Don’t disturb my friend. He’s dead tired.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  I already worked for a couple hours (yes, that is normal for Saturday-it never ends at my gig), and the Fillerbuster is having a date night with my couch and television.  Football, football, football…

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  If you missed it, you either hate college football, the SEC in general, or better have had something pretty important going on.  I just watched one of the best football games I have ever seen.  Bama-Georgia.  I am still catching my breath.  Move that sucker STRAIGHT to ESPN Classic.  I feel like I just watched Ali-Foreman.  I hear Notre Dame is pretty good.  They BETTER be, because I personally feel like I just watched the national championship (shut up, Florida fans…go away.  You would have gotten SMOKED today).  Anyway, it is not my job to review the game, but here are some random thoughts:

-The first half was all defense and getting to know each other.  Even though the score was only 10-7, the quality of the game was obvious.

-The second half was the offensive coordinators adjusting, and both teams showed superior athletic talent that started picking on each defense.  Brilliant night and day game.  The tale of two halves.  Whatever line you would like to use works.

-Bama still only got a field goal out of it, but going helmet to helmet on the highly visible QB on a 3rd and long in the red zone was NOT smart on Georgia’s part.

-I have moved on to other football games, and see no way any of them top what I just saw.

-Interesting, and very smart.  Saban thinks outside the box.  I love it.  What do you do when you have one of the top three defensive players on the other side of the ball?  You run AT him.  It didn’t really work in the first half, but the second half they did it all day.  Because Jarvis Jones is a pass rusher primarily, they sealed him and ran by him.

-Bama had a back shoulder throw intercepted in the end zone.  When a back shoulder throw works, it is so pretty.  When it doesn’t, it looks like the QB is throwing to the DB.  They were not on the same page on that play.

-It is very rare to see Nick Saban make a calculation error, but the fact that he only got a field goal late in the first half and that he went to the locker room with two extra timeouts is not good.

-If you didn’t think this game had everything, you would only get me if you asked if there was a safety.  Yes, it had a blocked field goal for a touchdown.  That is when you started asking…could this happen?

-With a sudden response, Bama responded.

-Risk/ Reward.  If they wouldn’t have gotten it, he might have bit it, but Saban going for two late in the third quarter ended up being genius when the teams started trading scores, and, more importantly, at the end of the game.

-By the way, he RAN in that two point conversion.  Gutsy.

-Eddie Lacy is a very large man, and has some moves.  That spin move he did out of a tackle was dirty…and maybe just popped him a few spots up in the draft whenever he goes to the big show.

-Bama came out of the locker room, and just said…we have decided to run it every time.

-I am starting to think I am a closet Bama fan.  I don’t know why.

-It is a shame that UGA didn’t spike it near the end of the game.  I know what they were trying to do, but it didn’t work at all.  Running a “surprise” play on Bama successfully is not going to happen too much.  It is like playing the house in Blackjack.  They already have the advantage.  Utilize your splits, double downs, and ability to stay on 12’s and 13’s.  And you can’t fault the UGA receiver for not batting it down.  It is reflex to catch the ball, whether you are going to be the last play of the game or not because you are in bounds with no timeouts.

2)  I am watching the beginning of the K State/ Texas game.  What a strange play that just happened.  K State intercepted it and ran it in the endzone.  The cornerback cooly dropped the ball on purpose right before entering the endzone.  They ruled it a touchdown.  After review, they saw he dropped it before entering the endzone, but since no one ran back to pick up the ball, they ruled it an inadvertent whistle, and gave K State the ball on the half yard line.  Weird.

3)  Stanford ended up winning against UCLA last night.  Great for Stanford and all, but I am sad that Jim Mora’s UCLA renovation had to end like that.  He has brought caring about football back to that side of town.  I hope he gets some coach of the year votes.

4)  I had Dwight Howard on my legal paper to talk about how he allegedly makes 80% of his free throws in practice, and then just bricks them in the game.  Anyway, he beat me to the punch, and decided to talk to the media again today about how the Magic trade “could have gone better.”  No shit, Sherlock.  Now, go practice free throws, and stay away from any microphones which think we care about any more whining/ trading fallout.

5)  Denver-LA Lakers.  Hey, Ty Lawson.  Maybe after the second or third Jody Meeks three point make, you could at least THINK about not going under the pick and roll.  Maybe?  Jody ended up with seven 3’s if you care.

5a)  Hello, Antawn Jamison.  Maybe you DID jump in that DeLorean I poked fun at you about.  He had 33 points, and I thought that I was about to hear Creed or Rob Thomas and Santana coming out of the speakers.  Nice game, bro.

5b)  If you watched the game, and watched how much LA was in the zone, you would be surprised that Denver only lost by 19.

5c)  Check this out.  Talk about just being Mr. Consistency.  Andre Miller has never been to an NBA All Star Game, yet is 10th ALL TIME in assists.

6)  You know that little kid who talks to Cam Newton in the commercial, where he names all the things he has done, and rounds it out by saying Cam will be his backup?  I think the kid forgot something.  Add “you mean I can get paid to go to college?”

