EMD your rap is plain stupid…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant, Turkey Day, lots to say, speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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NOTE:  Unedited.  I didn’t have time to clean it up

1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you are overstuffed on the couch after a good meal watching some football, or at least that is what I think Thanksgiving is.  Anyway, I give thanks to a lot of things, and one of those things is you tuning in for my blog.

2)      The Spurs run is over , and OKC stopped the streak.  That makes sense.  The Blazers streak is over too.  The SUNS?  That team shouldn’t be stopping anyone.  Very inconsistent, Blazers.

3)      When Jason Kidd says that he didn’t “plan” the cup drop last night, I find it hard to believe.  You are telling me you are SO thirsty at the end of the game that you are carrying around some soda, which doesn’t even really cure your thirst?  Neat idea, and I guess that is the beginning AND end of THAT novelty idea.  You got to draw up a play though-give it to you.

4)      Syracuse won the EA Maui title, which proved to us nothing except that Cal is only decent, Dayton is Dayton, and Baylor is its usual inconsistent yet talented self.

5)      I am not totally sure that having Twitter on my phone will be the best thing in the long run, but at least I have my first app on the phone, and I can tell the world if I get stuck in my garage.

6)      The Yankees and Robinson Cano are evidently far apart in contracts negotiations.  I am neither the player, agent, nor team, and I am also far apart as to what I think he deserves and what he is asking.

7)      Right now the Miami Heat are all having Thanksgiving together.  Chris Bosh hasn’t eaten because he doesn’t post up, and Spoelstra STILL can’t sit at the head of the table.

8)      The Florida Gators aren’t doing well this year, but the form on that Gator on Gator block was pretty good.

9)      I ask CNNSI to NOT talk about Tim Tebow playing football again.

10)   The Packers and Lions are talking trash through the media.  The Lions are pretending they are not suddenly losing, and the Packers are forgetting Rodgers is not their QB this week.

11)   I COULD give you reasons why guys like Andre Williams SHOULDN’T win the Heisman.  THEN, I remember that this would mean Manziel should win it, with I can’t swallow, so I won’t tell you the weaknesses in the other guys’ stats.

12)   Kanye West pulled a Latrell Sprewell and said the Adidas contract is because he has to “provide for his family.

13)   Mark Sanchez has said that he never wants to leave the Jets.  Well, Geno Smith IS horrible, but maybe if he likes the area so well, he can just wait on Eli retiring.

14)   That OKC fan who made the latest half court basketball MIGHT have to return the cash.  He is a college athlete, playing at LEGENDARY Southwestern College in Winfield, KS.

15)   Catherine Webb will cheer for Bama this weekend even though she is an Auburn alum.  Why is this a surprise?  Shouldn’t the FIRST problematic thing have been DATING a Bama guy?  After that, I just ASSUMING allegiance is somehow shifted.

16)   I love to listen to Jay Bilas announce basketball games.  He is a young Hubie Brown on the mic.

17)   Man U had some in flight problems in Germany.  WAIT.  Never mind.  Soccer news is that a part of the future World Cup stadium collapsed the other day.  Someone tell me what section that is in so I don’t sit there when I go.  Or should I actually sit IN those rebuilt seats as I would think they would now put some extra effort into that new construction.

18)   Jeremy Grant from Syracuse is going to be a PLAYER.  He is the new Cuse big man.  I was impressed the other night watching him.

19)   The Jazz WON the other night.  Against the Bulls.  This season suddenly got LONG if you are a Bulls fan without Derrick Rose.

20)   Hey, USC and UTEP.  You don’t have a rivalry.  You are playing in “Paradise Island.”  Stop fighting.  I would trade locations with you right NOW.

21)   Brady Hoke’s job is secure apparently.  That is called “let’s announce it BEFORE the Ohio State game so he coaches a little harder.”

22)   I don’t wonder who will win.  I still am just trying to figure out if Auburn will cover the spread or not.  Still saying they will…barely.

