1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. (no obvious spoilers on Stranger Things in this, but just references or non story line topics)
  3. Well, my day off (Friday) turned into about 5 hours of catchup work from the short, busy work week, football is on, don’t feel like going anywhere at this point in the day, so…let’s write a cast.  Yeah.
  4. Part 1 written on Friday.  Part II written on my birthday morning before I go get my birthday tattoo.  I won’t differentiate between Part I and Part II as I skip around sometimes.  You figure it out.  There might even be a Part III or Part IV if tomorrow morning is too hectic.
  5. Football game off the public’s radar but really has a lot at stake.  UCF and USF aren’t exactly ancient football programs.  Heck, they haven’t even played each other that long considering their proximity.  But, the win today would go to the title game of the big conference that is lost and not included in the “Power 5.”  Plus, you have Charlie Strong and an unbeaten team not even in the top ten in the rankings.  And, so far, lots of fun offense.  You should have watched, I think.  Go South Florida, or at least lose with 9.5 points.
  6. TCU and Baylor got into a skirmish today.  The ref’s synopsis of the situation has gone viral.  Well, viral in my sports universe.  Check it out.  Worth a chuckle.
  7. Unranked Pitt took down Miami in a very, very obvious trap game (see my tweet from earlier today).  Anyway, so it is all cleared up, right?  Everything is crystal clear?  Sure.  If Miami beats Clemson next week, oh MAN will things be confusing.  Otherwise, rock on and everything is fine and dandy.  Just make it easy, Clemson.  Beat Miami.
  8. Pittsburgh is where top 5 teams go to die apparently.  Their record at home is ridiculous.  Check it out.  
  9. They doubled the prison sentence of Mr. Pistorius.  I hope he uses that time to write a book or something.  I am so intrigued how a guy could literally MOVE society on a legless wonder and then go kill someone violently and move everyone the polar opposite way.  So weird.  Image result for pistorius magazine cover
  10. So, Arizona basketball has started oddly.  Instead of losing to some possible heavyweights, they lose to unranked NC State and unranked SMU.  Chemistry is one problem I didn’t think WOULD be a problem, so initial fragmenting looks odd.  They will get it together, but I really thought they would go into the tourney this year with us using past YEAR’S results giving us hesitancy.  Not THIS year’s results.
  11. Even more weird that Seton Hall already has dropped one to a nobody.  They were on the up and up and Final Four contenders last time we checked.
  12. The freshman phenom from Wisconsin, Jonathan Taylor, is from Salem, NJ?  Listen, I grew up 30 minutes from Salem.  And I thought that NOTHING came from Salem.  Being from Bridgeton, NJ, the only town we could make more fun of besides ourselves WAS Salem.  Related image
  13. Before I switched over to football during working at home, I was watching TV and it always feels so weird to me at home with any type of daytime TV on.  I don’t miss any days of anything or get sick, so I felt like I was doing something wrong.  When I see Judge Judy and that show that isn’t The Jerry Springer but kind of is is on, I know it is a holiday.
  14. Not sure if it is just shown during daytime TV or not, but the Senekot commercial was on before football.  They actually filmed that conversation, did edits, and STILL released it to the public?  Wow.  Image result for senokot commercial constipation
  15. What I am thankful for.  Going to sleep early on Thanksgiving with the Skins and Giants tied.  Waking up with them winning 20-10 on a last minute TD that beat the 7 point spread.  I was already up for the day before that, but that made it a good day.  Lost on Detroit, doubled up on Chargers, standard bet on night game, and the bonus of the under on The Egg Bowl.
  16. It is Friday, so if you are a basketball fan, and you read this regularly, so you SHOULD have already opened and read the glorious read, Ten Things by Zach Lowe.
