Does this bus stop at 82nd street?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minute work/ sanity break.

1)  Congrats to Miguel Cabrera for winning the first Triple Crown since 1967.  That is a long time, people.  His batting average was a little lower than past year’s winners, but this IS the second coming of the year of the pitcher with all the no hitters that have occurred, so .330 ain’t too bad.  I like it also that he didn’t want to sit out at the end, even though his team had clinched, and with Hamilton and Trout chasing him.

1a)  I think that seals it for me as far as the AL MVP.  I am a big supporter of Mike Trout, but no playoffs for the Angels and the Triple Crown for Cabrera make it easy I think.

1b)  Is it bad that although I WATCHED the debates, I think I cared more about whether Cabrera ended up getting the TC?

1c)  As far as the debates…just kidding.  The Fillerbuster doesn’t talk politics here, although I will say that shutting up Romney in mid stream is damn near impossible.

2)  Jets WR Santonio Holmes is out.  Put that on the huge list with Revis that Rex Ryan will give as excuses of a losing season.  Do I hear Plaxico or T.O coming into play?  Say it ain’t so…

3)  The NBA has finally installed official flopping rules.  I am happy about this.  But.  30k for the FIFTH strike?  Weak as shit.  I understand you have to start with money, but a flop to create a turnover and win a key game, and the millionaire will get fined 5 or 10k for an offense???

3a)  I DO like that the refs might miss calls during the game, but then can give the fines POST game after watching the tape.  I bet you those refs are PSYCHED for being underpaid and working more hours. “Hey, Bob.  Want to have some beers tonight?”  No, Bill, I have to watch the game again that I just reffed.”

4)  Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine, evidently bored with player riffs, declared war on his other coaches this week, calling them disloyal.  Dude.  Sometimes it is just going to be YOU that is the problem.  Go play with the bubble boy.  Bring Trivial Pursuit.

5)  Lakers Dwight Howard is back practicing.  Hey, I accidentally used that “back” pun again.  I crack myself up.  Moving on, since I am sure we will hear about his health on a daily basis.  I might not even have to put reminders on my blog list legal paper always in my pocket.

6)  Congrats to Teddy Roosevelt, the tall foam mascot thing for the Nationals.  For the first time in 534 times, and with a little help from a mass tripping of the other foam mascot things, Teddy took home the gold in the foam mascot thing race.  Teddy’s life has taken a whole different direction now.

7)  And HOW did the whole wildcard format turn out?  Well, it was not as dramatic as everyone was hoping , and if we look at the AL, it is extremely interesting.  If we had the old system, we would have a one game playoff.  But, the NEW system gives these tied teams a WHAT?  A one game playoff.  The only difference is that one of the games was considered NON postseason, whereas this year’s game IS considered such.

7a)  I feel bad for the Rangers.  They went from the team to beat, to a one bad outing by Yu Darvish from going home team.  CRAZY shit.  All because of the A’s, a team with hardly any salary and a team with players that no one can name outside of the bay area.

8)  Track star Lolo Jones is never shy from speaking her mind.  Or tweeting it.  Well, Lolo messed up a little the other day.  She got a playful tweet from a name she didn’t recognize  “Wanna race?”  She replied with all this cocky stuff about how they had a concussion and how there was no way they could beat her.  Well, the name she didn’t know was Eric LeGrand, who a lot of us know as the paralyzed Rutgers football player.  Whoops, Lolo.  THAT won’t help any image of yours.  THINK before you tweet, people.  THINK.

9)  On quiet nights outside my apartment, when there are no cars going down my street, I SWEAR I hear Tebow chants from the northeast.  Having fun, everyone out there?

10)  I feel bad to the man upstairs.  I have a list of things to do that satisfies my odd version of OCD.  Anyway, I noticed that EVERY Sunday, I have “watch Steelers” above “Pathways Church.”  Sorry.  It is involuntary, and not ranked, I swear.

11)  In case you have sleepless nights thinking that perhaps China will be the super power country someday, put this feather in your cap (is that the cliche?  whatever.  working with it.  I am SO bad at cliches).  Dwayne Wade has left Michael Jordan and Nike for who?  Li-Ning, located in China.  True story.

12)  I don’t have time to look it up, but I just get a little giddy whenever this guy is in the news.  Here is the headline.  “Lawmaker cancels Mike Tyson’s Visa.”  Moving on.

13)  Is there a serious Lincoln movie coming out within a year of the vampire slayer movie?  If they make sequels, can they combine them into ONE movie?

14)  North Dakota St. football players got busted for faking petition signatures in a job they were paid to do.  My hook?  Here is one for the old school Fillerbuster followers.  If Bill Walton were to report this story, he would say “that could be the worst thing done by a directional school west of the Mississippi in the bottom half of student population rankings that has ever occurred in October of an even numbered year.”

15)  Sam Hurd’s cousin is testifying in the drug case that is in court these days.  I bet you they have some problems in THAT courtroom.  Every time Sam or other family members introduce themselves, the judge probably rides them for facts and not what “I, Hurd.”

15a)  I AM aware of how NOT funny that last hook was, and I don’t care.  I like word plays.  What can I say?

16)  Good job on the NFL for letting Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis attend Drew Brees’ game where he will break the tie with Johnny U for consecutive games with at least one touchdown.  Make them proud, Drew.  Break it in style.  You are on my fantasy team.

16a)  At least with the Saints sucking this much, they have to throw a lot in the second half.  Yay.  Pad those stats, bro.

17)  Rockets rookie Royce White is asking the Rockets if he can buy his own bus and drive to closer games.  He has an anxiety disorder that makes him hate flying.  I hope they go with him on this.  Be classy, and let the guy get his own bus.  I will start working on bus nicknames in case he becomes one of their stars.

18)  “The Opposite” episode of Seinfeld has ALL strong plots going on.  You have the opposite with George, Jerry being Even Steven, Elaine and the Jujyfruits, and Kramer, the coffee table book, and making out with Kathie Lee.  Strong episode.

19)  I really like Bruce Springsteen’s new song that plays in the background of the MLB playoff commercials.  Nice to know that guy was “The Boss” when I was thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, and now that I am grown up, he is still coming out badass songs as “The Boss” still.  I would say he did a little bit more with his life than I have with mine.  Just slightly.

19a)  He RULED when I was growing up.  I would just carry around my boom box, alternating Bruce, Bon Jovi, and Beastie Boys in the deck.

20)  Time’s up.  That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

20a)  Tomorrow will be a long one most likely…the early evening Friday version.  Lindsey is out of town, and I will be in a rush to go nowhere.  Basically, my OLD schedule.

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