23)   Pats owner Bob Kraft says he was “stunned” by the Hoody’s decision to take the wind instead of the ball the other night.  It is really amazing how coaches become geniuses in football.  I mean, Sean Payton  was a genius for calling that onside kick in the beginning of the second half of the Super Bowl ONLY BECAUSE IT WORKED.  He would be an idiot if it hadn’t.  Belichick, smug as he is, has a little extra luck a LOT.  And because of that, we call him genius.

24)   The X Games will be back in Aspen for 2014.  In January?  I SWEAR I don’t know what is happening faster…more UFC’s or more X Games.  They are…like all the time.

25)   The Cleveland Cavaliers are shopping Dion Waiters.  The Knicks are listening.  These are two teams who honestly CAN’T figure out how the pieces they spent time and money on DON’T work.

26)   I had to turn up my earphones to tune out a colleague the other night.  I had to bust out glam rock as the needed guitar was more consistent for the drowning out.  I forgot how great of song Dokken’s Breaking the Chains was.  Awesome, simple opening rift.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4CSG5EXQbA

27)   If I am spending $10 or more for a movie, then I am not missing one second of it, which means I am definitely against drinks and then a movie.  It is what it is.

28)   Did Chane Behanan just like stash his championship ring in his dorm room drawer?  Didn’t send it home to mom?  You got it stolen pretty quickly.

29)   Ryan Braun met with the urine collector and feels bad for everything now.  That did NOT happen quickly.  Should have come clean quicker, bro.

30)   This whole Winston thing has people examining everything.  All we care about is whether he raped the chick, but thanks for digging up that he was questioned in a BB gun incident AND stole a soda from a fast food chain but wasn’t charged.

31)   That NIU QB is solid.  He won’t win the Heisman because of his competition, but rushing for 321 yards as a QB AND breaking your own record is pretty badass.

32)   The Barry Manilow search hits keep rolling on in.  Two more randomly yesterday.

33)   If you have missed the Iron Bowl in past years and don’t understand the hype, please pick THIS year as the year to tune in.  First time since 1992 that both teams are top 5 ranked.  Your typical rivalry on CRACK is what the Iron Bowl is.  Don’t you remember that commercial at the old folks home with a Bama and Auburn fan?

34)   CU’s new coach came out and said that CSU is their rival.  Whoa, Nellie.  I know you are lost since you left for the Pac 12, but I thought you weren’t even supposed to RECOGNIZE CSU.

35)   Just saying.  The freaking LEADER of the Navajo Code Talkers says the Redskins’ name is not derogatory.  If he isn’t offended, I am not feeling anyone is offended.

36)   Lindsey’s fantasy team football team  would kick the shit out of my fantasy football team.  Just saying.

37)   At least the WOMEN’S soccer team is #1.  What ever happened to the MEN’S soccer team?  As VH would say, where have all the good times gone?

38)   For the record, the soccer player who we thought and hoped was referencing Brian’s death from Family Guy was NOT referencing him.  That would have been SO cool.

39)   Roxxanne, Roxxanne MIGHT be the best rap song ever.

40)   Sign of the times.  The Browns signed a QB that was best known for his trick shot video.  http://deadspin.com/the-browns-signed-a-quarterback-best-known-for-his-tric-1472024424

41)   Classic.  Sign of the times for the Knicks.  http://deadspin.com/is-there-a-single-knick-who-didnt-completely-fuck-up-o-1472234398

42)   http://deadspin.com/sadly-this-sign-did-not-make-it-onto-college-gameday-1472134783

43)   Beers DO go great with pizza.  http://deadspin.com/2013-deadspin-hall-of-fame-nominee-drunk-papa-john-1468534048

44)   Yes.  http://deadspin.com/the-patriots-might-have-an-audible-named-for-belichick-1472653600

45)   Even better on a slow news day yesterday.

air jordan

46)   College picks:

Tech and the points

SMU and the points

FAU minus the points

Fresno and the points

Pitt and the points

Maryland minus the poiints

Auburn and the points

Georgia minus the points

BC minus the points

TCU and the points

Stanford minus the points

Mizz minus the points

47)   That is it.  Gotta go up to Lindsey’s rents place.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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