  17. That is the basketball must read.  MMQB is the football must read weekly.
  18. Fantasy FB.  I said weeks ago I would now run the table in fantasy.  Two wins later, Stafford and Murray did their above projected deal yesterday to forecast me to win.  I remember earlier in the season when I had to pick up guys to start on my team.  Now, my decisions are tough like this.  Larry Fitzgerald or Devin Funchess.  And that is a decision for the FLEX position, not my WR slots.  Crazy.  
  19. On my day off today, I feel like the cats knew it was a day I should be at work, but wasn’t.  They knocked over some stuff, made lots of noise and then looked at me, and I feel like they probably raise hell while we are gone daily.  Image result for secret life of pets
  20. I mean, you could have hated the whole day of football but still laughed at this.  Image result for breeland speaks says hi
  21. The only downfall of the turkey day games was that Lindsey’s parents subscribe to Dish Network in the mountains, and apparently they are anti-CBS at Dish, so we had football darkness during the Chargers-Cowboys game.  But, that worked out, because that is when dinner is, right?
  22. I have to STILL do a double take as to which team is playing with which players when I see “L.A.” in the NFL games.
  23. The MSU Fitzgerald foot injury was horrible to watch, and worse to slow down.  But it sounds like the kid will be OK in the long run.  Dislocation is better than a lot of other injury options.
  24. This would be the final draft from me on the tattoo I am getting tomorrow.  Ship’s helm, because I think I am Aquaman and because a guy in Italy had it on his wrist (same restaurant as the best lasagna ever) and gave me the idea, fire sign of Sagittarius to balance out the all water tattoo I have on my left shoulder, and the spokes of the helm are decades in my life, with the best parts of each decade, and which I will add to hopefully as I stay alive.  
  25. I am confused about the tactics of Everson Griffen.  I get being happy for having a kid, but is he lacking on name ideas?  Does he want random, football fan help?  Or, just happy with a magic marker.  Enjoy the fine from the NFL, new happy dad.  Image result for everson griffen thanksgiving jersey
  26. The Vikings must be pretty good, whether you are trying to root against that fact or not.  We knew they had a defense, but Case Keenum has jacked up the entire NFL planet right now with his play.  Case played about 9 years in college, so he was seasoned even before he got to the big stage.  They are good AND have an offense.  Image result for case keenum houston cougars
  27. Dallas?  Wow, guys.  I guess NEXT year will be the year, right?  We don’t care.  Having Jerry Jones AND irritating Cowboys in pain really makes the whole world happier overall anyway.
  28. So, I guess the game this week by LeBron will be known as the Stitches Game?  Man, he is good.  Dammit.  23 in a quarter after getting worked on?  Wow.
  29. Wow, they just showed the football schedule for tomorrow.  I guess I better take my computer and MIFI for betting during our long time in the tattoo parlor.
  30. The Celtics streak is now done.  Now, we can just talk about how just MAYBE Kyrie made the right choice in leaving LeBron’s side?  I still say he was an idiot, but I WILL admit that I can see his basketball badassness MUCH more clearly on the Celtics.  Balling.
  31. I think they came back in the second half in about half of more of those games too.
  32. Moute getting the best plus rating since 2001 with a plus 57 has to be the most random sports stat to ever make the ESPN Wire.
  33. But, good job, Luc.  Image result for nba luc moute
  34. I think he might have been 45 years old in the above pic.  Probably about 60 now.  Or, maybe he is FIFTY SEVEN.
  35. Weird in this new non drinking life style that my night during the biggest bar night of the year (Wednesday) was watching three more episodes of Stranger Things.
  36. Stranger Things (finishing this season tonight (Friday)).  What a show.  Most series need downtime to keep you engaged into the plot.  This series doesn’t need it.  Constant alien action, but without feeling like it is cheesy or overdone.  Such a great show.  And, I have to say, maybe you have ignored pushes to watch other types of shows for this and that, but this one caters to ALL walks of life (some blood).  Seriously, watch it.
  37. So, let me get this straight.  Sharapova was the darling of the universe, got suspended for drugs on the tour, came back and won us back slightly, and now is being investigated for real estate fraud?  Awesome, Maria.
