Enjoy, you will…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

The airplane rant.  No time limit, no Google, and no schedule.

This WOULD be longer, but when I get three seats to myself on a flight that left at 615am, WAY above ranting is sleeping in taking advantage of the extra room for my long legs.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)       One of the most idiotic things I saw on NFL Sunday were the actions of Aldon Smith from the 49ers.  Dude gets through the Packers offensive line, sacks Rodgers, and then takes his helmet off during the celebration of his great play.  UNBELIEVABLY dumb, and against the rules.  You get ten yards on a sack and then give it back with a big no-no in NFL football.  It is plays like that where I am the coach who sits that lad down, commends his athletic ability, and then tells him that frequently the level-headedness of a player can be the difference between being a winning team and being a champion team.  The 49ers were ALREADY a winning team last year.  To get to the next level, they need to make sure they are grown up also.

2)      I sat next to a couple Chicago Bears fans briefly on Sunday afternoon, basking in their nice win.  I started talking about how it must be nice to be past QB ambiguity if they could again do what they did on that day.  I mentioned Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, and the obscure Cade McNown as examples of being lost at QB.  He got confused and said he thought I was talking about the Broncos.  I said “no, I am talking about YOUR team.”  Then he said the phrase that keeps me up at night.  “I actuall LOVE the Broncos.  The Bears are my SECOND favorite team.”  Uggghhh.  I guess he went home and changed into his Bronco gear after the afternoon game.

3)      You might be worried about Miami QB Ryan Tannehill being down on himself and losing confidence after debuting with three interceptions.  Don’t be.  As soon as he walked into his house and saw his knockout wife, they were a distant memory until film day that week.

4)      Speaking of rookie QB’s, FIVE rookie QB’s started this week, the most since the 80’s by far.  There is a reason for this.  Only one of them was worth anything this week.  As much as it pains me to say it with my buddy being a reader and Skins fan, RGIII won a game I thought he had no business being close in against New Orleans.  I guess I can say that I am glad I didn’t play the suicide pool again this year as I would have stayed away from the obvious Houston pick and might have taken New Orleans, and I have to give him a little respect whether I like it or not.  I still don’t see him as a franchise saver, but I at least have to shut my mouth for another week, I guess.

5)      I don’t care how many times I see it, and I suppose it will be more than less if he wins in Denver, I LIKE the Peyton Buick commercial.  It is the one where he is barking instructions at the car.  I always chuckle every time he says Papa Bear.

6)      They didn’t win, but it is not like people can bust TOO much on his ON the field exploits in the NFL (2 rings).  With Ben Roethlisberger, I love the “poetic pause” he takes before most snaps.  With other QB’s shouting out this and that, he takes about 2-3 seconds and does absolutely nothing.  I think it is pretty badass in his overall presentation.  Maybe I should have brought this up after a Steelers WIN though.

7)      I guess I just don’t pay attention too much sometimes.  I guess I really didn’t think about it.  Lindsey had to remind me how much Mike Tomlin looks like Omar Epps.

8)      Serena Williams beats the loud sobber in the US Open final.  So glad.  For someone who we all thought had lost the edge, was getting older, and was going to move on into the fashion world, Serena is still wrecking people pretty good.  I hope she keeps the edge and hunger.  In an era where the top women seem to be confused if they are good or not and just pop up here and there like a submarine, and with the fact that she trails greats like Martina and Chris Everett by 3 or so Slams, I think she should stick around.  It is better for tennis.

9)      I am not a total idiot.  I recognize that the 49ers were going to be good.  That being said, I gave them no real chance at going INTO the Pack’s crib on opening day and whipping them.  We all knew that the 49ers’ defense was awesome.  The rest of the league should be very worried if that offense is going to be more than par.  Very worried.

10)   Rory McIlroy wins his second straight PGA tournament.  Sure, it was “just” the BMW.  However, you add that to the last couple ones, AND what big names he is holding off on the leaderboard weekly, and maybe we do have something special here.  I am not buying in yet as I think that there is too much skill level out there to not have parity, and I still firmly believe in my boy El Tigre at SOME point, but I have to give it up a LITTLE bit.

11)   Speaking of suicide pools a couple hooks ago, check out some of the marquee matchups coming up in Week 2.  Denver/ Atlanta, Chicago/ GB, Detroit/ SF, and NYJ/ Pittsburgh.  Can I just assume people in those pools will have to take a leap or pretty much EVERYONE is taking the Pats or the Giants at first glance?

12)   Odd.  So, the Saints WIN the appeal with Bountygate, and RIGHT after that, they have to put Jonathan Vilma on the PUP list?  What gives?  I need more of the story.  What type of crazy, unhealthy workout was he doing WITHOUT the team?

13)   Alabama lost RB Jalston Fowler for the season, giving them one little dent as they look further down the road at championship hopes.  They drive a tank, not a Mercedes.  Do not be concerned, Bama fans.

