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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Not a speed version except my bedtime is very determined.  I was going to wait until tomorrow when on an airplane, but then realized the flight is short, and that is why I have a freaking blog-I can just talk whenever I want.  In a hotel room watching the Spurs win (in my opinion).  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  May the force be with us.  I haven’t blogged for a few days, and I am just talking here.  In a hotel room, just a flight to catch back tomorrow (with of course work in between everything), and let’s chat.

1a)  Hey, Miami.  Heat affects BOTH teams.  Let this thing go.  No story here.

2)      I lost a little at cards and that damn Wheel of Fortune slot machine, meaning I am grumpy…meaning the rant will be solid.  Grumpy=edgy.

3)      Basketball games are always better with Hubie Brown announcing.  This is not.

4)      At the Oklahoma casinos I was at, you lose $.50 per hand EVERY hand that goes towards the state (so we were told).  That is just weird.  That is a tip that goes nowhere.  That is a bonus game that doesn’t pay.  That is…moving on.

5)      I was worried about having nothing to say tomorrow on the plane.  Then, I realized I always have something to say.  ALWAYS.

6)      I know they are built out in positions as they should be, but does anyone else find it odd Russell Westbrook wasn’t one of the 15 best NBA players in the league?  Maybe let’s make the AS teams the same way.

7)      Is anyone else bothered that the two centers chosen were from the east?  Noah and Hibbert.  Oh, where have the days of Hakeem and Patrick gone?  TRUE BADASS centers.

8)      On schedule with a win today, just saying Tanaka is 9-1, 2.02, .96.  I should be on his payroll, dammit.

9)      Is it weird that Tanaka has those stats and Verlander has 6-5, 4.19, and 1.47?

10)   Did ABC just play an in between song “Easy” by Lionel Richie on a Thursday?  Huh?

11)   Marco Belinelli was an incredible addition to this Spurs team.  Their depth is amazing.  It is nice also Ginobli has come to play.  Couple threes already.

12)   If you haven’t figured it out, I think the Spurs will win this series.  Probably 7, maybe 6, and possibly 5 if they are as pissed off as I think they are about Ray Allen’s three last year.

13)   Shout out to my dad.  My mind shifts to him this weekend as Monday is an important day in our family’s life.  Things will be fine, dad.  My optimism in life might alone make things ok.  I might not be the most successful person in life on paper, but I am the person I am and am proud of it because of learning things from you.  You will be fine.

14)   On another serious note, thoughts and prayers to my coworker, Tessa, who died last week unexpectedly at way too young of age.  I knew you, you were a great person and a pleasure to work with, and we will all miss you at FWi and beyond.  Loss to the world to say the least.

15)   Flip Saunders is taking things into his own hands.  He will be their coach next year.  This means he wants Kevin Love to stay, and remember he took them to 8 years of playoffs in 10 or 11 years (you know I don’t look up everything).

16)   I know he is talking about Division IV and deep stuff, but George O’ Leary should stay out of the media.  I am still not over him lying on a resume for the coach of a big school.  Doesn Manhattan have a football team.

17)   Chalmers has 3 fouls with 7 minutes left in the half.  Think Manu and Tony are a bothersome cover?

18)   I hope Mr. Irsay lives close to the stadium or has a personal driver.  One year license suspended for doing stuff my Rant Squad does.

19)   Mickelson opened with a 67 today in his tuneup tournament.  I don’t believe he has ONE top ten this year, so this is uplifting, unless he has inside information on the course he is playing.

20)   I just laughed out loud.

21)   In case you care, Kaepernick’s TATTOOS will be shown on the new Madden.  Waivers and all by the tatt artists.

22)   I would like to buy a couple of the generic jerseys that 3 schools are selling now in college athletics, but I lost that money playing blackjack.

23)   Sharapova was a strong grass and hard court player.  She hurt her shoulder.  Check out her record on clay since the injury.  It is not Nadal (who can be?), but it is pretty damn sick.  Whether there is any correlation, we are not sure, but badass regardless.  Amazing transformation.  Tough to be good on everything, people.  Clay is polar opposite to grass.

24)   I was going to tell you about an amazing 2 against dealer 3 hand the dealer had last night, but I had the same hand tonight and it didn’t work out.  I am grumpy as I mentioned.  Last night, to the point, of players giving me money to keep resplitting.  Who am I kidding?  What a rush.  Gambling is better than sex.