  38. This are two really, really sad college basketball stories.  Before the world really got to know the future #1 NBA draft pick, Michael Porter, Jr., he goes under the knife.  And before the world got to know Brian Bowen for GOOD things, he gets benched for the year by Louisville.  Two players that would have made March special are down and out.  I am weepy.  Image result for usual suspects i am weepy
  39. So, it is easier if Deadspin explains it to you.  Ray Lewis is being sued by a horse.
  40. Nassar apparently pleaded guilty to sexual abuse.  I didn’t read the article.  Did he plead guilty to, like, all 50 of the people who accused him of it?  Or just one.  Moving on.
  41. The NFL is considering keeping teams in the locker room during the anthem moving forward.  So, I am sure I won’t read any headlines of them HIDING from the issue rathering than TACKLING it (no pun intended I swear).
  42. When Deadspin releases a mailbag or awards, it is typically a must read.
  43. You can use deductive logic to figure out what chapter 1 of this series was.
  44. Quiet before the happening baseball winter meetings.  Can’t wait.
  45. I talk about gambling a lot in this blog, because…I like to gamble.  Having action on games entertains me.  THIS would not entertain me, and luckily it is early season college basketball, meaning that my focus is still on football betting.
  46. Did you WATCH it?  It is like the kid is saying “yeah, I know what the spread of this game is” as he pauses before making the layup.
  47. Chip Kelly will end up at one of these big name schools.  I think, if I am him, Florida makes more sense.  But UCLA has beaches, so go there.
  48. UCLA fired Jim Mora on his BIRTHDAY.  I know as you get older birthdays mean less, but couldn’t do it the day before or after?  That is just mean.
  49. Cam Newton must take like two days to be quiet, and then figure out what he can post or do to be problematic again.  #holdingcell
  50. The Tennessee WR who got dismissed is on the Cam Newton Way To Disliked-ness Plan.
  51. Pop says he has never seen an injury act like Leonard’s quad tendon injury.  Coming from a guy who can only go shoot hoops by himself in a gym and can’t delight small crowds with corner three’s who ALSO blew out his quad tendon (and ACL and MCL), I hear you.
  52. I feel like I will be 60 and Dwight Freeney will be released and picked up by another NFL team.  #lions
  53. So THAT is the OKC Thunder team we might see consistently someday this season.  #warriors
  54. Darrelle Revis is known for strategically putting together one year contracts, but I have a feeling that OLDNESS is more of a reason he signed iwth the Chiefs during this round.  Speaking of the guy who has always looked like he was 50.  Image result for darrelle revis
  55. No one can top THIS guy though for youthful oldness.  Image result for greg oden nba draft
  56. At least I didn’t see a post season ending injury tweet by LaVar Ball saying “who??!!!” about Patrick Beverly, so I guess either he didn’t pick up the paper from his mailbox that day or was finding other things to go apeshit on.
  57. Oh, yeah, he has direct contact with Trump now!  What am I thankful for?  The LiAngelo Ball shoplifting topic.  We have now linked two of the biggest idiots in our world on Twitter.  Yay.  Adorable.
  58. Glad he thinks that the Lakers don’t know how to coach his kid either.  Yup.  THEIR fault.  THEY are preventing a 2018 NBA Championship right now.  Ugghhh.
  59. Why are we questioning Big Ben’s heart when my boys are on a ROLL?  Week 14 is Pats vs. Steelers AKA the AFC Home Field Advantage Game.
  60. ALL I wanted from the 2017 NFL season was to get Mr. Brady at HOME.  They play them at home for that game, and will have control of their own destiny on that issue.
  61. If Ohio State wins at Michigan, I get the feeling that Harbaugh might answer phone calls from CA, FL, and TN.
  62. The Real Sports segment on Chris and Doug Collins was pretty cool.  MORE cool is that Lindsey loves that show and I wasn’t even the one that turned it on.
