Detenido, bro…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Quick hitter.  Old format.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       First of all, what the HECK are you doing, Troy Tulowitki??  You are giving new definition to “tapping the Rockies.”

2)      The Senators took down the Pens last night in this postseason’s first multiple overtime game.  They stole one.  OK.  This series is all Pens though when it is all said and done.  No one panic if you have three rivers in your immediate vicinity.  I DID hear a funny game on Mike and Mike this morning.  Since the Sens won and since 95% of people have no idea who is on the team, they had 5 callers try and guess if the name they said was a US Senator or someone on the Senators.  Four out of five missed, and there was a long Google pause before the one who got it right.

3)      Hey, David Stern.  Why is Game 2 of the Griz-Spurs on a night before the Heat-Pacers Game 1?  You get sensitive when we crack on your scheduling each year, but come on.

4)      As far as that Griz-Spurs Game 2, I think Memphis makes some adjustments from the Game 1 debacle.  That being said, I think Pop already is working on a game plan to confuse them when they MAKE those adjustments.  We are at showtime, folks.  All pretenders are out of the way.  Memphis is big inside and has plenty of talent, but Pop had his players ALL show the tough Memphis defense that they can shoot it from outside.  The Spurs made FIVE more 3’s than any team who has played against Memphis in the postseason.  AND, they dealt with the Griz size pretty efficiently.  I was going to call a split on the first two games, but I think the Spurs go up 2-0 tomorrow night.

5)      Once again, the Pacers and Heat are exchanging verbal insults.  Hey, LeBron.  Pacers coach Frank Vogel wasn’t saying you all are “just” another team.  He was just saying you are the NEXT obstacle in line that they have to play against.  You ARE a special team, but it is going to be even MORE special when the Pacers take you seven games (not going on the record with that one…I just won’t be surprised at all).  That being said, Frank.  Let the sleeping dog NOT wake up AND have any additional bulletin board material, OK?

6)      Talk about wasting an effort nor getting guys on base.  The Detroit Tigers got THREE home runs from Miguel Cabrera last night against the Rangers…and lost.  The Phillies pinch run a slow pitcher in the ninth inning against the hardest throwing reliever in the league down two runs…and win.  Crazy baseball night.

7)      Talk about being well-loved and respected.  RGIII is having people who are FANS buying him and his lady wedding gifts online…voluntarily.  That is some LOVE.  I always wondered if people who make a jillion dollars still ask for soup spoons and cutting boards when tying the knot.  I guess they do.

8)      Now that Chad Johnson is arrested again officially, I think he should change his name again.  I like En La Carcel.  What about Haciendo Hora?

9)      So, not only did he break all of the receiving records last year, but we are now hearing he played most of the year with a couple broken fingers?  You are all that and a bag of chips, Calvin Johnson.

10)   When talking about where Snowball is going next year, it is just as important to figure out the size of city and media coverage along with the personnel ON the team.  Therefore, Snowball, throw out the Clippers.  You would still be overwhelmed with L.A.  Now, we are down to the Mavs, Rockets, and Hawks.  The Hawks are not playoff aligned, and neither are you with your free throw shooting.  The Mavs have a limited window with Dirk.  Houston would probably be the best bet, since you would have two tall guys with you and Asik, and the way they shoot it from deep, your interior presence would be a huge asset.  I could care less at this point though.  I just was busy and had limited blog ideas today after last night’s long one.  Moving on. And I just needed a hook for a blog.  Can we PLEASE hold off on Snowball’s destination until the playoffs are at least DONE?  Ugghhh.

11)   Quick hitter.  That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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