25)   I am staying at the Hampton outside Tulsa, OK.  If you don’t gamble or like fast food, I am not sure what you would do with yourself.

26)   What do people with kids do when in OK?

27)   I am proud to say I had a beer out of a red solo cup at Toby Keith’s bar across the street.  I don’t like many country songs, but thanks to Lindsey, it is definitely on the list.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKZqGJONH68&feature=kp

28)   My buddy Vince says this is the best Onion headline ever.  The article supports it.  Just click on it dammit.  http://www.theonion.com/articles/study-links-drinking-while-pregnant-to-being-at-ki,36196/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

29)   These are my Oklahoma notes thus far.

-Go to Mojo’s in OKC Bricktown-amazing music

-Got to JJ’s Alley Pub.  I love dive bars.  Some dude bought an actual ALLEY back in the day and just made it a bar instead.

-Thanks to David Ross for the great night.  I was talking to you one minute, and then you were playing guitar on stage at Mojo’s the next.  Surreal.

-Go to the OKC Memorial.  Do it early evening as I did.  Catch it during the day AND at night with the lights.

-I like OKC.  Cool town.

-I asked him permission to put this in.  He was hitting on a girl, and then asked if the so referenced woman in front of him was her mother-in-law.  She was her sister.  Needless to say, they walked away quickly.

-Bricktown has this mini San Antonio riverwalk that is pretty cool.

-My fiancee was named after Lindsey Street in Norman.  I officially have driven there and did the full rectangle drive around the campus.  Been there, done that.

-During the festivities, someone asked me if I knew anything about college basketball.  I named every winner of the tourney since 1977.  I only forgot 2002, which I am very embarrassed about.

-WinStar still has “tents,” but they have a framework around them that avoid the obvious problems.  Still, it is pretty cool.

-The security guy said the walk through WinStar was a 1.5 mile walk.  The security guy apparently is pretty lazy.  Maybe just above .5.

30)   Apparently, this game is sponsored by Microsoft.  I have already told everyone I am WAY over the Russell Wilson commercial in the barbershop.

31)   In case you care, and in case you hate Alabama, Nick Saban will be coaching at the school until 2022.  I am a closet fan, so I am ok with it, so sorry if you just read this and are pissed.

32)   Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade must have found a flux capacitor.  They are playing like ten years earlier.

33)   If I have the time and the money, a CWS trip might be in my future.  UVA advances to the Super Regionals.

34)   Super Regionals is SUCH a cool name for a round of anything.

35)   UVA also signed Tony Bennett to a 7 year deal for basketball.  I am on the record.  I ABSOLUTELY agree with this move.  Give this guy stability, and he will get you players.  Paint drying on the wall offense that will not draw ratings, but PLAYERS regardless.

36)   I would like to thank Mr. Pettine for telling us Josh Gordon doesn’t get it.  We know.

37)   Jake, it has been a pleasure to travel with you, my man.  If we could get Ben and maybe Joe with us, we could just replace that Around the Horn show.

38)   Seriously.  And finally get rid of Woody Paige forever.

39)   You can disagree with the Astros for signing a guy for $5 million deal with no MLB service, but apparently they are building from ground up and we don’t understand what they are doing, so at least it shows motivation.

40)   Horace Grant says the old school Bulls would beat the Heat.  Horace.  You are correct, sir.  LeBron, you would STILL be MJ’s bitch (sorry for cussing, mom).

41)   Does Chad Greenway have a clause in his contract where he gets a bonus for saving random boaters?

42)   California Chrome will win.  He ain’t no Secretariat, but he will win.  No safety pins in the heel, ok?

42a)  The reference is THERE.  1979 is your hint.  I have so much useless information in this skull.

43)   Heard about East Coast pricing at venues and also the rabid fan base?  It has been tabulated that it is cheaper to fly to L.A. and buy tickets there than buy a ticket in your hometown NYC.

44)   You should read Deadspin every day.  And let me know what is going on.  I admit to missing the last three days.  Dammit.

45)   If you are not pumped about the US Open, then we are different people.

46)   If you think that the previous hook was about tennis, then you are in the wrong blog.

47)   If you can provide an argument why LeBron James was NOT voted unanimous First Team All NBA, then we are different people.  Of course, he is still MJ’s bitch.

48)   And I will bust you without a question.

49)   I hadn’t seen the 30 for 30 with Bo Jackson in a while.  AMAZING.  BOW hunting.  So weird.