  63. Caught the Kelly Slater segment too.  I didn’t know he and Jack Johnson were buds.  More importantly, I didn’t know that Jack Johnson luckily wasn’t as good as surfer as Kelly so he chose guitar as HIS passion.  Image result for kelly slater jack johnson
  64. And look what Kelly invented recently.  Looks like fun.  Image result for kelly slater wave pool
  65. I love you, Joe Morgan.  But no need for your opinion on the HOF and cheating.  Just stay out of it.
  66. The Clippers are 1-9 in their last ten in case you were going to prematurely use the “addition by subtraction” cliche on Chris Paul.
  67. This is just DIRTY.  Soccer fan or not.
  68. The reason why Deadspin is so brilliant is because they have articles on sports.  They have serious articles.  They have ads we should pay attention to.  They have funny sports stories.  And they have this, which is a HEADLINE I started laughing about BEFORE I even read a word.
  69. But seriously, close your eyes and imagine Nick Saban singing karaoke.  Yeah.
  70. The KU players lost their captaincy this week for not shaking Baker Mayfield’s hands.  Righteous.  Sure, Baker should not have done what he done, but as a young kid having someone have their hands behind their BACKS is just disrespectful and WILL give a reaction.  Image result for baker mayfield ku bench
  71. But who out there would NOT want that kid as your starting QB.  Chip on shoulder, AND talent galore?
  72. Things are interesting around here with the Broncos.  No QB presently, and no one in sight, Paxton starting this week, Elway and the soft stuff, etc.  It could go well, and the Broncos fans will question the entire start of the season.  It could go bad and Broncos fans will question the whole Elway drafts in general.
  73. I freaking LOVE it.  Things are stable in my Pittsburgh universe.
  74. The Atlanta Braves GM is now banned and they lose 13 prospects.  So, one of the more rebuilding teams in the league was caught for cheating, still sucks, and now has LESS of a future.
  75. Miami is (ah, very obvious that I go backwards on my blog list items when I just hit THIS one).  They have already lost to Pitt.  Moving on.
  76. This Shohei Ohtani story is really, really fun  We have had pitchers become professional position players.  We have had professional pitchers than switch to position players.  We have had two handed pitchers.  We have had it all.  But a guy who is coming across the ocean young, five tool, AND throws triple digits?  No.  Can’t wait to check this guy out.  Image result for shohei otani
  77. I have mentioned that I have lost enough weight that my wedding ring I can literally flick off or point my fingers on a table and it falls off.  Getting a new one.  $21.  Love it. Can’t wait for it to get here.  And it is a cable SPINNER, which I just found out about a couple of weeks ago.  The whole middle SPINS.  Sounds great to do when on my sales calls. 
  78. I would comment on The Voice, and I still love the show as the compromise show with Lindsey and I, but I think we both lose focus once we are past the fun part-the early editions.  They are at live ones now, and we get bored.  Basically, I will think about it, probably not watch it unless convenient, and be pissed if Brook or Devon don’t win it.
  79. Bourbon Grill moved from two blocks away from our house to about 1.5 blocks from our house.  We finally ate there this week.  Must go.  Simple order at the counter by shady people business, that has portions that you can divide into three and not many choices.  Brilliant.  Bourbon chicken, mac and cheese, and cajun potatoes were awesome.  
  80. Cousin ejected.  You never know if someone just copied and pasted a headline from a week ago, so who knows…
  81. The stats of Ben Simmons are ridiculous as they are.  The fact that they what they are in his first year on the court is just downright SCARY.  
  82. The Rockets start is one thing.  Considering that at one point they had won FIVE straight by fifteen or more points is just ludicrous.
