Enjoy. It will be hard NOT to. Finally it is back.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  I want to watch a movie on my couch, so let’s move and cover what we need to cover.
  2. I am sitting here checking out the US-Nicaragua Gold Cup match.  Not the end of the world if we lose, but I feel like we need a solid statement against a lesser team.  We need to WIN our group.
  3. Hell yes, I watch soccer.  I am all country, not club.  Meant to go to last three World Cups, but “life” happened.
  4. I can’t write about, talk about, nor report about any more Sandusky news.  Over it.
  5. Home alone, and need a movie that she won’t watch after this.  Think I will check out Logan even though I have NO idea about him except he is a superhero, with some superhero groups, and has those Freddy Kreuger hand knives kind of.  Sounds fun.  Image result for logan movie
  6. When she gets home, we will watch the fourth The Defiant Ones.  Can’t wait.  Episode 3 was a lot about the Tupac introduction.  The next one should be mostly Slim Shady and Beats based.  What a show this is.  Watch the camera work.  It is brilliant.  The way they have talking going on with audio and show either that person OR the person the person is talking about not saying anything is freaking brilliant.  And the immediate story transitions are sweet.  Image result for the defiant ones documentary
  7. I had NO idea Jimmy found or worked with all of those artists.  Bruce, Petty, Stevie, NIN, Manson, Dre, etc.  I love how they showed the NIN concert I was at personally.    Image result for nine inch nails woodstock 94
  8. I need a flow chart pronto.  So, while watching The Defiant Ones, I noticed the theme music is exactly like the action scene in Usual Suspects.  (I am not Googling this-you do it and double check me).  ANYWAY, what is crazy is that there was a movie in 1958 called The Defiant Ones which has the exact quote “let’s round up the usual suspects.”  Coincidence?  Hmmmm.  Lots of cross references there.  Image result for the defiant ones 1958 sidney
  9. Poor New Orleans.  They are trying to figure out the Boogie-Brow relationship, and now they bring in Rondo for a one year contract.  He can’t shoot, has an attitude and unfortunately a ring, and him and Boogie in my opinion CAN’T be in the same locker room.  That is just my two cents though.  Good luck, coach.
  10. A penalty in the CFL cost a woman $1 million dollars betting that there would be two touchdown runbacks.  One happened.  Second got called back.  Not sure how I would handle that.  I would probably be paying some sort of property damage bill right about now.
  11. Did I miss something?  How come every major sports site is suddenly doing articles about two sport athletes?  Did I miss an anniversary?  I can’t catch everything, and maybe it is because of the recent drafts?  Stumped (but don’t really care of course).
  12. I would love to see another Bo or Deion.  Not sure we will.  Too much has changed.  Total side note, but I would love to see one of those ambidextrous pitchers make it big time before that happens.  Changing throwing arm for each batter?  Dope.  Image result for bo jackson baseball
  13. Tebow hits a walkoff.  Thankfully, the Mets GM said there will not be any Tebow call up in 2017.  (sigh)  I wouldn’t be able to take that I don’t think.  Now, at least I can focus my media hatred fully on LaVar Ball and his ridiculous comments and $500 shoes.
  14. We all have streaks.  I am on an unbelievable streak of picking the longest line possible in the grocery store, where people are pulling out paper coupons, splitting their bill on multiple cards, cards being declined, you name it.  Today, I watched every single person equal or behind me in 7 lines beat me out of the store.
  15. U.S. just scored the first goal.  OK.  Equilibrium in the universe is more stable now.
  16. Garbine beat Venus this morning at Wimbledon.  It sucks Venus has made two finals this year at Slam events and lost both.  First finals since 2008.  What IS interesting is that Garbine now has the odd honor of knocking out BOTH Venus and Serena in a Slam final.  Crazy.  Can’t say Garbine is a fluke by any means.  Still sad as I wanted Venus to finish this.  Image result for garbine muguruza wimbledon
  17. Went to see All Time Low at Fillmore last night.  Even though there name has the same name as a Widespread Panic song, and even though ATL has an album called “Don’t Panic,” there is no connection, even though I probably am the only person who thought about this oddity (I think about a lot of useless things in life).  Anyway, great show last night.  They sound like Sum 41 or Rise Against or those types of bands.  I liked at least 5-6 songs.  Great stage show too, playing up to the crowd.  FANTASTIC light show/ video wall behind their stage too.  I caught a buzz on Red Bull and then we went and played video games after.  I might tag some pics to this blog if I finish this fast enough to feel like including fun pics.
