Even Flow…thoughts arrive like butterflies…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minutes hard stop.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)  You think Geno Smith isn’t a little interested in that Heisman trophy?  I am sitting here watching the Baylor-West Virginia game and there are 7 minutes left in the THIRD quarter.  Dude has tossed SIX touchdowns already.

2)  Tiger Woods was benched today and the United States went on to win 3 of the 4 early Ryder Cup matches.  They are up 8 to 4 after 12 matchups.  Wouldn’t it be funny if he only plays tomorrow because the U.S. had a big lead?  Ok, boys.  We are up by a lot.  You can go play today, El Tigre.

3)  L.A. approves a downtown stadium for football.  Now, if they can just find a team interested in moving/ starting there.

4)  There is a Victoria’s Secret opening at Cowboy Stadium.  I don’t get this, except the fact that it is so odd IS why they are doing it.  I suppose that if a guy is hitting on a girl, this opens up the line “why don’t you and I go to Victoria’s Secret at halftime and pick out some panties…”  That hook was going a wrong direction.  I should stop this hook.

5)  Cincinnati Red pitcher Homer Bailer threw a no-hitter last night.  This is the SEVENTH no hitter THIS year, putting it in the conversation with 1968, THE year of the pitcher.  This is the kicker.  Bailey has thrown ONLY 3 complete games in his MLB career, and now this.  Unbelievable.

6)  I was listening to some tunes last night.  One song that never got its due on the airwaves from Van Halen was this one.  If you literally just want to smile and enjoy your life in that particular instant of time, listen to this song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eFiNud6fbU

7)  I bet you Martellus Bennett got left off a lot of fantasy rosters.  His work put in at Dallas wasn’t a whole hell of a lot.  Now he is with the Giants.  This week he has said that Eli is at a different level than his former QB, Tony Romo.  He said it during training camp also, but no one would listen to him since he sucked on paper to that point.  Well, he is not sucking now.  A couple of big TD scores will do that to you, so why NOT voice the Eli-Romo comment now that people ARE listening?

8)  A’s pitcher Dallas Braden and rally’s in general confuse me.  He made news for confronting the police chief in a threatening way with a weapon.  Why is this funny to me?  His choice of weapon was a bat and the rally was an anti-violence rally.  Weird stuff.  If I was the police chief, I would have said “why do you have a bat?  You pitch in the AL, dumbass.”

8a)  For my non sports readers, that joke was about the fact that the AL has a designated hitter, so none of the pitchers actually take an at bat ever.

9)  Bradley and Mickelson set a record for Ryder Cup by winning 7 and 6.  That is unbelievable.  I would most likely lose after the 10th hole, so I would only be worse than their opponents by a couple.  Sounds close.

9a)  For my non sports readers (wow, I am explaining a lot of jokes today), 7 and 6 means they are up by 7 holes with only 6 holes left, therefore making a win impossible.  And the reason I said I would lose after the 10 hole is because that is the other guy winning every single hole against me.

10)  Jered Weaver won his 20th win yesterday.  That is great, and he is having a great year, but in the reincarnation of the year of the pitcher, I would expect more than two guys at 20 wins.  If you want to think crazy stuff, the Braves pitching staff were winning 20 games in the STEROID era.  THAT is nuts.

11)  Jay Z wore the new Brooklyn Nets road jersey at a concert the other night.  It looks good, and is a good marketing tool considering he sells out every show.  He might be starting a fad like nerd glasses with Kevin Durant.

12)  When I read rivals.com, I love reading the ATH guys.  They make athlete an actual position.

13)  I ran a red light yesterday.  It felt weird.  Why would I do that you ask?  Well, I got tricked, and then very lucky.  I happened to be sitting at a light in the left lane behind a guy who decided to run it, and therefore I assumed it was green.  Lucky, lucky, lucky.

14)  I hope I die before cargo shorts go out of style.  If the hip crown would just bring back the cargo pants also, I would be a very happy camper.

15)  In the early 2000’s I heard Bon Jovi on a classic rock station and almost wrecked my car.  Now, I am used to it.  Well, today another monumental thing happened to me.  PEARL JAM was on the classic rock station.  Does that mean I am about 10 years from hearing Nickeback on there?  Ugghhh.

15a)  This is MY favorite Pearl Jam song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U4bf5OPTdc

15b)  The title of this blog is such because I had NO idea that is what he was saying in that damn song.

16)  That is it.  I have to prove to Lindsey that when I say I am going to blog, that it doesn’t necessarily mean I will see her in two hours.  Going to see Batman on the big screen before it goes out of the theaters.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

16a)  I actually might not blog tomorrow.  The clown question thing is my tagline, but I might take a day off.

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