  83. I didn’t exactly write them off this year, but wasn’t expecting a Final Four either.  But, UVA hoops is 5-0, held Vandy to 17 points in the first half the other night, Kyle Guy is scoring, and they might be dangerous in March.  Image result for kyle guy uva
  84. What a goofy looking, man bun wearing AWESOME guy (no pun intended).
  85. Maybe I thought that Monday would be all Atlanta is just because I bet on it, but Atlanta is the poor man’s Steelers.  Just waiting to explode  They got up big on Monday against Seattle, and then of course gave it away almost.  They are literally a heart attack when holding a lead.  Image result for atlanta pats 28-3 sign marathon
  86. That was a sign during a race where people were running BY him.  Stellar.
  87. Bisping lost for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.  That is not surprising, but wondering how a guy WANTS to or has fight 2 times in 3 weeks in the most violent sport on earth.  Maybe it is me, but I would need a MENTAL break if anything.
  88. As I add on to this, Arizona keeps losing.  Three straight.  Guess they want that #5 seed.  Maybe if I wait to post this for another day (probable), they will lose again if they play.  Glad I had them only IN the title game losing to Michigan State before the season.
  89. Lionel Messi signs until the year 2021.  Not sure about you, but this isn’t exactly signing an aging superstar after they lost a step, because JUST when you think all is quiet again, he does something really, really special on the field.
  90. Little things, people.  I bought my 4Runner out of state a while back from a used car shop from a person I had never met.  They picked up Lindsey’s brother when he went to get it, and they still send me birthday cards to boot.  Love my ride, and love the little things.  Makes me know I made a good decision.
  91. Florida was a preseason hoops darling, and after beating the Zags, who would argue?  Watch out, Kentucky.  Billy Donovan is wondering what IF during the holidays.
  92. Steph Curry outscored the other team in a quarter last night (obviously in my Saturday morning writing now).  The 26 points is not NEAR the surprise of who it was against.  Da Bulls.  My, they are absolutely horrible.  It is one thing to send out trash after a bunch of trades when you are rebuilding.  It is another thing to wonder what part of the roster IS the rebuilding.  
  93. Once you get past the fact that Mike Riley still even HAS his job, you can then comprehend that Nebraska lost yet again.  I am only mad I didn’t ride that train again and bet against them.  But, I had already had a good day in betting and didn’t want to push it late.
  94. I only push it when BEHIND-lol (kind of).
  95. Went to see the movie Coco last night. LOTS of stuff going on early, even for an adult.  If I were a kid, I would need a flow chart.  But, good movie, typical Disney spin (fooled BOTH Lindsey and I), and my only complaint was the “short” movie at the beginning was like 30 minutes.  But, combine happy hour at Maggiano’s (those huge flatbread plates are FOUR bucks) and the MoviePass Lindsey and I have ($10/month for unlimited movies) and it was a very cheap night.
  96. Well, I DID buy her Christmas gifts (at least the electronic ones) on Black Friday, so basically the day was far from a push.
  97. ANYWAY, the previews had one for Incredibles II.  Of ALL of the movies they choose to make sequels of, I would have preferred them pushing one of those out every 6 months or so since whenever the first one came out.  Seriously, Scary Movie 5, Home Alone 3, Speed 2, and Mannequin 2 have all been made but we can’t get a second Incredibles?  Image result for the incredibles 2
  98. Been a while since everyone was so hyped up on Bama-Auburn and I think the entire country is better off because of it.
  99. Things were SUPPOSED to be this hyped preseason for the Ohio State-Michigan game, but Michigan kind of ruined that.  Harbaugh is everywhere, but still kind of nowhere right now.
  100. Seriously, people, I have to have my “other” likes since I don’t booze anymore, and the apple Red Bull is off the chain.  Image result for red bull green apple kiwi
  101. Derrick Rose has stepped away hopefully momentarily, but we all understand if he makes it permanent.  Hope not.  Even Tracy McGrady was able to play some more years (and more).  Could have been a whole different story for that kid without the injuries.  Shame beyond a shame.
  102. That UCF-USF ending wasn’t too shabby, was it?  I admit to telling you about it, Lindsey coming home after working all day and wanting to lay down next to me, I put one of her shows on since I had been watching football all day, and then read about it after.  So, basically I watched the whole instant classic game except for the crazy ending.  Husband-wife.  Sacrifices.
