Don’t dig your own bed.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

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Let’s turn and burn.

DISCLAIMER: SUPER speed version as I have a lot going on…


Ohio State took down Indiana last night.  The first surprise was that it was relatively convincing, and the second surprise was that it was AT Indiana.  If we break it down though, this isn’t totally a surprise at all.  First of all, Ohio State has the talent on its roster to play with anyone in the country.  It is the Big Ten, which is the toughest conference in the land this year.  That being said, Ohio State won’t win SIX straight games in the tourney because of offensive inability.  We know that DeShaun Thomas can score, and Aaron Craft can sometimes score, but it becomes pretty lean after that.  Last night, Craft was on fire at the end, and the supporting players ALL came through.  Ohio State can’t do that night in and night out.  It was nice to see Zeke in the stands, so we could remember for his on court prowess at Indiana rather than his post basketball idiocy.  Oh, and quietly Marquette looked solid and won again.  Shhh.


The Blackhawks won again.  I didn’t see the whole game, but I saw enough as they were up 4-1…with time left in the FIRST period.  Their passing is AMAZING.  They don’t care who is the star.


I don’t care WHOSE fault it was, guys.  Getting into a fist fight on senior night is not classy.  I am talking to you, St. John’s and Notre Dame.  The game was a freaking blowout-shouldn’t have happened.


I don’t care what kind of connections he has or what details were ironed out.  USC, you are just plain dumb for looking into bringing back Tim Floyd as your basketball coach.  You already were penalized once for his successful illegal recruitment of OJ Mayo.  What makes you think he won’t do it again?  You are making your own bed, or whatever the hell the cliché is about that.  Digging your own grave?  I am so bad with clichés.


Being a retired sports gambler outside of Vegas limits, I have never broken down.  It helps to not have the money to do so of course, but I have been fully retired.  That being said, I won’t lie that I don’t look at the lines frequently and make pretend bets to myself to stay sharp.  Anyway, I am happy to find out that my buddy, Scott, is making a Vegas trip this weekend, and I will be an on call consultant for the trip.  I will break down every game I can for him.  I will have a blast doing it.


This is hilarious.  Miami did a Harlem Shake that has gone viral.  Well, the Timberwolves, not to be outdone and tired of Miami’s whole circus, decided to make their own Harlem Shake.  Watch it to the end.  The last 3 seconds have something so random that it is special.


Different strokes for different folks.  A football team owner of the Cedar Rapids Titans decided to sell his share of the team.  20%.  If you are interested in this, then just go to where he posted his sale.  Craigslist.  $20,000


Talk about a kid who went from undrafted to probably 3rd round or so.  Who is Terrell Sinkfield?  He is the Northern Iowa WR who had his pro day this week.  His times in the 40?  4.27, 4.19, and 4.44 (he stumbled on the last one).  The 4.27 would have tied the combine’s best time this year, and the 4.19 would have destroyed the all time record by CJ2K.  Nice work, kid.


The OKC Thunder decisively beat the Lakers last night 122-105.  Regardless of that game, it is going to be a might fun first round if they match up seed wise.   It is not that OKC has too many horses, but they do have too many YOUNG horses.


The Pats are looking at Danny Amendola as their Wes Welker replacement.  If they can pull it off, it is kind of brilliant.  You can scan the league, and the closest matchup to Welker WOULD be that guy.  Welcome to my fantasy team next year, Danny.  Glad to have you.


The Jets GM has said that Tim Tebow WILL get a chance at the starting spot for the Jets.  Even though I am falling for your ploy by actually writing about this, can you all PLEASE give us a little non Jet media time.  PLEASE?  I am freaking 2,000 miles west of you.  Keep that shit local if you can.

That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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