Dancin’ close to the borderline…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

I lied about not blogging today.  I HAVE to blog these days.  I think I would diss sleeping time to make room for my blog.  There already aren’t enough hours in the day for my work, so sleep would be the one that would HAVE to go.

Quick hitter.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  THESE are the things that make my mind intrigued.  You maybe personally need some loud statement to get your wheels churning, but this little, tiny comment made me think.  Leslie Frazier, coach of the Vikings, declared that “without question, Adrian Peterson is a game time decision.”  So, Leslie, you came out and stated without a doubt in your mind that there was a LOT of doubt as to when Adrian would play.  Thanks for clearing that up, Jack Handy.  Oh, and Leslie, I walked down the beach, picked up a seashell, and didn’t hear a thing.  Take THAT and rewind it back.

2)  Let me come clean.  I gave out college picks last week.  I gave a total of eight that I liked.  It is tough the first week of the season.  Anyway, at first glance you might say my 3-5 record was pedestrian.  I say this.  It IS the first week, so let me gain some momentum and see how teams are.  AND, more importantly, I told you FIVE games that I gave reasons for that I REALLY liked, and then three more I might play with.  Let’s make sure everyone is clear that I was 3-2 with my five power picks…then 0-3 on the “other” three.


Penn State-Loss




3)  Wow, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t waste any time getting back into the mix after politics.  Already with a supporting role in Expendables II (I still have to see that), Arnold will be coming out with his first starring role release.  He is coming back as a teacher at a school who falls in love…nevermind.  Just kidding.  He is a “border town sheriff.”  Talk about the grass being green and the sky being blue.  Whatever.  I will go see it.


4)  Talk about having a HEART ATTACK.  My cable box went out on Monday.  Sure, I was salivating at the mouth missing ESPN News and Seinfeld repeats, but less than two days before NFL football began?  The gym is important to me, but damn straight I was standing in that long-ass Comcast line to get me some new hardware.

4a)  Side note.  I AM wearing Steelers gear EVERY day this week to work, meaning my Comcast trip was slightly interesting with some comments here and there.

5)  NFL football on Wednesday.  I can’t place exactly how long they have been doing it, but I am still adjusting.  Maybe next year they just have a game a night during the week?

5a)  I know, I know.  I have already said a hook on it, but I am still going to say it again.  Please TELL me that the Cowboys have done for Mariah Carey what the Wizards did for her back in the day.  Give her a dress to wear.  Just tell me it is true.

6)  Mardy Fish withdraws from the US Open against Roger Federer.  The way Federer is playing, I won’t even make fun of you, Mardy, if it WAS a sissy injury.  Considering these days the average pro needs to play about 150% better than what they normally play to beat him, I would say you should just get the hell out of the way if you are not up to snuff.

7)  Food note.  I have NO idea how more people do not like Pumpernickel bread.  How it is not mainstream is a mystery to me.  My mom and dad had it ALWAYS in our house, and it is delicious.  “What kind of bread/ bagel, sir?”  “Pumpernickel if you have it.”  Pumpernickel is the Allosaurus and Golden Eagle to the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Bald Eagle of life.  I am saying it is underrated and relatively unknown by the way (you think THOSE are weird comparisons, but realize I actually USE those on a semi-frequent basis when TALKING).

8)  Let’s do some math.  Jags RB Maurice Jones-Drew sat out 38 days.  He lost $30k a DAY.  Hmmmm.  I will do the math for you.  30×38= a lot

9)  I saw the Pointer Sisters the other night at the free concert at Taste of Colorado.  Made me want to do a Beverly Hills Cop marathon immediately.

10)  VA Tech fans are bothered that they barely beat GA Tech last night.  Here is the thing. That Georgia Tech squad is solid as their running system finally has all of the present coach’s recruits.  You are never going to roll over them.  VA Tech escapes an early loss like last year, racks up a conference win, and knows they stole one so they don’t lolly gag it through the easy part of their schedule.  They are so used to dropping one early and then fighting back in the rankings, that they are probably already lost at this point being 1-0.

11)  Rory McIlroy takes the Deutsche Championship in golf.  You can talk about Louis making a run and Tiger shooting a 5 under on the final day of a tournament.  I break it down to THIS.  I don’t care WHAT tournament you are playing.  If you are making people chase you at 20 under, AFTER winning the PGA Championship, then everyone else better just be praying you cool off at some point maybe before next April (sorry Davis Love, I know this international thing is KIND of important too).  Kind of like watching a basketball team shoot 80% in the first half and hoping that the law of averages will do its thing.

12)  I complimented you you for being classy, mom and dad of LSU’s Matthieu.  Now, just let it go.  Stop teasing the media of when he is enrolling, what he is doing, etc.  You said he is not playing, so now let us have people PLAYING football own the headlines.

13)  Hey, people.  How many games does Cal Ripken have left to get Gehrig’s record?  What’s that?  Really???? He already got it AND retired.  Then, who the HELL stole the DeLorean, because what the HELL is Baltimore doing 1 game out of making the playoffs in September?

14)  It is kind of weird hearing Winger’s “Seventeen.”  To think, when that song came out, if I was to go out with a seventeen year old, I would have been dating an older chick.  Now, I hear it and say “eeeewwwwwww….”  How time flies.

15)  Finally, Bama overtook USC in the polls this week.  I HATE this shit.  We are at the FIRST game of the season, and I know preseason polls have to be regulated, but it isn’t like USC had a CLOSE one, even IF they were playing Hawaii.  That is BS I say.  Hawaii is not a Division II school, and Bama DID look impressive.  But it is not a reason to bring USC off the top spot.  You win 49-10 and you get BUMPED.  Ridiculous.

16)  That is it.  Going to watch TV again.  Yay.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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