On the record, and now just the waiting on someone picking mascots and team colors to beat me…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

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Let’s turn and burn.

NO FORMAT THIS WEEK.  JUST THINKING ALOUD AGAIN.  Oh, I am aware we are calling the first round the second round now.  Whatever.  It is still the first round to me.

I am done.  Ugghhh.  I refuse to pick more than one bracket, but if I did, my South and West would be the ones that would change.  I have gone through my preseason magazine, analyzed WHERE the matchups are, and looked at the BPI rankings until I thought that those were my initials.  I even read my old blogs just to double check.  I am submitted, and now I just wait on carnage.  Anyway…


I have said Louisville is the best team out there since preseason.  A tough region does not change that.

UPSET 1:  Oregon over Oklahoma State.  The amount of pub this has gotten is the only thing that scares me, but it DOES make sense.

UPSET 2:  “Round 1 winner” over Memphis.  No competition this year.  And both teams are bad matchups for them.  Not sold on Memphis.

UPSET 3: Creighton over Duke in 2nd round.  Do I believe this will happen?  Not really, but I have had a bond with Creighton all year.  Why stop now?

PICK: Louisville over Michigan State



I feel pretty good about this region.  Indiana is the best team in here, and aside from a second round game with NC State possibly, I think they cruise.

UPSET 1:  Colorado over Illinois.  I LOVE that Colorado team, and they will give Miami all they can handle in the next round.

UPSET 2: Davidson over Marquette.  Experienced, good sized, and a very smart club.

UPSET 3:  Davidson over Butler (next round).  I don’t love the team as much as their draw.  If you feel the need for another first round upset, stare at Montana.  I couldn’t write them in, although I did have some scribbles in that area.

PICK: Indiana over Miami.  Chalk with Davidson.



Bottom line.  I am not as sold on Gonzaga, as I am the lack of talent in this region.  Wisconsin is battle tested, but not as talented.  I couldn’t bring myself to put New Mexico on my final bracket, although I would totally get your back if you did.  I have said Ohio State has no third scoring option.  I am sticking with that theory that they can’t win 6 tough games in a row.  Gonzaga’s draw in my opinion gets easier after the 2nd round game against Wichita State OR Pitt.

UPSET 1: Transfer U over Notre Dame.  They don’t play any defense, but their scoring mentality will bug the hell out of ND.

UPSET 2: Wichita State over Pitt.  I have watched them play 3 times this year and like what I see.

UPSET 3: Wisconsin over Kansas State.  Kansas State might not even beat the winner of Boise and LaSalle.

UPSET 3:  New Mexico over Ohio State.  Not technically an upset since New Mexico probably should have been a 2 seed.

PICK: Gonzaga over New Mexico (scribbles ALL over the place)


SOUTH (a.k.a. the region that is driving me NUTS)

If ONE of the good teams was in Gonzaga’s region, I wouldn’t have picked Gonzaga over there.  But they are not, so it is what it is.  Ugghhh.  This decision made me step outside of analytics and just made me think about how I have talked about the team this year.  Throw out experience and go with my gut.

UPSET 1: Minnesota over UCLA.  Adams getting hurt killed the already bipolar mentality of this team.

UPSET 2: Florida over Georgetown.  Two of the best passing teams in the nation.  I am more sold on Florida.

UPSET 3: Michigan over Kansas/ the game that changed my entire bracket.  Experience vs. youth.  Like I said, I am going with my gut.  Plus, I think Kansas might lose to UNC in the 2nd round.

PICK: Michigan over Florida

FINAL FOUR SEMI’S: Louisville over Gonzaga, Indiana over Michigan

WINNER: Louisville over Indiana, 71-65.

I noticed I didn’t pick as many first round upsets as usual.  I almost did, but kind of tired of all of the years TRYING to pick upsets, and then having them wreck my bracket.  I get tired of ALMOST being right because I know the skill level of the mid major team, but then the normal favorite advances.  Anyway, a few for you to think about that no bball fan would say that you are out of your mind on:

Akron over VCU

Montana over Syracuse

Bucknell over Butler

Belmont over Arizona

FGCU over Georgetown

Good luck.  Those are my two cents.

Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

(DISLAIMER TO MY TAGLINE: I may not be blogging every day during the tourney)

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