Don’t mean nothing, no victim no crime…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock.  Evening rant, but the monster one is tomorrow, so let’s turn and burn.


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My thoughts from the first, glancing look at the NFL schedule.  You know the Steelers are on a slight decline when they get ONE Monday Night Football game.  I remember when two was norm, and three was not crazy unusual.  As far as the Broncos go, how cute were the schedule makers?  Opening night rematch with the Ravens?  Nice.  Manning vs. Manning in week 2?  Adorable.  Reunion tour against the Pats.  Amazing.  Playing against Michael Vick and RGIII?  Perfect.  The schedule makers don’t get media time, so their personalities have to come through the schedules.


The NFL draft is days away.  I am very excited as always.  Interesting that depending on the route they decide to go, the Steelers and hometown Broncos are allegedly both looking at Eddie Lacy.  I say the Broncos let the Steelers draft him, so we can groom him for a couple years, have him mature, and then give him up like we do with every freaking player recently outside of Rapethlisberger.


I think I might start following MLB pitcher Brandon McCarthy.  Apparently, he is A) a Twitter addict to the point of doing it constantly on the john B) the biggest Richard Marx fan in the entire world (is there ANY chance that will NOT be my blog theme today?) .  If you combine my eternal respect of Kip Winger and his of Richard Marx, we are developing the cheesiest reunion concert of ALL time.


So, along with getting health insurance and car reimbursement, ex-Rutgers coach Mike Rice gets a $475k settlement from the school.  Anything ELSE you all feeling like giving away?

(sidenote: What a GREAT TV two hours I am watching while finishing work and blogging.  I got The Secret Code and The Beard for the Seinfeld, and now I just had Family Guy make a REO Speedwagon and an Asia reference in less than 2 minutes (whoa-that is Richard Marx competition))


As fast as Michigan lost Burke and Hardaway, they got back McGary and Robinson.  With a high profile recruiting class coming in, they will still be dangerous.


New segment.  Ben is a colleague who is ranked #2 among my people to talk sports with.  Scott, you are my fraternity brother, you know your stuff, and you will always be #1.  Anyway, Ben works remotely at my gig, and makes occasional visits, and the team gatherings aren’t as social for us as we can talk constantly about sports at a very high level.  He even made it through all 109 hooks last Saturday.  Dude is moving to our team, so our conversations will be more frequent.  I spoke with him for about 8 minutes last night.  Here are two tidbits.  A) (this is Ben’s) The Kobe injury is the BEST thing to happen to the Lakers and Snowball.  If they make the Spurs sweat at all, it will get him respect from the city for giving it a go without their hero.  Even IF they don’t give the Spurs a series, it will give Snowball a couple games to feel the power of Staples Center in the playoffs (see Bill Simmons talking about how the laid back city of L.A. transforms during the playoffs).  He might WANT to stay, given a few moments being the leader.  Great angle, great point, and truly a win-win.  If the Lakers WIN (I am not buying into it), it would be astronomical. B) (my thought) I have just invented a new game.  You name players in each sport where no matter how much you track the sport, you honestly can’t remember where the hell players are.  The game that came from that 8 minute conversation?  Instead of Where’s Waldo, I would like to propose “where are Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson.”  If you didn’t think the first point was good, or if you didn’t chuckle during the second point, I don’t know if this blog is for you.  Moving on, and I have a feeling Ben and I will be jumping on early for our remote demonstrations to shoot the shit.


The Pistons fired Lawrence Frank.  Although I am an old school Bad Boys fan, they should have fired Joe Dumars.  Frank didn’t exactly light it up, but I, along with EVERYONE in Detroit, have been confused to whether they are in rebuilding mode or trying to win mode.  A Lamborghini is just a car if there is no gasoline in the damn thing.  Luckily, since Lawrence is like 12 years old, I think another job will be in his future.


Derek Jeter is evidently sidelined until the All Star Break.  I think they better have figured out how to clone Robinson Cano, because I am losing track of the overpaid superstars that aren’t playing for the Yankees right now.  I hope this doesn’t drive Jeter into retirement.  In that division, with the Red Sox crazily playing…like the Red Sox, this isn’t good for the town of NYC.


So, no jokes on this one.  You are telling me that a guy who blows a .22 while getting arrested is allowed to start and gets pub for going 6 innings, winning, AND hitting a home run?  Why is this guy playing?

That is it.  Monster one tomorrow.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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