Diver Down. Airplane Rant. Down/ Up. Which makes no sense of course until you read it…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock technically  but I have work to do.  PPT stuff.  Yes, an airplane cast (been awhile it feels like).  Tuesday morning cast, but nighttime when I post it (LONG drive through CA after the flight).  Semi-speed version per hook.  Let’s turn and burn.

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  1. Greetings and salutations.  Cramped on an airplane.  Let’s move.  No internet visibility.  Onward and upward.
  2. All done with wedding stuff. Thanks for everything everyone.  Only wrist cramps for thank you notes this weekend.  No more to do lists.  I really can’t have asked it to go smoother overall though.  10% thanks to me and 90% thanks to Lindsey and friends.
  3. Can’t get WIFI today-too freaking smushed in my seat.  plane seat
  4. Who won the Murray match?  Did that conclude before I got on this plane? (On editing, I found how he won-just bothered me for a few hours on the plane).
  5. Fun day (sarcastic). Fly to San Jose because it saved my company money and then drive THREE hours from San Jose to my work destination (on editing not a very fun drive outside of one cool lake).
  6. How things have changed in the last couple days. The Warriors got SMOKED and set up one of the most intriguing games of the playoffs tonight, and the Cavs look today different than their first couple of series.
  7. The Cavs. Defense gone, and Kyle Lowry looking like a true superstar.  Shumpert allowing last second back doors.  LeBron bothered oddly when a shorter guy is on him in crunch time.  Kevin Love has a bad wheel that may be worse after tripping over a ref.  With that home court advantage the Raptors have, this next game in Cleveland is pretty big time.
  8. The Warriors. As Van Halen,said, Where Have All the Good Times Gone?    Donovan did the right thing by going big.  Adams is now looking at a better trading chip in that Harden trade and has the most stable on court we have ever seen…even when getting hit in the groin.  The Warriors look a little flustered overall (on editing, they still look a little flustered).
  9. Of COURSE, Green should have been suspended, but you think they are having the most pivotal series in years be changed for a game suspension? People, all about the cash.  The NBA is NOT going to be the guilty ones in this series between two of the top 5 players who have won nothing, and the team that is breaking all of the height and playing rules in the playoffs.
  10. Tom Brady has filed for an appeal, and reading all of the primary arguments about process from his lawyers, I have to say I think he will win again. That being said, we KNOW he did it, but the proof and process hasn’t been there.
  11. Listening to my iPod on the plane, and DAMN Crying in the Rain was a nice intro song for all of us people who bought the tape because of Still of the Night and Here I Go Again…hidden treasure in song.
  12. Don’t even get me started on John Sykes. Genius.  And never in the band again sadly…
  13. I didn’t even know they went as low as $80 for fines, LeBron.
  14. The Gwynn family is suing tobacco over Tony’s death for extended use. Come ON.  Old topic thrown around over the years, and A) no one will win anything substantial and B) you are dragging your dead family member’s classy name through the headlines for no reason.
  15. The Blues and Sharks have a little problem in their 3-2 series. The winner of this series knows they were playing perhaps the OTHER most pained playoff franchise of the last 20 years and they will be PISSED.  Something is going to give though.
  16. While I am thinking about Andy Murray and his plight, I wonder if all of the US Men are out already. Will have to look that up on landing too (on editing, it is low on my to do list, so that sounds like a fun other day exercise).
  17. Von Miller.   Hogwarts.  Couple hours later?  Vegas with Drake.  Dude certainly is entertaining.
  18. NBA Mock Drafts are just “fun” before the lottery balls are chosen. Now, they are BEYOND FUN.
  19. This dude next to me just blew his nose and kept the tissue and is sleeping. Dude better not be sick.  Don’t want it.  Secluded space i can’t escape. Dammit.
  20. Now that the wedding crap is done, my priority list is as follows A) gym work B) piano C) not going anywhere far for a while.
  21. The Astros have plenty of talent to win the whole thing, and that is the farthest thing from splitting the atom. But, they are about 20-30 games from being in some deep shit for the playoffs.  Can’t believe their record right now.