7)  With Lindsey in Vegas and me just chilling at home, my intentions were to clean my apartment.  It is now 649pm.  That is seeming pretty distant right not.  Very distant.

8)  Hey, Kentucky fans.  Don’t go jumping off any bridges or anything.  You lost to Baylor today at your crib.  That is not good.  You guys will improve though.  Let’s keep in mind that 75% of your team is 18 or 19 years old.  Good win for a Baylor team that continues to underachieve with high end recruiting classes and NBA players on the roster galore.  If the only time you pretend to care about college basketball is when reading my rant, then just wait about two years, and remember the name Isaiah Austin.  He is a big time player for Baylor.  You can just wait until he is a star in the NBA if you would like and doing commercials a couple years after that.  Dude can ball and has that perfect basketball frame.

8a)  Baylor had NEVER beat a top 20 team on the road.  That is a crazy stat.  Tell your friends.

8b)  Hey.  The Kentucky home streak of 54 wins is officially over.  I bet you can’t name who the new leader in consecutive wins is.  LONG BEACH.  I put that in all caps, because I know I wouldn’t have guessed it…like ever.

9)  My thoughts and prayers to Jovan Belcher’s family and especially that little 3 month old he left in the wake of killing his girlfriend and then himself.  Crazy story.  After killing his girlfriend…in FRONT of her mother and the kid, he then drove to Arrowhead and then killed himself…in FRONT of the GM and coach.  That is crazy sad all the way around.

10)  I have about three football games I am flipping through, with the original Ace Ventura in the mix.  That movie could be one of the best flippers EVER.

11)  Don’t know who Keith Jerome Wright is?  He is an ex-NFL player who is going to prison.  On his rap sheet?  “Forcible oral copulation.”  Nice, dude.

12)  Inception is also on.  Of course, that could never be a flipper, especially considering my brain is still rolling in circles after concentrating in the movie theater the first time watching it.

13)  In case you care, the Galaxy beat the Dynamo in the MLS Cup today.  You are on your own if you want any more information on this.  May the force be with you.

14)  Tiger Woods allegedly paid $4 million out of his own pocket to keep his tournament going.  I just paid two thousand dollars to have my Jeep sound exactly the way it sounded when I took it in, so I can relate, Tiger.  What’s that, Tiger?  Yeah, you are right.  Life IS tough.  I mean geez.  You bang a couple porn stars and Perkins waitresses while being married, and no one will support you.  Tough break, man.  Hang in there.

15)  I worked today, and actually had a client tell me to not work too much over the weekend.  They don’t know me very well.  I work during the weekend for “fun,” because no one is calling me or emailing me.

16)  I hear the NHL Players Association got a $10k “stipend” approved for the players.  Wow.  Good work.  Will that even be a mortgage payment for the million dollar homes I assume some of them have bought since being a professional athlete.  Hey, NHL player.  Call up Tiger.  He is also in a financial rut.

17)  Wow.  Racing information I actually care about.  Penske is lobbying Tony Stewart to run the Indy 500 again.  Do it, Tony.  That is about the only time I actually paid attention to racing outside of Danica’s entry into the world…when you did that NASCAR/ Formula 1 dual race day way back when.

18)  I think I am going to rent Expendables II tonight after football.  I might as well, as Lindsey is out of town.  Not that she wouldn’t like it, but she is 14 years younger than me.  She wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate it as much because odds are that she hasn’t seen Commando or Cobra ever.  Commando’s acting is SO bad, it actually makes it more than watchable.  Plus, when he raids the gun section of the store, you have to love it.  Jason Statham is the modern reincarnation of those movies, but I will always be a Terminator, Raw Deal, Predator, Commando, Cobra, Rambo, Over the Top guy.

19)  And it happened.  Damn.  I was looking forward to a quiet night at home, but one of the two or three people who could drag me out just texted me.  I guess I am going out.  I get to hang with one of my six friends in the world, Adam, and the party is Mile High Sports Magazine sponsored.  I wish I had rant business cards.

20)  Well, that changes things.  I was going to to slowly go through all of the sports standings and predict winners, but now I will evidently do the speed version.  Here we go.

21)  NHL.  Flyers over Vancouver in six games.  What’s that?  Oh.  That is right.  Lockout.  Ok.  I will take the stipend over a resolution in 5 games then.

22)  NFL.  Give me Baltimore over the Broncos in the AFC Championship, and Atlanta over Green Bay in the NFC.  Baltimore over Atlanta 24-14 in the SB.

23)  College Football.  Bama over ND 31-21.

24)  College Basketball.  Final Four will be Indiana, Michigan, Gonzaga, and then either Creighton, UNLV, or San Diego State.  Indiana over Michigan in the final 64-57.

25)  That is it.  Expendables is now out.  Lindsey, I guess you will have to watch it with me and listen to me tell boring stories about the “old school” movies.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Hope you enjoyed.  Peace.

26)  In the spirit of Seinfeld, I might not blog tomorrow.  I have to help someone move.  My buddy, Rob, helped me move (also one of my six friends), and I will reciprocate.  Plus, I might need him again to help in about four months.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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