DAH! DAH! DAH!…good times never seemed so good…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Hard stop on twenty minutes.  Need to take a quick break for sanity purposes.  One of those days…

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  I have a new movie name.  “Attack of the Directional Schools,” starring Da’Rick Rogers.  Hooked, yet?  Well, it is the sad story of a high profile recruit who gets kicked off of a consistent and well-televised football power and then has to play at a smaller school to play at all.  I am not splitting the atom over here by saying that I don’t think those games against Eastern Illinois, Eastern Kentucky, North Greenville (what?), and the big daddy of them all, Southwest Missouri State will be televised, played in front of 106,000 people, or have a lot of scouts roving the grounds.  Da’Rick, may the force be with you.

2)  No big upsets thus far in the US Open.  Sharapova looks sharp, looks hot, and screams a lot, Roger Federer might as well just have bye matches until the semi’s, and Andy Murray advances to the second round and gets ready to lose to either Federer or Djokovic…again.

3)  In a classic “I will take your disappointment who looks good on paper for our disappointment who looks good on paper and maybe the whole change of scenery will help them (I know-that is a long “cliche” line),” the Jets and Rams swapped out right tackles Jason Smith and Wayne Hunter.  Good for them.  It was a push.  It might help SOMEONE.

4)   Lindsey and I picked our fantasy football team auction style last night.  It was a blast and I would do that type of draft again, providing it started earlier.  It went for over two and a half hours, but you were engaged on EVERY pick with no breaks.  We did the “come strong on two picks and then lay low” strategy, grabbing a LOT of our key guys after others were low on cash.  I have never had Drew Brees and Calvin Johnson on my team, so it will be new, fun stuff for me.  Grabbing Beanie Wells for $5, Robert Meachem for $6, and Anquan Boldin as my pick AFTER the kicker for a buck were some of the highlights.  Plus, the OU girl got DeMarco Murray as a RB and Sam Bradford as the 2nd QB.  Solid team, AND fun to root for.

4a)  One HUGE advantage of playing fantasy football in a town where you don’t want any of the players?  Putting Broncos up for bid on purpose and then watching everyone bid too high.

5)  Memphis basketball, in some down years after a couple of almost glamorous years, snagged another top flight recruit in Nick King.  The positive spin on this is a major rule of recruiting is to NEVER let hometown studs leave town.  Good job.  The BAD news is that Memphis better be glad kids like hoops in their town, because I see both of their top recruits are hometown and not a lot of top kids from outside city limits.

6a)  I hear Nick was looking at Vanderbuilt.  I wonder if Vandy still has Seinfeld nights even though it is off the air now.  That was a huge selling point to the university when I almost accepted their offer back in the day.

7)  I don’t care if he is happy.  I don’t care if I should be worried about injuries and getting in football shape.  The difference between my worse case 10-6 for the Steelers and best case 13-3 is probably Mike Wallace (if I TOTALLY ignore the O-line and running back problems, of course).  Glad he is finally signed.

8)  Kind of coincidental that David Ortiz went on the DL RIGHT after they traded away Beckett, Gonzalez, and Crawford.  You don’t think he just walked into work one day and said “screw this nonsense, I am HURT” do you?

8a)  Change of scenery, yada yada, yada.  Sure, it is only one start, but not a good omen overall that Dodger Josh Beckett gets beat, and allows a homer on his second pitch of the game.  It ended up being 10-0 to the ROCKIES, but actually he didn’t pitch as bad as I am making it overall.  3 runs in 5 plus innings.  Still.  They will need more from him to run this thing in the NL West.

8b)  Look at the bright side, Josh.  Since they reset records when you switch leagues, you only have one loss technically.

9)  Article headline I almost choked in laughter on, considering my hook on the Jets offense yesterday.  “Tim Tebow is still “excited” about the Jets offense.”  Damn.  Why didn’t I think of that one?  That is funny.

10)  Ok.  It will be rough REGARDLESS spending your first football season in the SEC.  That being said, let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot before the season even begins.  Missouri lost their tailback to injury, which doesn’t sound TOO desperate.  It is just one guy.  However, that tailback, Henry Josey, only averaged 8.1 yards per carry last year.

11)  Wow.  THIS is how sensitive this issue is at Penn State.  They will not air the song Sweet Caroline, and rumor has it is because of the lyrics “touching me/ touching you.”  I am sorry.  I think it is a LITTLE funny, seriousness of the whole story aside.  Great song, and unfortunately innuendos galore. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/penn-state-cuts-sweet-caroline-from-stadium-singalongs-20120828

12)  I talked about the Dez Bryant rules yesterday.  I won’t today, as I think they are just going to get funnier and funnier.  I will let it build some steam first.

13)  Vick is back practicing, the city of Philly is a little less abrasive, and Andy Reid doesn’t have to worry about learning the names of his backup QB’s anymore…for now.

14)  K Olindo Mare was cut this week.  Kind of sad.  I think he is one of the last remaining of my original fantasy football standby’s at odd positions.

15)  Vince Young gets released,and the Bills trade for QB Tavaris Jackson from the Seahawks.  Vince is looking for a Delorean and a flux capacitor right now, as he pretty quickly went from a backup looking for another starting position to a guy looking for a third string JOB.  If they don’t trust you to be a back up for Buffalo, then where are you exactly in life?

16)  Time is up.  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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