14)   On the OTHER side of the coin, the Atlanta Falcons lost CB Brent Grimes for the year.  I am not saying they can’t win a bunch of games without him.  I AM saying that Peyton Manning is licking his chops and relieved of the lack of stress of WHERE he will be throwing at this week.

15)   There is a corner store that is an Italian eatery.  It is tiny.  I only noticed it because it opened by my gym.  Anyway, they have an egg, prosciutto, and mozzarella sandwich that is to die for.  For you Denver people, it is DiFranco’s at 9th and Lincoln.

16)   I was at work like a lot of typical people at 2pm Mountain on Monday.  Why the FINALS of the US Open had to start at that time, Eastern time or NOT, enrages me.  Figure out a better way to allow fans like myself to watch a final match in my own freaking country.  The fact that I can wake up early on a weekend and watch a European final that is an ocean away, and NOT catch a final that occurs in New York City is ridiculous.

17)   About the match quickly (as this was a MUCH shorter flight than I thought), Murray played not only emotionally, but technically the best I have seen him play (for what I saw of course).  AND, when Djokovic rallied from two sets down to push it to a fifth set, I thought the thing was over.  I was FLOORED to not only see Murray battle in the fifth, but be up for two breaks during most of it.  Dibs to you, Andy.  Well deserved, and the Fillerbuster officially retires from cracking on how you are a perennial #4 for your career.

18)   I have mentioned it before, but I still am depressed.  If they allow Melky Cabrera to win the batting title while on suspension just because he qualified with enough at bats, then something is seriously wrong at the top of the MLB decision making group.  Listen, rule or not, you had a chance to do it immediately after the suspension went down.  Now, you will have people who will give you a fight.  You should have nipped this thing in the bud.  Dude is presently 6 points ahead of second place in the batting race.

19)   The Bourne Legacy is leveling out in sales.  Myself being the biggest Bourne movie fan I know, I will say that the makers should consider it a success making 100 million, while replacing Matt Damon as the star.  It is not as successful as the substitution overall as Sammy Hagar for David Lee Roth, but not as dismal as using Extreme’s Gary Cherone either.

20)   I am not this team’s fan.  I am just a basketball fan.  People might not see any huge names in the pickups of the Dallas Mavericks and that they MISSED on Deron Williams, but I personally like their additions…a LOT.  The media didn’t care, but Cuban quietly signed Elton Brand, OJ Mayo, Chris Kaman, Darren Collison, and Dahntay Jones.  Aside from the fact that two of them are ex-Dukies and one got paid to go to college, I seriously think these guys will be solid if chemistry works.  They have or had the skills without a doubt.

21)   US Men’s soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann says the US will NOT fall again to Jamaica for the second time in five days in World Cup Qualifying.  They BETTER not.  It is at home this time, and you might not get another microphone to quote into if they flail again (you know, because he might not have a job).  It is not that hard to make it into the World Cup from our section of the world in the first case.  Don’t let this shit happen, bro.

22)   Without a team and without a girl, I hear that Chad Johnson is refusing to sign the divorce papers.  Too bad that he couldn’t refuse to sign the Miami papers too.  Dude.  You are having a bad few months.  Sign those papers if the split is anywhere NEAR fair, and start back up again.  You still have star power.  You just haven’t totally figured out how to use it.  You are going to end up like Anakin and become Darth Vader or something.  Use the force properly, and if you read this, NO.  I am NOT saying you are a Jedi Knight.  Just making a Star Wars reference, bro.  I LIKE Star War references.  I say “these are not the droids you are looking for” and “may the force be with you” REGULARLY.  You are NOT a Jedi Knight, Chad.  Slow down, and let’s move along.

23)   I hear that Roger Clemens still might start for the Astros.  Hey.  I have an idea.  You all are at 96 losses.  Let HIM pitch when you get to 99 losses.  That way, we can make fun of him for being old AND losing your 100th loss.  It will be fun.  It is a better idea than that Firestone Yankees Day that George Costanza was trying to have when he flew to Akron to deliver the Jerk Store line.

24)   I hear the Browns CB Joe Haden has been banned 4 games for using PED’s.  They have youngsters over in Cleveland that are really good potentially down the line.  They might be the football version of the Oklahoma Thunder.  It is a shame to see that one of those bright stars can’t do it the right way.

25)   Shhhhh.  I don’t know if you noticed, and I am NOT getting too excited, but the Phillies are only 6 games out of a playoff spot.  Shhhh.

26)   That is it.  The captain has said something about approach/ descent/ whatever.  Hello again, DC/ MD.  Will I blog tomorrow?  I am staying at a quiet, off the beaten path hotel for both my DC and PA stops this trip, so that is a CLOWN question, bro.   Talk to you tomorrow.  Peace.

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