this week “I personally think Alexa is kind of stupid.”
  101. I might start parting my hair.  Ironic that the 80’s style we were happy to get rid of is now back.  I can look like my 6th grade photos again.  I wonder if Lindsey will freak out, laugh, or like it.
  102. I think my simple note next on my blog is funnier than what I could write honestly. “america’s got talent-opera singer cab driver, naked magician, nobody gets eliminated”
  103. Clinton Portis always looked angry while running, but not sure if that applies to sitting outside at night in the car with a gun waiting for an ex-financial manager to come out of the building.
  104. Sometimes you forget about the foreign guys drafted stashed away overseas. Read about this guy, remembered him, and you should remember him too moving forward.
  105. Not even sure if he made the final draw at Wimbledon, but worth a read regardless.
  106. Forgot to share this article when discussing Phil. Everything is funnier on Deadspin.
  107. I found out I have a co-worker who owns a Burmese dog in the mountains that they don’t feed. It kills its own food.  Like…deer and stuff.  Wow.  That is very mountain-y combined with Texas-y.
  108. Tune in Sunday if you would like to see something that is true and happened, and is literally like a sports version of a Stephen King short story. Horrible reading-I couldn’t stop though.  I will be tuning in.
  109. I was going to put in some pictures, but you have your imagination and I have GOT to watch.
  110. The theme?   Just a play on words that is funny to me personally and I spontaneously mentioned it during my Deadspin gear hook.  Frame-camera.  Drones-intelligence.  Never mind.  It rhymes with Game of Thrones.  Let it go.
  111. Glad to be back. I will be more focused on some subjects next time.  Just had to get all of this out this time.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.
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