  103. Scott Frost has HIS pick of the litter on big jobs when done the job at hand.
  104. Isn’t it crazy thinking 10 years ago the Big East was…the Big East, and not this other funky acronym.  Not that they were awesome at football even back then, but the dissolution of a legendary conference STILL bugs me.
  105. So, Bret Bielema does what I think is a lateral move by moving from his successful Wisconsin program, goes to Arkansas, lays an egg, and then gets fired?  Dude is watching Wisconsin right now wondering about life choices.  WHY move laterally?  If it isn’t obvious that something is an upward move, it probably isn’t, and unless you went to school there or you grew up there or it has a fancy beach by campus, do NOT go there leaving a successful program.  Be a legend at YOUR school.  Even if you are FOLLOWING a big time coach.
  106. He is still picking a great time to be fired with all of these openings.
  107. So, UVA-VA Tech I guess hit the under, right?  I thought my phone wasn’t refreshing after I pinged the score after the movie.  10-0.
  108. No, things are bad enough in Cavs land still when a football fan alum goes to see Coco instead of watching his school’s rivalry game.  Hey, it was Friday night.
  109. That Duke-Texas OT game was crazy.  Duke will be fine regardless.  A win over Duke though would have looked a whole lot sparklier (a word-probably not) had UT come away with the official win.
  110. FAU didn’t cover today.  That is alright because it just would have made a good betting day great, but I feel like that is the only second time in about 7 weeks they HAVEN’T covered.
  111. Sounds like JT Barrett wanted to be on TV one more time before the title games.  Hope he is ok.
  112. Rivalry is weird.  When rooting for one thing to happen but thinking the other will happen after halftime, I try to stay away.  So, no bet on the Auburn-Alabama game today.  Just enjoying the changing score (as I am at tattoo parlor right now).
  113. If I had to pick one rivalry game to go to, I think I would choose Bama-Auburn.  AT Auburn.  Just want to see pregame with this.  #wareagle Image result for auburn war eagle
  114. I had “nitro” iced tea today before the parlor.  I have to say if I want my iced tea sweet EVER, it would need to be “nitro’d.”  Pretty cool.  
  115. It was morning mac vs. crabcake benedict today for my breakfast.  Crabcake won only because I plan on eating mac and cheese (at the new Whole Foods possibly) and lasagna at White Pie for my other two meals today.  
  116. So, UCLA and Chip Kelly is the new coach-team marriage.  That makes sense.  Those UCLA-Oregon games suddenly became a lot more fun.  And he has a beach to escape to after losses.
  117. The Georgia Dome got leveled.  That is ok, and props to their new crib.  But, and I am not looking this up to confirm, I remember going to the Georgia Dome and it being centralized to downtown in a decentralized town.  I hear this new one is a couple of train stops down.  I think.  Been a while.
  118. I guess we only hear about Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell stories A) when weekend football games aren’t on and B) NOT after a horrible Cowboys loss on turkey day.  He must be less feisty this weekend.
  119. Terry Glenn died in a car crash.  I remember the Ohio State team he was on with Bobby Hoying and Eddie George.  How THAT team didn’t win one is beyond me.  I hear Terry was a class act.  Happy trails, and you were too young to leave us.  Image result for glenn hoying george ohio state
  120. David Lee retired and I feel like he has one of the weirdest careers anyone could have.  Kind of good.  Kind of forgotten.  Has his ring.  Now making tennis jokes in bed.  Image result for david lee married wozniacki
  121. You know.  No, actually I don’t know.  Maybe…perhaps….ok.  I “love” you, honey.  Hee hee.  We sure made a “racket” last night, didn’t we?  Are you a “Volley Girl?”  What happened to the bull fighter who died one day?  Win, bull don.
