Don’t shoot the ball unless you’re under the basket all by yourself!

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Company Christmas party to go to.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  Thoughts and prayers again to the school out East.  Each of the kids in the classroom was hit at least twice.  That is some disgusting anger against lives that haven’t even really started, let alone do anything to deserve this tragedy.

2)  Ahhh.  The story gets more interesting.  Jovan Belcher and his woman were allegedly having arguments questioning the father of their kid.  We will never know the truth most likely, but killing her and himself kind of shows that HE was convinced by the facts.

3)  It must have been a confusing week in practice for the Browns, who won’t know if they are facing Griffin or not until Sunday morning.  “Ok, this is what we will do with slow Kirk Cousins.  THIS is what we will do against RGIII.”  The Redskins should do this EVERY week.

4)  Not only are RB’s valued less in the NFL drafts over the last decade because of injuries and shelf life, but this year, we have a guy no one outside of college football fans that anyone would know.  Who is the #1 prospect at this point?  Giovani Bernard…from UNC.  Go hit that Google search, and come back in a bit.

5)  We have such bad parking problems at work because of the area we are in that at the company party tonight, I bet you one of the most heated auction items will be the two parking spots guaranteed outside our side door.

6)  LT. Dan is talking during a commercial.  I think he talks during a good 15% of all commercials.  It FEELS like that.

7)  I am still working on the new monkey dog video, as my guy says he is trying to get one this weekend.  So, basically, I could wander about 6 blocks away and I would probably see him with a video camera running his dog to exhaustion up trees.  It is SO cool.

8)  Shhh.  Quietly, while the losing Lakers are grabbing all of the headlines for their problems, the Thunder have won 10 straight.  They are doing just fine without The Beard.

9)  Congrats to Joe Johnson, who finally earned some of his cash by hitting a game winner last night in extra time.  Hit about 200 more of those, Joe, and I will say you are earning your money.

10)  I watched something called Robot Chicken last night.  Evidently, it is made by Chris from Family Guy.  Fast paced, WAY out of the box, and mini 10 second comedy skits cartoon style.  I thought it was pretty funny, but for all of you ADD people out there, it is PERFECT.

11)  The seven Catholic schools from the Big East are officially getting the hell out of Dodge.  In a side story, Syracuse and Pittsburgh suddenly aren’t so mad at joining the ACC.  Someone go and see if Jim Boeheim complains if you put a microphone in front of him.  Doubt it.

12)  The Ravens are saying Ray Lewis might not be ready for this week.  Who cares if it is this week or next week?  The guy is STILL a freak of nature for even coming back ANYTIME this year.  Talk about someone born to play football and possibly murder people (allegedly).

13)  The Mets are talking to the Blue Jays rumor has it about RA Dickey.  The Jays?  Is this some mammoth shift in power?  Is this suddenly 1993?  The Jays are power players? If I turn on the radio, will I hear Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston?  Will someone on the street randomly say “Whoomp there it IS?”

14)  Ricky Rubio will finally play tonight.  People.  If you don’t like NBA basketball, but would LIKE to, watch this kid play.  He will make this team dangerous if the rest of his teammates stay healthy.

15)  The Phils quietly picked up reliever Mike Adams today.  I like the pick up, and you can never have too many relievers.

16)  I bet some of you might want me to comment on the exciting Arizona/ Nevada bowl game today.  I can’t, and you should feel empty inside.  Those who missed the Indiana/ Butler game, and like basketball at ALL, had better had something important going on with either vacations, family, or work.  You missed out.  Butler is who they always are.  They will NEVER go away against any level of team.  They play smart, and their kids can all shoot.  Indiana hit an amazing last second shot to go into OT and everyone and their mother (me included) thought Indiana would OWN the OT frame.  Butler had 3 star players foul out, and Butler’s 7th man hit the game winner in a play where it actually looked like Brad Stevens designed it for him.  A guy barely better than Strap from Hoosiers hit the game winner.  Amazing game in all respects, and it was in Indianapolis, meaning Butler beat the best team in the country on a neutral floor.  Good stuff, and one of the million reasons I love college ball.

17)  I hope that Lindsey knows that if I seem unhappy at any point at my company Christmas party tonight, it is only because the best basketball game of the day (Florida-Arizona) is on EXACTLY during it.  Shame on the party schedulers.  Don’t they KNOW that there is limited bball on FRIDAY?  Ugghhh.

18)  By the way, the Lakers won last night.  I am only mentioning it because it was on my list.  They beat the Wizards, and I only count that as a half win.

19)  Finally, good job to Shawne Williams, a 2006 first round pick in the NBA.  He played 20 plus games last year,and was hoping to get picked up by someone.  He went to Memphis, and has talent galore.  If you are curious where that talent went, it is probably in the marijuana cloud of smoke that the officer noticed when busting him last night.  That is ONE locked on training program, Shawne.  Kids would KILL to be in your shoes, and you are throwing it away.

20)  That is it.  I have to go pretend like I know what “cocktail attire” is.  I personally like to drink bourbon in cargo shorts, sandals, and a backwards Steelers hat.  Will that work?  Ugghhh again.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

21)  Just a tagline.  I am taking the day off tomorrow.  Talk to you Monday.

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