Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  It IS the weekend, but I had work to do, and Ryan’s memorial get together is in an hour.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  You probably won’t believe it, and I have only Lindsey as my witness.  WHILE I was writing my “conspiracy theory” about the Lakers last night getting Phil Jackson to come back to coach, it became a headline.  Hell, I was just throwing out my personal conjecture, and had no clue that it might actually happen.  Anyway, I LOVE it, and now might even be rooting for those guys.  Why?  Lakers fan?  Nope.  But I think it would be INCREDIBLE if LeBron’s “run” stopped at one due to Kobe and Phil back together.  It WILL be interesting, if he officially comes back, seeing how fast he can get the other players who haven’t been coached by him up to speed with the Triangle offense.  It will be also interesting to see if they allow him to bring back his triangle assistants.  One way or the other, if it happens, the NBA season just got a WHOLE lot more interesting.

2)  Yes, Mike D’Antoni.  We KNOW you are interested.  I am sure you would be a great fit. Now, go away until someone asks you about it.  By the way, it must be nice knowing you are THE backup plan.

3)  I am watching this Bama-A&M game.  AMAZING.  A&M came out and got a 20-0 lead.  Then, team speed became more obvious, cooler heads started prevailing, and Bama slowly started to morph into…well, Bama.  I feel bad if you are missing this game.  20-14 as I am writing it.  I think Bama pulls this out with 2nd half adjustments.  I will call it 34-27.  Oh, and although I ranted about it earlier in the season, NOW do you know who Johnny Manziel is???  Bama certainly does.  Dude is an awesome athlete and a hell of a player.

3a)  They did a special on Manziel’s plays this year.  They had 80’s video game background music.  Pretty cool stuff.

4)  LeBron.  Be quiet.  I don’t care if he is your ex-coach.  We don’t care about your opinion on the Mike Brown firing.  Geez.  You win a ring and you freaking tell us about your voting, your thoughts, etc.  I am really starting to dislike you, which is odd considering I was the odd guy finding your sophomore year games in Ohio on satellite and watching them with everyone looking at me thinking I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Anyway, go back to that barbershop in that dumb phone commercial and stay away from microphones.

5)  YEEESSSSSSS.   Something WAS fishy.  UCLA super recruit Shabazz Muhammad was ruled ineligible for an undisclosed amount of time.  Not only does that drop them from low teens preseason to pretty much out of the top 25, but it gives crazy good 6’8″ POINT GUARD Kyle Anderson one less person to pass to.  Good job, NCAA.  Now go figure out how John Calipari is cheating at Kentucky.  Pronto.

6)  I need a flow chart, as I frequently do.  Kelvin Sampson gets fired for texting recruits, now it is legal to text, and now SMU has hired 72 year old Larry Brown, who doesn’t even know HOW to text.  That is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle.

7)  I am sure Charlie Beljan IS tough in a lot of ways.  I think it is cool he is competing against doctor’s orders.  But.  It just doesn’t have the same coolness that he is toughing it out in GOLF.  He currently leads the Disney event.  Not exactly a Rocky like story.

8)  The NHL sides are still talking.  Apparently, it got “tense” the other day.  Secret, publicized talks are scheduled for this weekend.  They still haven’t sent me the notes on their review of Flight and Cloud Atlas.  Slackers.

9)  I am pushing 40 ( I still can get away with using my college ID at college bars.  Maybe a graduate student, but it still passes).  There aren’t many thing that are “firsts” for me.  Well, today I had one.  After pulling Eleanor out of the shop after multiple expensive repairs, she stalled in the middle of the street.  Needless to say, I pulled her back into the parking lot and am still Jeep-less.  The first, by the way, was taking my car to a place and getting a NEW sound after being repaired.  Ugghhh.

10)  The college bball game on the ship was cancelled midway through, and will not be replayed.  A wet court.  Great idea, and details evidently still to be streamlined a little.

11)  Yay.  MY season has started.  College bball.  UCONN takes out Michigan State.  Crazy.  Not only did Kevin Ollie put a resounding confirmation on his contract status, but once again Michigan State will start slow, we will forget about them, and then they will make the Elite 8 and mess up all of our brackets.

12)  Break out your old CD’s.  Bust out the Cher, TLC, and Britney Spears tracks.  It is 1999.  The Knicks are still undefeated after besting the Mavs last night.  TLC rocks, by the way.  The other two absolutely suck.

12a)  How the HELL did we make it through THAT part of our musical lives?

12b)  Seriously, I LOVED TLC.  Creep rocks.

12c)  Hey, and Prince can use that song again.

13)  The #1 football recruit decommits Clemson.  Hey, recruit, Nick Saban is not answering the phone because he is presently coaching a game.

13a)  Speaking of Clemson, this is one of the best football stories I have heard of this year.  Click on the Gameday link.  I watched it.  It was fantastic.

14)  Syracuse SMOKED top ten ranked Louisville today.  Now, the students at Louisville can admit they aren’t that good, and go back to focusing on what they REALLY care about…their badass basketball team.

15)  The Rangers won’t go more than 3 years with Josh Hamilton.  I am not saying someone will go ten years on him like the idiots did with Pujols out west, but 3 ain’t going to cut it either.

16)  The Steelers were fined for Emmanuel Sanders faking an injury.  I watched it.  Don’t worry.  He wasn’t second in line if Denzel turned down the Flight script.

17)  Ray Lewis visited the Ravens and said he is coming back most likely.  Interesting that he didn’t say “next year.”  Is he really going to try and do that THIS year?  That would be crazy with the injury that he had.

18)  I have a new cheese plan.  I am only eating it when it is WITH something as I try to stop myself from eating entire cheese blocks on my couch.  I actually started it last week, meaning I will say that I am starting it…NOW.

19)  Contribution from my girl:

20)  This is getting AWESOME.  UVA sucks.  Virginia Tech sucks more than they usually do.  Not that this is exactly BCS material, but if both win their next games, the rivals will play on Thanksgiving weekend for the right to be bowl eligible.

21)  It is now 20-17 in the Bama game.  Halftime adjustments have been made, and this game is shaping up to go straight to ESPN Classic right after the game.

22)  The Nationals locked up Davey Johnson for next year as their manager.  Good call.  They don’t need changes.  They just need maturity and time.  And less idiots who believe in protecting their badass pitcher.

23)  SOOOOOOOO cool.  Texas ran the wishbone formation for their first play today, dedicating it to their late coach Darrell Royal.  Mack Brown might underachieve sometimes, but that was an awesome gesture.

24)  Man U came back from 2 goals down to win their soccer game.  Using Jim Rome’s theory that each soccer goal equals two touchdowns in real football, that is a HELL of a comeback.

25)  Finally, Ryan Haldeman.  I am going to a memorial get together today, as his memorial service was in Virginia today.  Ryan was a stabbing victim right outside our watering hole.  I said it before, and I will say it again.  He was the nicest person I have ever met, I have no idea how anyone could EVER want harm to come to him, and my weekends are different without his company.  They are a more hollow.  Damn you, world, and that thug who took away my friend.  We will go cry, hug, smile, and know that the rest of our lives are a little more lacking without the presence of Ryan.

26)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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