  122. Sitting in the tattoo parlor now after getting my birthday tattoo and they have on Pandora for Alice and Chains or someone like that.  Enjoy the hell out of it.  Well, except when I got lightheaded during the first 15 minutes of my tattoo.  It is what it is.  I rallied.  
  123. Only I notice these things.  Once done my tattoo, I noticed THIS across the street.  I thought it was adorable.  
  124. Lindsey is getting one on her inside foot area.  We obviously know who is tougher between her and I.  
  125. And of course a tattoo does not interrupt her from missing an OU football game.  
  126. From last week (I blog inverted order), I would have bet a LOT more on the Pats at a neutral stadium above sea level.  Totally adjusted my easy wager for a game AT Oakland.  Dammit.
  127. I usually sit on my couch on Sundays and watch one game.  What was I thinking?  I am a bettor.  NFL Mix ROCKS.  All of the games up at once.  I know.  I am slow.  Had it the whole year and never abused it.
  128. This is what I hate about only blogging once a week.  I just went past about 7 games from last week.  Seems like old news, especially since we have already had three new games on turkey day.  Moving past them, moving past them….
  129. I got stuck in the movie The Rookie last weekend.  Damn, that is such a feel good movie.  And you can TRY and turn it off, but once you know the bet, you just have to keep on trucking.  Solid flick.  Image result for the movie the rookie
  130. Last week for Movember.  This week, I am going one day with the full goatee, one day without the bottom, one day with the soul patch and mustache only, and one day as the porn star dad for the final photo.  Please donate if you want before end of month.
  131. My Thanksgiving was up in the mountains.  Jut a couple of pics.  Mountains of CO.  
  132. Always a million dogs up there.  Lindsey’s family breeds dogs.  If you need a Goldendoodle, I am your guy.
  133. I took my backpack with computer up to the mountain house, but on the way up, I remembered they had HORSESHOES.  I played for way too long by myself at a family event in the backyard.  Had to get my groove back.  My dad was the best at horseshoes, and I had many, many great times in trying to beat him.
  134. I found the range back, but still have to work on it opening up after my two flips.  That is just sharpening the pencil though since most people just throw the damn things and hope it lands in the pit.
  135. Lindsey wanted to know where I wanted to go to dinner tomorrow for my birthday.  Well, it obviously is going to be Italian food.  So, we ended up with either White Pie or Gaetano’s.  Rationale?  Case for Gaetano’s is that I haven’t been and it was started by members of the mob.  Love it.  White Pie?  The best lasagna I have ever had except within city limits of actual Rome or Lindsey’s family recipe (in that order).  And I have only had it once thus far, so I need to confirm it is that good.  
  136. And Lindsey’s thoughtfulness (and her friend’s) excels once again.  What cookie have I been talking about all summer and fall?  The one from Buena Vista.  Well, her friend was within 30 miles or so, so she stopped by and got FOUR of them for me.  
  137. And the final part.  I haven’t had time to post this over the weekend, so let me add a couple of other things before I post.
  138. Bama played with three guys on the floor for over 10 minutes of game time.  They almost won, scary as that sounds.  89-84 to a decent Minnesota team.
  139. The AFC West was supposed to be a heavyweight this season.  Their two most dangerous teams are probably the two most didn’t expect to at the beginning of the season.  The Chiefs have gone 1-5 in their last six games and STILL lead the division.
  140. I personally won’t be up after the Steelers game (about to begin), but IF you are late night person, you might want to check out the Florida-Duke game.  Possible future Final Four game.
  141. I played pool last night after we ate our birthday dinner last night.  Still got it, and hit five bank shots in three games, including the final 8 ball.  
  142. We were home watching Stranger Things by 9.  Crazy night.  But, it is amazing how tired you can get sitting around in a tattoo parlor all day.
  143. Oh, BIG shout out to the artist, Jerry Paz.  He works at 33 1/3.  Clean place, and I would recommend the shop if you thinking of getting some new ink.
