Feels like an Arby’s night…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Morning rant, speed version, pseudo airplane rant.  Not on a plane though.  Getting Eleanor an alignment/ seeing if the $680 garage lied to me in making me think I needed $2000 of repairs to even get an alignment.  So, I without WIFI but have a list to clear.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I love waking up at 645am the day after Thanksgiving AND after a Steelers loss.  But, heading north later this morning, so I owe a rant to you all.  Hope you had a great turkey day.  I did outside of the Steelers loss/ Emmanuel Sanders showing of dropping two balls I am pretty sure I could have caught.

2)      John Fox will return to the Broncos in the next few days.  This is obviously a good thing.  Del Rio did well as the head coach in his pre USC leaving tour, but they will now be better as Del Rio can now concentrate on his PRESENT coordinator job.

3)      The chairs at this Goodyear shop either need to be two inches wider or two inches narrower.  Awkward typing.  No internet on this round, people, so forgive any wrong spellings/facts.  This is from my noggin.

4)      Chip Kelly is not bothered by the digs from Bruce Arians on the read option.  Chip, we are just proud of you for finally announcing who your QB for the rest of the year is after the stats read like night and day.

5)      I was talking with Lindsey’s dad yesterday during the football game.  I couldn’t BELIEVE the Pack ran two straight running plays to open the fourth quarter down 33-16.  They were three scores down with a quarter to play.  Did they just give up?  He was fine with it, but the funny thing about that is that he also watched a movie during the second half of the Broncos-Pats game last week.  I will say this.  I don’t turn off games since Frank Reich led Buffalo back on Houston back in the second half in circa 1991-1992 (no internet to check-sorry).

6)      I would like to thank Dallas for running DeMarco Murray in for TD’s most of the time yesterday.  It made up for Boykins pitching me zero points in HIS game.

7)      Lindsey’s rents had shrimp out for an appetizer.  Considering the other two appetizers were mushrooms and celery, and I was hungry, I focused on the shrimp.  I went to town on this HUGE bowl of shrimp.  All was good, and a few jokes were made, until I figured out that the HUGE bowl was mostly ice underneath.  I basically ate all of the shrimp.  Whoops.

8)      Question, and a good one, posed by Lindsey’s dad.  How much DO NFL cameramen make?  I couldn’t even ballpark it.  Would be a fun job though.

9)      Is Garth Brooks even popular anymore?  If not, what happened to him?  You don’t really grow too old to be a country singer, do you?

10)   Lindsey’s brother, Drew either has the nicest dirty car or the dirtiest nice car I have ever seen.

11)   What the HELL do Ravens fans yell right in the middle of the national anthem?  Really irritating.

12)   Lindsey and I will host Christmas, but I know there is trouble on the horizon.  In my family, as much as turkey day means football, Christmas equals basketball.  Not a lot of love in her family with basketball.

13)   I knew the Steelers were doomed last night the moment I heard Cris Collinsworth’s voice.

14)   If only.  The Steelers planned on running no huddle with Pouncey in the lineup.  They are JUST now getting acclimated to running it with their backup guy.  It just took 4 losses or so to realize that.  Damn learning curves.

15)   But WHEN did we start running the wildcat?

16)   I admit that I have never seen in a higher level football game ANYONE start to kick a field goal BEFORE the ball is snapped.  We could have used those three points.

17)   The Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore.  Then, the Cleveland Browns started up again on their own.  Browns fans stayed with the newer Browns team as opposed to the Ravens.  I need a flow chart, and not sure what I would have to do if the Steelers ever left.

18)   Don’t think I need to worry about that though…ever.

19)   The Winter Olympics are really a little over TWO months from now?  This every two year thing makes me feeling like they are always happening.  Not like the freaking X Games or UFC fights, but still a lot.

20)   Why does Jonathan Dwyer/ one of the bigger RB’s in the league, return kicks for the Steelers?  They have NO other faster/ expendable guys?  Can’t we just draft some dude from Oregon every couple years?

21)   The movie American Hustle looks good.  Plus, as everyone on the entire planet knows, every single guy in the entire world wants to be in some sort of heist as a fantasy before they die.

22)   Lindsey and I watch football games differently.  She could get a condo noise violation.  I am more the staring guy.

23)   Well, except for the end last night I admit.  I was very high stress as I should have been…and on my couch…so I could act however I wanted to act.

