Declaration: I am at least going to blog until I am 40.

No blog again today.  The title is because Rant Squad member Ochocinco has declared he will play until he is 40.  Thanks, Chad.  Aren’t we within days of you changing your last name back to Johnson because your fiancee asked you to?  Keep me in the loop, whatever you name is.  Anyway, even bloggers need holidays.  And as Seinfeld almost said in an episode, “I choose not to blog.”  To entertain you, here is a picture of a toe after playing freeze tag with 8 year olds and not seeing one of those cement parking blocks while going full speed after a few drinks on Fourth of July eve.  Yes, that IS electrical tape.  BUT, I DID tag all of them even with a busted toe.  I think kids have gotten faster.  Kyle, thanks for letting me know I was right about Nate Dogg being in the Savages preview.  Finally, since this is MY domain, and I can do whatever the hell I please since I own this shit, I would like to not only share one of my favorite pictures I have ever seen in general, but I would also like you to see a picture of my girl, Lindsey.  AND my Steelers hat.

and in case you are curious or have the jonesing for the scene by my tease (I am just talking you Seinfeld fans),

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