Did you really think I would post a blog today?? THAT is a clown question.

Go SF Austin.  Everyone take a DEEP breath.  Remember my golden rule.  If your Elite 8 is intact after the first round, you are doing very, very well. Don’t sweat one or two round losses.

My girl is mad at me.  I am appreciating the fact we just got in an argument and she went to bed and now I can seriously watch basketball.  She made it through two of these things. It’s tough to make it through three.  She has asked me to “Shells and Sauce” on Saturday brunch and “they will have TV’s.”  She still doesn’t get it.  Just having TV’s don’t cut it.

I will talk to you tomorrow.  When she was mad, she said go tell your five readers your thoughts.  Actually, we are at 286 Twitter followers and about 1100 blog readers.  I am looking at the stats.  I will come in force tomorrow, people.  Thanks SO much for the following.  Tell your friends.

I pulled Dayton from my final draft.  I didn’t pick North Dakota State although I had seen them play because I thought THREE 12 seeds was pushing it.

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