24)   I actually did not play the piano all day yesterday at Lindsey’s rents’ place.  Perhaps it was I was DD.  Perhaps it was because I need some freaking practice, and playing Piano Man by heart gets a little old after a while.  Next big investment assuming I don’t need a car?  Keys for the condo-weight sensitive.

25)   There have really been SIX Fast and Furious movies?  That is just…SOMETHING.

26)   I am a Droid guy who barely uses the smart part of his phone, but it DOES appear to me that Samsung is lapping people in the phone area judging from their commercials.  The phones are WAY too big, but damn they do a lot.

27)   Luckily I don’t have a basement to stay down in (see Broncos Bud Light commercial), but things DID go better in the second half after I put my Steelers hat on.  When I was a kid, if the Steelers were losing, I HAD to go outside and shoot hoops in the second half because that was “the trick” and it worked ONE time.  I missed a lot of second halves of football.

28)   Oooohhh.  Arby’s has another special going on?  As Patrick Warburton would say, it feels like an Arby’s night.

29)   I only saw them a couple times, but those grey Steelers sweatpants someone was wearing on the sideline were SWEET.

30)   I won’t dive into too much detail on this.  I understand the premise of the helmet rule, and realize that it affected me personally last night, but it is STUPID…at least for today.

31)   I decided yesterday that having 3 Coke Zero’s within about 3 hours is NOT a good plan.

32)   Queen tattoo final sketches getting done within 4-5 days.  Queen of hearts.  I have carried a Queen of hearts playing card with me in my wallet for YEARS because I instantly think of my late Grampa who taught me how to play blackjack.  The design I spent years designing was getting complicated.  Getting the Queen, incorporating a fire sign to balance out the water sign on my left shoulder, and calling it a day for tats.

33)   Everyone commented on Lindsey’s hair immediately when they saw her.  Maybe I am just a slow guy or maybe I am color blind, but I had to know she had the appointment to know it was different.

34)   It is kind of funny to pull two aging actors from two of the greatest boxing movies of all time, but somehow I still think it will be dumb after the first 10 minutes.

35)   I think Jason Kidd should have been fined.  Coaches do drink sodas on the sideline.  But while approaching players coming off the floor?  I admit I am impressed as I have never seen anyone actually pull that trick.  But, it did look pretty obvious it was on purpose.

36)   And Joe Flacco, concerning your comments on Tomlin impeding Jacoby Jones, you are only cheating it you get caught.

37)   I will keep the person who told me this anonymous, but just in case anyone out there thinks that Detroit seems to “bring it” on Thanksgiving each year no matter how good or bad they are, that was their first win in ten years yesterday.  Just saying.

38)   Knowshon Moreno is practicing on a limited basis.  Great.  One week after wrecking most of my fantasy hopes.  Thanks.

39)   Nick Saban says there is no timetable on how long he will coach.  Tough to ask a guy who is winning every year when he plans on hanging it up.  It’s not like coaches “lose a step.”

40)   If you watched the Packers yesterday, you would concur that just plugging in Aaron Rodgers MIGHT not magically solve all of their problems.

41)   By the way, Flynn looked on the sidelines like he really didn’t care that much how much he was sucking.

42)   Lost in all of the football madness was the best player in the nation scoring 30 points against Purdue.  Marcus Smart is a STUD.

43)   The Minnesota Twins signed Ricky Nolasco to a new $49 million contract.  They are SAVED.  And Google name searches are going NUTS.  I am not even sure I spelled his name right.

44)   The US fell to 14th in the new FIFA rankings.  Ain’t no thing.  We are still in that area of possibly getting the Group of Death, but much better than we would have thought a year or two ago.

45)   Google “deadspin superheroes.”

46)   Google “deadspin Iowa man drunk driving fighting naked.”

47)   By the way, that is a fear of mine.  I take such long showers, that I am just walking myself into someone breaking in my house and me having to fight the dude naked.  It will suck.

48)   Google “deadspin buck aikman happy thanksgiving.”

49)   Google “deadspin alabam fan accused of soliciting sex.”

50)   That is it.  Eleanor is not done, but going to shut it down and wait the rest.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

51)   Just  tagline.  I am going up to CSU for the football game tomorrow.  I gather that early drinks will be had, and that a blog will not be my focal point.  Let’s chat Sunday in front of the football games.

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