50)   I typically hit EVERY hot tub and pool I get at a hotel, but I am so excited for the second half of this game, and don’t feel like drying the swimsuit before traveling, that I am just going to keep on trucking.

51)   I don’t care if it was OT and a one goal win, I have pledged to you that the Kings will win the Stanley Cup, so therefore it is one win of four.

52)   Or “fo” as Moses Malone would say.

53)   Can you BELIEVE the Sixers snuck in on the Lakers and Celtics during the early 80’s?

54)   Kaepernick’s deal  is for $61 million guaranteed. 6/120.  Guess they are invested.  I have seen enough.  The only team to beat them really is the champion, and they haven’t exactly gotten creamed by them.  Like it.

55)   Sure, Nadal gave up a WHOLE set yesterday…BUT…Ferrer is one of the best clay court players of our generation, and notice what Nadal did AFTER that lost set at the Nadal Open.

56)   Think of Ferrer as Karl Malone during MJ’s reign.

57)   Can you BELIEVE the spread for this game was 5.5 at gametime?  WHO was pushing the spread up?  I don’t bet, but I consult.  I said definitely grab the initial 3.5, flip a coin with the 4, sleep on it with the 5, and just take the freaking Heat when it went to 5.5.

58)   Bill Simmons.  Just go write.  No cameras.

59)   The Heat felt like they are being slighted as lucky last year against the Spurs.  I am not in that group.  I guess we will hear that the Kings felt UNLUCKY after Horry’s shot next.  Play the freaking game, dammit.

60)   I like the Romans, and I like Roman numerals.  I will say I like “50” more than “L.”  It has more flash.

61)   I like how Klinsmann is deflecting the Donovan issue with the trashing of the Kobe Bryant deal.  I don’t even like Kobe.  But, he HAS a bunch of titles.  Win ONE World Cup and then trash our system, German guy.

62)   I see that Donald Sterling has dropped his lawsuit against the NBA.  So…he DOES have a LITTLE bit of sense.  Or maybe, his wife’s prenup was POWERFUL.

63)   Love how Ron Rivera voted for Sherman and not Newton for Madden cover boy because of the jinx.

64)   That doesn’t really exist anymore.

65)   Red Sox are dead.  Red Sox get hot.  Indians sweep Red Sox.  Make up your mind.  Are you a player or not?

65a)  I just saw a Pop interview.  Straight forward, not rude, and ends it quickly.

66)   Tim Duncan says he is not contemplating retirement.  That blows my plan of him pulling a cool ass John Elway.  Dammit.

67)   I was so bored the other night in my hotel  room that I watched a soccer friendly…that didn’t even have the US in it.

68)   Eric Snow sighting.  HUGE.  He is selling 1996 MJ shoes.  If you could shoot, AI might have pulled off that Finals.  Dammit.

69)   Ben Tate doesn’t get the Johnny Football attention.  We don’t either.  We assume it is because he is an idiot but then does cool stuff like throwing his pro day with a helmet.  Dammit.

70)   If you would like to get in touch with anyone in Portugal, they won’t answer.  I have tried.  They are refreshing “Ronaldo’s knee” on Google…ALL the time.

71)   I am hoping that the $7 million Paul George made by being NBA THIRD team will lessen the blow of not playing in the Finals tonight.  Buy a couple jets.  I would do that.

72)   The Rockets will decline any offer for Chandler Parsons.  Hmmm.  And HE was your problem.  Uhhh.  No.

73)   My brother told me that Tony from PTI used MY boom goes the dynamite phrase.  Welcome, Tony.  Now publicize my blog.

74)   Jake told me that Dana White was told to cut BACK on his betting in gambling at the Wynn.  I would LOVE to tell the same story someday.  He just was lucky.  I want to be lucky.

75)   Sonnen might be his eventual replacement.  And then, we WILL know there is a meteor shower happening outside.

76)   Listen.  It is 58-57, and I am hungry.  And I missed my hot tub trip.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

77)   Don’t use THAT one, Tony.

78)  I think the Edge of Tomorrow comes out tomorrow.  So, basically I could watch Groundhog Day with Bill having a buzz and a gun and maybe accomplish the same thing.

78)   Maybe tomorrow on the plane, I will write a quality segment on ONE subject.  Probably not.  You are right.  Let me know if you have heard from my co-blogger.  Total fail this week.  He better be saving lives in the army and stuff.

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