  144. Shame to beat your in state rival and then immediately get fired.  #asu
  145. Lindsey was telling me about TEN people who survived the MGM-Vegas shooting have died since then in various odd, random ways.  That is just nuts.  You survive the tragedy and then die within 3 months of it.
  146. We finished Stranger Things and started Ozark last night.  Stranger Things was, as I predicted, AWESOME and end of seat nuts.  We are choosing Ozark as the next mini addiction…since it is only one season in and House of Cards seems like a larger obstacle.  Plus, Ozark is bring its own level of intensity to the screen.  Crazy shit on that show.  Image result for ozark show
  147. Dan Mullen going to Florida is NOT a lateral move.  Yes, same conference, but more of a recruiting upgrade.  And Ole Miss was beating Dan’s ass at recruiting that region.  Kids are not going to stop going to play UF football.
  148. Greg Schiano will head to Tennessee.  Greg deserves another shot at head coach, and Tennessee will be a quick re-start for recruiting, but here is my thing.  As a Jersey boy who went to the northern reaches of a Southern school, I can chime in.  Greg is a NJ boy, through and through.  Guess you are hoping for some Calipari/ Pre-Cheat Pitino magic to be a northern boy heading south.   Image result for calipari hair gel kentucky
  149. Very Southern looking guy…HE probably eats at Gaetano’s when he comes to Denver.
  150. What we learned today in the NFL.
  151. Taylor might not set the world on fire, but his D sure played like Buffalo wants to stick with him.  Arrowhead is NOT an easy place to get a win, no matter what year or which winning or losing streak.
  152. The Eagles get all the pub for its offense, but it is locking DOWN some clubs recently.  They have a little of both I would say.
  153. The Browns are running out of chances after losing to Cincy today.  They have to go to Chicago, and that will be the best chance most likely, and the Ravens and Packers are the hosting chances for a win.  They go on the road against the Steelers and Chargers, and those W’s probably aren’t happening at this point.
  154. Atlanta takes care of a game they should take care of with Tampa being wounded and on the road.
  155. Wait.  As I am writing this, I am seeing the headline about Tennessee backing out of the Schiano hiring.  THAT was fast.  Although we all know the obvious issue, I am sure my joke helped it cross the line.
  156. I ALMOST took the Dolphins and 17 points.  NE made sure to cover the spread.  35-17.
  157. Watching the final field goal in my house as I was pleading to the TV was quiet, but I bet a sports book was going NUTS.  5.5 spread.  Last second FG that was strategically needed.
  158. Lots of sports books were probably going nuts along with the Dolphins game.  Indy was a 3 pt underdog, was up most of the third quarter and lost 20-16.
  159. Talking about lateral moves again, A&M fired Sumlin, and is eyeing Jimbo Fisher.  Last time I checked, FSU had the #6 recruiting class last year, and if I am Jimbo, they have to DRAG me off that campus.  A&M?  Lateral move, if that.  Sure, it is the SEC, but no home ties (WV), no allegiance, and definitely further away from beaches.
  160. Before I go, I liked the Eagles bowling alley TD theme today, but hasn’t someone already done that?  I think so, but still funny.
  161. Before I go, why again don’t teams jump over the pile these days?
  162. Before I go watch this game, WHY was Tomlin talking about the Pats in the hours before the Packers game?  Coaching 101, last time I checked.  Here is hoping he is not.
  163. Before I go, just a line from Stranger Things from THIS guy.  No spoilers though.Image result for stranger things haircut corey haim
  164. This is a Demodog.  Image result for stranger things quotes demodogs
  165. The show is basically as good of feeling as rooting for Luke Skywalker or Neo get good at their craft.  You HAVE to root for them.
  166. And by the way, as this show keeps running, the music is AMAZING.  They busted out Runaway by Bon Jovi in this season.  Image result for bon jovi runaway
  167. That’s it for today, all.  Hope you either enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Off to watch my Steelers find some dumb way to make it more interesting than it should be.  Peace.
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