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Let’s turn and burn.


When people talk about Baylor being one of the most disappointing basketball teams, does that mean for the last couple years?  I don’t remember a bigger waste of NBA talent than those guys on a consistent basis.  Scott Drew brought that program back from nothing and can recruit his tail off, but as far as putting it together, I am not sold on them.  Luckily, with them losing to rebuilding (yeah, Rick Barnes…SURE you are) Texas last night, we won’t have to worry most likely about them being in the tourney and jacking up our bracket one way or the other.  But, they WILL have 2-3 guys go to the NBA.  Weird.  Hey, Scott Drew, Texas is 224th, 267th, and 254th in the nation in PPG, Assists, and FG%.  NOT a good loss.  On a side note, did you SEE how GOOD Louisville looked in that win against Cincy?  Pitino teams consistently play better at the END of seasons, and this year looks to be no different.


Ok.  I do NOT like Joe Flacco, but I HAVE found one small, tiny thing that he did that I DO like.  Right after signing the big, ridiculous contract, he went straight to McDonald’s.  Word to THAT, Joe.  If I ever get rich, I will STILL be making the occasional McDonald’s stop.  Stuff is delicious.  Their french fries are the top of the mountain.  That is it, though.  I dislike the rest of you, Joe.


The NRA will be sponsoring a NASCAR race in Texas in April.  I look forward to all of THOSE commercials.  Guns galore?  Baylor’s Brittney Griner.  Ok, so she is not WNBA (yet), but when someone scores 50 points in a game at any level, you get some props.


Lonely at home watching basketball, Kobe decided to tell the world that he would have “smacked” Ibaka if HE was the one who got hit in the junk.  Kobe, go back to trying to stay .500 and catch the powerhouse Houston Rockets, and leave the microphone alone when it comes to how you would react to a much bigger, stronger, man.  You better make up with Dwight Howard if you plan on smacking Ibaka.


TWELVE Florida A&M BAND members were charged with manslaughter in a HAZING death of a band member in 2011.  It wasn’t even a prank gone wrong.  Dude died from internal bleeding after being hit by multiple people.  These must be the people who weren’t cool enough to get into a fraternity or sorority, but still wanted to live the life.  Ugghhh.  Sad.


Metta World Peace has said he is not dirty, just aggressive.  You are “something,” Metta, though not sure what.  As I tweeted yesterday, I would like to put you, Dennis Rodman, and Floyd Mayweather in a room together and just see what happens.


Johnny Manziel says that the Heisman has not changed him, and that he is still the same person he was before.  Not buying it, kid, and neither is anyone else.  You shouldn’t have posted yourself at every freaking social event since the end of the season if you are sticking to this story.  You are not unlikable by any means, but you lost some fans regardless through your media searching antics.


Adrian Peterson fired back at Chris Johnson, saying why should he care what C.J. says.  This is fun now.  C.J. didn’t even win MVP when he ran for 2k, has averaged a pedestrian 4.3 yards the last three years, and now he wants to piss off A.P.?  CJ, go back to your home and just be quiet.  Impress us next year, although I don’t know why anyone is even playing next season since genius Von Miller has already told us the Broncos are winning it all.  Everyone, just mail it in-HA.


Quick one.  Love or hate, LeBron, I don’t think ANY of us want to see him go down with any injury that might slow him.  If he fails, we want him healthy when he does it.  Thanks to the basketball gods for making that awkward looking injury very minor.


Rory McIlroy has apologized for walking off the course after the 8th hole this past weekend.  It will take a while for that wound to heal, kid.  I am not talking about the media, myself, or sports fans.  I am talking about the 8 year old who needed an explanation from his less rich dad about why they weren’t following Rory around the golf course anymore.


Just what the city of Chicago needs.  First, they have to play the NBA year without their franchise guy.  Now, their main stud pitcher, Matt Garza, goes down with an injury that will sideline him until May.  The Cubs need a lot of things, but one thing they DON’T need is another slow, pathetic start to the season.

That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question.  Just like Von Miller guarantees a Super Bowl victory, I guarantee I will squeeze in a rant tomorrow.  Peace.

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