  18. (my pics are good, but not organizing them until off the computer tonight, which is after this blog, so no fun pics for you-just trust my description)
  19. Got 100k in Gyruss, me and my brother’s game back in the day (he also beat the hell out of Defender, which I never got a grasp on).  Anyway, 100k is not great, but it is a start, especially since I have more down time being on the wagon and therefore will probably have more trips to that bar in my future.  Typical 80’s game, but you go around in a CIRCLE.  YAY!  Image result for video game gyruss
  20. My UVA alum guy, Chris Long breaks down Game of Thrones and it is a fun read.  https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2017/07/14/game-thrones-hbo-best-characters-chris-long
  21. Let’s all play nice on Monday at work.  In my world, since GOT is on a Sunday evening and sometimes people travel or have weekend stuff going on, everyone DON’T talk loudly on the floor about GOT, ok?  My rules say you get 24 hours to catch up on an HBO Sunday night show.  No spoilers.  Keep your voices at a quiet level, or get a conference room.  Image result for game of thrones season 7
  22. I am going to Amos Lee tomorrow night at Red Rocks (why I bring the GOT thing up).  He is playing with an orchestra, meaning the show should be phenomenal.  Well, us people in CO know that EVERY show at Red Rocks is off the hook-some are just more than others.  Can’t beat the scenery by any means.  Image result for red rocks
  23. I think all of us college football fans see a slight decline on the Oregon front.  Fans of the team might not be happy today, but I totally respect the coaches dismissing their leading wide receiver from last year after a DUI.  Props to the program.  Need your players, but stay classy first of all.  Plus, if you are going to have those horrible color combinations we need sunglasses for, be likable on other fronts.  Image result for oregon football uniforms
  24. Maybe I am rude, but anyone else sad Ryan Lochhte got cleared on those gas station charges?  No?  Just me?  Ok.  I will move on.  Image result for ryan lochte
  25. Scary and sad.  When I went to Jerusalem, I got a Q&A with the Border Patrol at the Western Wall.  Sitting ten feet from a group of men who guard the most Holiest spot in the world.  Two died the other day from that same unit.  http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/14/middleeast/jerusalem-shooting/index.html
  26. Here was the view when they let us on the roof where their watch post is.  
  27. They don’t let ANYONE up there.  
  28. How do people hate golf?  http://deadspin.com/get-a-load-of-the-insane-second-shot-of-this-miraculous-1796951600
  29. Reason # 1761 you should read Deadspin.  http://jezebel.com/at-long-last-giselle-and-tom-brady-get-to-join-their-l-1796949008
  30. The site just OOZES with sarcasm.
  31. I was flipping through the channels the other day and paused on a women’s volleyball match.  What I noticed was crazy.  You are TELLING me that there is a “Summer/ Sweat” team out there?  Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross.  I need another flow chart.  Too many jokes.
  32. Oh shit.  Forgot the U.S. needs THREE goals in this match to win the group.  Penalty just occurred while up 1-0. And….
  33. Missed it.  Ugghhh.  Doesn’t get any easier than that.  Still 1-0.
  34. Hootie Johnson died this week.  Sad to say one of his legacies is not letting minorities or women in his precious golf club for way too long.
  35. Before you feel bad for Pablo Sandoval being designated for assignment by the Red Sox this week, know this.  He is still due $49 million through 2019 no matter WHAT they do.  It is not as bad as contract as the Mets-Bonilla contract back in the day, but it is a contender in its own right.  Image result for pablo sandoval overweight
  36. I noticed the story about Ezekiel Elliott in progress of a response to his domestic abuse charges from way back when.  Was that story literally just updating us on what he is doing?  Has the response been finished?  I can’t believe I am entertaining a precious hook with this story.  Moving on.
  37. Must LOVE Disney World.  Hmmm.  Jonathan Simmons has the choice of staying with the Spurs or going to Orlando.  Congrats on your increased playing time and go hit Space Mountain daily.  I would have stayed at the Alamo.
  38. I know.  I could have made that joke better with the whole Alamo thing being involved.  I really want to watch a movie though.
  39. THERE it is.  Pretty second goal by the States.  Nice play.
  40. (note:  so don’t pick up Michael Floyd on my fantasy team.  Got it.)
