Do you like apples? (I STILL am having Damon as my theme-damn).

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Super speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  This is a bonus Saturday evening blog, which I realized I can do when my girl is out to dinner with a friend, I have nothing going on, and I tend not to do the strip club thing when she is out of pocket.  Anyway, random thoughts for the day.

2)      I doubt there will be a Sunday blog.  I have been to 110 Widespread Panic shows.  I have noticed my organization, buying practice, and energy level have decreased in the last few years.  Not that I love the band less, but I seem to procrastinate and respect my energy level on Monday MORE.  Plus, Monday is the end of the month AND quarter..  ANYWAY, I am missing a show right now, but Sunday has always been my favorite.  I literally treated today like a Sunday and even have clothes laid out for Monday, as I am going to do my ritual I have done for the last 4 years and venture up to Red Rocks without a ticket, without a plan, without people, and without a ride home.  I find those days fun.  AND, if I could figure out how to project the perfectness of my 110 WSP shows into my real life, well, like I said last night, I would be rich, important, or famous.

3)      Serena already has lost more matches than she lost ALL last year total.  She is out of Wimbledon by a no namer.  I am glad I don’t bet in general and just am a consultant, but SO glad that I don’t bet on tennis.  If I had the time, I would look up how Venus and Serena were doing in doubles, but I don’t care that much.

4)      Really, Serena?  EVERYONE has to play the match of their life to beat you.  Slightly cocky.

5)      489 feet, Mike Trout?  Geez, man.  That is monstrous.  Hail, South Jersey, and the fitness center my brother goes to…The Center.

5a)  I think.  It has been a while.

6)      Only Cleveland could introduce Andrew Wiggins as “Mitchell Wiggins.”  It is not a crazy mistake as that is his father’s name, but really???

7)      The James Rodriguez goal in the Columbia has to be the best goal of the World Cup thus far.  I fell off the couch.  You will too.  Just Google it.

8)      I came a CROSSBAR (twice) from being right on both Chile and Columbia both advancing.  Do you like apples, Luis Suarez?  You literally SCREWED your team.

9)      Lost your balance…you are so silly.

10)   Have a feeling that Good Will Hunting will be my theme.  Just a hunch.

11)   Stop sweating HOW Nadal advances and just know he is still IN it.  Geez.  He just wasted people on clay on HIS surface at HIS tournament.  Anything he does at Wimbledon is bonus.

12)   I PROMISE to talk about baseball once the World Cup is done, unless I talk about college football starting in a month.  I swear I love baseball.

13)   Melo is multitasking.  He is seeing if Houston as a city really does suck, checking out the great clubs in Chicago, AND studying the triangle offense, which I think he has no chance to understand.

14)   That is not cocky.  None of us really understand that thing.  The Triangle Offense is confusing.  It is what it is.

15)   Wade and Bosh opt out.  And they have dinner with LeBron.  Combine their dinner to discuss options, Wade’s knee, and Bosh being absolutely content in Miami, I think they all stay.  They will have new friends, but they will stay.

16)   I have Lindsey in life, but I can’t wait to eventually get four things.  A dog, a yard, a basement/ den, and a garage.  She will be turned on when she watches me get around some yardwork, because I sure as hell can’t fix cars, make porch benches, or anything else mechanical.  I can cut grass, pull weeds, and make a lawn pretty like no one’s business.  Actually, I am better with a untouched field like when I was a kid, but we have to start somewhere. I DO own a drill though.  My mom and dad knew that a sickel and sledgehammer were my favorite toys as a kids.

17)   Lindsey ordered me a hammock.  Blue.  When is it arriving?  I might lose blogging time due to doing nothing on my patio drinking a Corona on my hammock.

18)   I must be a Swiss Army homer.  I needed stuff for my St. John trip, and ended up with a new Swiss Army suitcase, a Swiss Army mini backpack, and a full sized Swiss Army backpack.  I like pockets, and they have a lot of them.

19)   Some of my followers evidently don’t like the NBA or at least the draft.  I made some brilliant tweets and lost 7 followers.  Down to 468.  I am waiting on Twitter party until 1000, but come on, you losers.  It is like you are all Nuggets fans and depressed about your foreigners picks.

20)   The disadvantage about missing Brazil-Chile is that I missed it.  The great thing about highlights and replays is that I know when to pay attention.

21)   Netherlands-Mexico tomorrow morning is going to be a SICK game.  Sick being good.  Phat if you will.  Before I aimlessly go up the mountain to Red Rocks, you better believe I am watching that.

22)   The US has a 41% chance of winning the Belgium match and 1% chance at winning it all.  I concur.  As soon as Germany, Brazil, and Argentina are out of it, I think we move to 3%.

23)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or at least enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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