Don’t make us wait so long next time, Tosh.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Long one tomorrow during the UVA demolition.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       My unlimited phone plan gets NO action.  None.  Hardly ever make non work calls.  Ryan Braun on the other hand is maxing HIS.  He obtained phone numbers of season ticket holders and is calling them one by one to apologize.  Here is the thing.  Who knows whether he is actually doing it, or is just simply leaking that he IS?  Anyone who doesn’t receive a call can just assume that he hasn’t gotten to them yet, and we all think he is making calls.  What a loser that guy is.  A TALENTED baseball playing loser…but still a loser.

2)      The above must be post-depression antics of a guy who lost another advertising deal-SURG Restaurant Group.

3)      This would be my third favorite find of the day.  Actual headline today in a paper.  You Columbus people are about 15 years behind.  Better than UNLV and their two years with Lon Kruger, but still behind.


4)      This would be my second favorite find of the day.



5)      Tebow was evidently contacted about playing a non QB position.  He declined.  He is the GOOD guy dumb of Ryan Braun.  The Man above can’t give you height, a smooth delivery, a rocket arm, or the willingness to play fullback, bro, after you have already been born.  Just get out there and do some blocking.

6)      Funnier, and even funnier after Baltimore got smoked last night in Denver.  Should have moved that baseball game, you Inner Harbor fools.


7)      Does anyone else find it cool/ odd that I lived my first 18 years of life in zip code 08302, and now I have spent my last 5 years in 80203?

8)      Andy Murray got SMOKED 6-4, 6-3, 6-2.  Not only does it indicate lack of interest as the sets moved on, but it PAVES the way for a Nadal-Djokovic final.

9)      AND the Bryan brothers lost in doubles.  The second thing is slightly more crazy.  Those guys have OWNED doubles tennis for the last ten years.

10)   Sonnen and Evans will meet in UFC 167 main event.  Otherwise known as the “guy who came CLOSE to winning” against the “guy who should have retired a couple fights ago.”

11)   This is my FAVORITE find of the day.  Man ogling over Azarenka while watching her tennis match live.


12)   And now.  My always RANDOM game journal of the Broncos-Ravens before I got tired and went to sleep.  Read ESPN if you want actual game notes.

-Glad to see that Europe’s The Final Countdown is still going strong.  I remember being 13 and my brother saying he needed to play me perhaps the greatest song he had ever heard.  One allowance later, and it was my newest cassette.

-My immediate excitement for kickoff was temporarily dismantled by hearing Cris Collinsworth’s voice

-Weather delay.  Already have a delay of game penalty

-Funny that the Denver crowd booed Ryan Seacrest.  I have hope for those fans yet.

-Announcing of starters/ testing of my skills of where people went to school.  Canty gave a Wahoo shout out, and one guy said Ball So Hard…is that Ball State?

-Julius Thomas became a household name TWICE.  Once for being arrested, and then playing and catching two touchdowns.  He had what we call a FULL day.

-Denver has THREE Texas Tech offensive starters???

-Being a punter in Denver is like Al Jefferson being on the Bobcats.

-News flash.  Denver has NO pass rush.

-Lindsey told me I might be able to win an eating contest with corn on the cob.  I told her she might be on to something.

-How is Denver the ONLY crowd that yells incomplete?

-Jacoby Jones and Michael Oher can only yell about their injuries in their OWN locker room.  Weird injuries for the first week.  I will say that rookie who it Jones should stick around.  He can really tackle, aside from the fact it was his own man.  Maybe he is a talented color blind person.

-Did you all notice how many repeat commercials there were in the first 45 minutes?

-The Michael J Fox Show DOES look hilarious though.  Keep airing THOSE.

-Peyton changing that play to hit Julius Thomas for a TD was SWEET…and vintage Peyton.

-Gingerly might be the most feminine COOL word in football jargon.

-Flacco overthrows two guys.  Wonder if he has to adjust throwing at altitude.  He is an ass, but he DOES have a gun.  He is like a Super Bowl winning Jeff George.

-I really liked the Calvin Johnson-P Diddy commercial.  Smooth.

-Julius Thomas catches another one.  That dude is a BEAST.

-I don’t know what exactly the Million Second Quiz is, but I already hate it.

-Isn’t that like 11 days?  That is one long quiz.

-I still like the Snickers commercials where an irritating celebrity replaces the friend.

-Nice that the announcers just talked about Ozzie Newsome, showed Ozzie Newsome, but it wasn’t Ozzie Newsome.  Corrected after commercial break.  Ha!

-I have been informed that Brickleberry is back on TV.  This has nothing to do with the game, but I listed it in this spot on my Rant List.  I am excited, and you should be too.  That show is Family Guy on abrasive crack.

-I said “crack” and Lamar Odom texts me.  Leave me alone, Lamar.

-Welker scores.  This would be more exciting, but considering that Peyton ends up throwing SEVEN, it isn’t quite as festive after the fact.

-Writing this the day after.  Weird how they made a big deal about Peyton throwing his 23rd FOUR TD game, and he ended up with SEVEN.

-The french fry burger from Burger King just looks plain dumb.

-Turned off the TV at 42-17.  Although I missed the idiotic fumble, I WAS the freshest person at work today.

13)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Monster weekend one will be next.  Peace.

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