  41. Because you love reading about Kombucha.  http://deadspin.com/kombucha-defense-fails-to-spare-michael-floyd-from-susp-1796946411
  42. Trump is visiting his own course at the women’s US Open this weekend.  PLEASE tell me he does something stupid.  Or tell me he tweets something dumb.  Luckily, these wishes are not totally long odds.
  43. Speaking of Trump, second call for me saying GO SEE Only One Night with Alec Baldwin-it is hilarious.  Image result for alec baldwin trump
  44. My daily chess playing has the computer on notice.  I am coming down to the end with it every time now.  Basically, the way that translates is that sooner or later I will beat it regularly, and now I am back in the groove enough that I could probably destroy most humans I play.
  45. Well, except those human who really, really play chess.  Not heading down to 16th Street Mall yet for sure to get smoked by a bum.
  46. This is crazy.  If you are wondering about MLB late wildcard drama, here is what you have in the AL.  Every single team is within 7.5 games of the last wildcard.  There are SEVEN teams in the NL who are EIGHT or more games out of it.  That is INSANE.
  47. Years ago, I didn’t think Beltre was a HOF’er.  I had good reasons, which I will back up in this hook.  Anyway, now I am on the bandwagon.  First ballot actually now most likely.  Why?  Well, here is why.  Beltre batted .271 in his 20’s.  Oddly, in his 30’s, where decline is supposed to happen, he is batting .305.  Tell your friends.  Image result for adrian beltre
  48. The US just got a SECOND penalty kick, and got stopped AGAIN.  Horrible attempt.  And, of course, a lucky choice of side for the goalkeeper.
  49. Skip sports articles-I get it.  But read this one.  This is nuts.  http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/19844178/part-football-part-mma-part-historical-recreation-italy-calcio-storico-brutal-sight-behold
  50. Three rules, give or take.  Crazy.
  51. Keep the jokes coming, Conor.  The fight needs them.  Floyd will play along because all he cares about is as MANY people as possible watching this damn demolition.  His nickname is Money.  Go figure.  Image result for mayweather mcgregor press conference
  52. Did that man to man talk ever happen with Bryant and Big Ben?  Can Bryant now get out of the media with his tail between his legs?  Ben can say whatever, buddy.  Through the media or to your face.  You let your team down.  Glad you have been working out.  Shut up.  Image result for martavis bryant
  53. That George for Klay Thompson story was fun.  But I don’t care.  I am sure there have been MANY “fun” possible deals offered by teams for big time players.  But, I get it.  We are out of football, hockey, and basketball season.  We need stuff.
  54. Can’t wait for the British Open next week.  With me not drinking these days, I won’t even need to set my alarm.  I can just pop out of bed and watch golf at 6am on Saturday and Sunday.  Maybe I will even have a Red Bull in the morning.  I am crazy these days.
  55. And one of FOUR weekends I use my DraftKings membership-SOOOO much fun picking your fantasy teams with a salary.
  56. I really can’t decide anything on this issue.  I truly can’t decide if I will have more fun A) having a good team get Melo to make the Warriors cringe a little or B) having Melo stay in NYC and just keep fading away with no title hopes.  Image result for carmelo anthony sad
  57. Yeah, I think I still select B.  His misery is very important to me.
  58. Doesn’t it depress people that second rounder Patrick McCaw from the Warriors is going to be really good TOO?  And I have already said that them snagging Jordan Bell THIS year was just wrong for the rest of the league.  Draymond Green II.  Image result for jordan bell oregon
  59. My workout is getting ridiculous.  Hit every day this week with a two a day on Monday, two a day today so I feel ok resting tomorrow, and then another two a day on Monday.  I will be ripped.
  60. WOW.  The US got the third goal they needed on a BEAUTIFUL free kick.  Wow.  Awesome.  Group winner!
  61. And I complain about MY shoulder working out.  https://www.si.com/edge/2017/07/15/kilian-jornet-wins-hardrock-100-dislocated-shoulder
  62. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro (.328, 22, 68, .434).  Peace.
  63. Side note 1:  I hope to have time tomorrow to update my fancy website dropdowns.  They are dated, and it is low on my priority list most times-writing the blog is higher.
  64. Side note 2: Productive day tomorrow, prepping for work, resting, and Amos Lee at Red Rocks.  Off on Monday too with it being a two a day day.  Talk to you Tuesday or Wednesday most likely.
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