  22. I can’t believe the Phillies record, but that is for opposite reasons. Their closer has sick numbers right now.
  23. Not that any of us really care about two of the most fading away players in years, (Pujols is other one), Josh Hamilton is out for the year. That dude was ON the radar for the draft, fell WAY off for drugs, became a great feel good story, became a superstar, got overpaid, and then just splat faded away due to injuries and our general lack of caring.
  24. I am sure the Padres stadium crew didn’t mean to play the wrong track in the background, but damn was that just horrible timing in this day and age.
  25. I don’t know about you, but David Feherty is going to liven up the Rio Olympics and welcome back, golf.
  26. I was a little Cherry Wine from pulling a nice little Trifecta in the Preakness…damn that guy. Just needed him out of there.
  27. The over under on me saying “his father was a mudder” was extremely high as expected.
  28. Telling you Gumbo’s is one of the best kept secrets for food and drink happy hours in Denver.
  29. Being that I forget every single year, it is about that time to jump on Craig’s List and find me a Widespread Panic ticket.
  30. Early Family Guy is so weird to watch, but you still totally get how it became famous even when raw.
  31. Saw the Brian death newer episode this weekend, and remembered how much I lost it while watching it originally.
  32. The Voice finale. Rooting for Laith, but he won’t win.  Adam has a very niche voice, and will already have a country career, win, lose, or draw.  Allisan-frontrunner of course.  And the Nebraska teacher lady (Hannah) MIGHT be the firm darkhorse with that little Police thing she did last night.
  33. I still to this day don’t understand why I didn’t think of eating breakfast pizza…like 20 years ago. Started way late and trying to make that time up.
  34. It never is an experience that goes totally successful, but the Jackson shower experience here and there is a very high risk operation.
  35. Someday I am going to design a water park and just beat the hell out of every one that exists right now. I am made to do that.
  36. Mom/ Dad, WAIT until you see this killer wedding video we watched at the reception.
  37. Let’s all just remember to hold the freaking door in whatever we do. What a POWERFUL scene from GOT.   Some people think it is just killing people and occasional dragons, but some of the story lines are pretty deep.  Some I don’t even get, but that is because I haven’t read the books.
  38. That is on my post wedding list too.  Read those damn books.
  39. In reading the Sports Weekly update on the 49ers, if I am a fan I am HORRIFIED by the lack of offensive weapons on that roster.
  40. Since I have picked them as a darkhorse champion for each of the last 3 years but not this year, nice that the Mariners FINALLY start out strong.
  41. Just some thoughts and pics from the reception (just my camera-plenty of more on that thing people call Facebook).
  42. Best DJ and best bartender worked the thing (didn’t really have any good photos of Arnel-sorry, bro).
  43. I didn’t dance at ALL during the reception. Not at all.  I didn’t grab the microphone and sing anything either.  Lindsey did though.
  44. I knew it was going to be a good day when I drove to get the kegs and heard both acoustic and electric guitar versions of Plush in 15 minutes on different stations.
  45. Rob teased Don’t Stop Believin’ but didn’t play it. Thank God.
  46. The venue was pretty awesome. And great to see a bunch of people I hand’t seen in years..
  47. #Fillerwithdix as a hashtag didn’t run out of steam the WHOLE wedding time.
  48. I hope you are sitting down for this, but Ralph/ Rob didn’t make my reception.  dj rob plus onereception line dancing
  49. linds reception singing
  50. reception dancing
  51. debbie reception water
  52. venue view waterarnel reception
  53. reception venue good no water
  54. reception sign
  55. No prizes, Rudy. Broke from reception and I had a lot of prize offers out Saturday.  Only you and Vince capitalized.
  56. Always fun and tough for me to make lists.  Another best band napkin at a bar.  band list
  57. One, final thing.  The people involved don’t read this blog.  I may or may not have been in the car on a three hour ride where one of the guys in the car honestly thought for all of his life that the Rush lead singer was a girl.  May or may not have happened.  Socks for everyone!!
  58. The theme stays Diver Down because I already quoted it.  Not saying that the Warriors won’t just explode or that the Raptors are done, but a lot of us thought this was a rematch formality.
  59. That’s it for today. Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.
  60. Maybe I will blog. Busy day tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow evening after onsites are done.  List will be kept.  Peace, all.
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