1. Greetings and salutations, people. Thanks for coming aboard (the boat) on this Thursday (well, when I am writing it).  Combo airplane and land Cast.  Let’s move.
  2. Just got done a very large sales presentation today. De-com-press-ion.
  3. I have to admit. This Root Channel thing is throwing me off with the Big 3 Tournament.  It is engrained in my subconscious to look only through certain channels on Direct TV.  The Root thing throws me.  I WANT to catch A.I. and friends ALL the time, but it doesn’t register and I simply end up watching a replay of college football’s playoff last year or an E:60 on someone I don’t really know.
  4. Jordan Spieth is a stud. Not splitting the atom by saying that.  But what a balls move times two to A) hit that tee shot right after that almost disastrous hill shot B) nail those two long putts on the home stretch AND C) not even get the ball out of the cup one time.  Dude is classy, legit, young, humble, and ballsy.    How can you really NOT like him?
  5. The fact that there were two par 5’s coming down the stretch AND coupled with Kuchar losing that lead really cemented who was going to win that. Spieth has more length and a couple other Majors already.  Shame also.  Not sure Kuchar gets a better shot than that one.  You could say “well, he WAS battling Jordan Spieth,” and I would counter by saying “well, you caught a day where DJ, JD, RM, and RF were NOT in the mix.”
  6. Nice to have this many young guns in the mix these days.  People who hate watching Major golf I think are weird.
  7. I feel bad for someone trying to enjoy this McGregor-Mayweather fight who doesn’t know much about boxing.  Should I root for the racist pig or the domestic abuse gay hater?  Decisions.  Some of my colleagues said today they are interested in the fight.  I guess you could say I am INTERESTED, but still not sure the 50th time is “that” fight when someone actually catches Floyd with one clean shot.  Listen, and don’t tell me he is dancing.  He is using people and then staying away after he has already done his damage.  You don’t want dancing?  Don’t get so far behind early.  You and 49 other guys…
  8. Don’t worry about me wanting to go to the movie theater to watch this fight…couch will be just fine.
  9. I don’t have much room today as my exit row got swiped (which as you know makes me VERY disturbed). Anyway, this blog might be 80% land written.  I have a Coke Zero coming and I don’t see the room happening.  Reading my new mags or playing chess sounds easier to do.
  10. Ok, calling it. Guy next to me is a large guy, and oddly staring past me out the window constantly.  I can’t even write on the way home because I drove to the airport this time.  Maybe I will have time tonight.  Talk to you another time.
  11. Greetings again.  I didn’t have time last night when I got home.  I had this grand plan while Lindsey was at a bachelorette party on a party bus to write this long winded blog and I was going to love it and you were going to love it and it was going to be awesome.  Well, after working all day and working out during my lunch, then hitting the pool for a mile swim, and then the driving range for a large bucket of balls, I am tired.  Plus, once again on a Friday hanging solo, I want to watch a movie.  So, let’s do it the fun, more concise way.  One sentence only per hook.  It is tough for me to write one single sentence on a thought, but it moves faster, makes me be more to the point, and will get me my movie.  One sentence per.  Let’s move.
  12. I MIGHT sit in front of the beginning of the movie and put some fun pics in here though-we will see when I finish.
  13. I still have no intern, as no one has answered my ads, so no editing tonight most likely on this thing.
  14. The Broncos lost Shane Ray today for an extended period of time, and something tells me that somewhere at a happy hour, DeMarcus Ware and Dwight Freeney both have voicemails.
  15. This after losing Booker hurts them, but at least they have the Jamaal Charles return to glory dream.
  16. The Phillies won tonight, meaning today is a weird day.
  17. LeSean McCoy has come out and said he can until play until he is 33, and we would like to thank him for giving us, the masses, a four year heads up on the end of his playing career…now I can sleep tonight.
  18. On a parallel note, I love you, Big Ben, but I don’t need to know about YOUR retirement plans either for next year.
  19. I kind of believe that Kyrie Irving DOES believe the earth is flat if he is leaving LeBron in the weak East.
  20. Expect several odd mentions of this disturbing issue on the Cavs.
  21. Brett told me about a FB story on a woman shitting on her boss’s desk after hitting the lottery, and you would be AMAZED at the number of hits you get on Google over the years when typing in those words.
  22. Casey at work told Brett and I that the Jets picked up Colin Kaepernick, but I have seen no such update (although it IS believable) so Casey must be the inside sources of all inside sources.
  23. I don’t understand the difference between a person looking at their watch of their phone when they get a text or email, as both are distracting, we know what they are doing, and I find it very irritating.
  24. LaVar Ball threatened to pull his team off the floor after a ref almost kicked him out of the game, and curious why the article said “female ref” as opposed to just the “ref.”
  25. I am SOOOO glad Zion Williamson beat the new Ball wiz the night before.
  26. Damn, I remember when I was a Ball family supporter…seems like a long time ago now.
  27. Kevin Durant wants Kyrie to find happiness in wherever he lands and SHUT THE F UP, KD AS WE ALL HATE YOU FOR GOING TO THE WARRIORS.
  28. Yes, I don’t even drink anymore, and I still cussed in my blog, meaning I must hate Kevin Durant quite a bit for leaving the Thunder.
  29. At least he was wearing another T-Shirt when saying those words.
  30. “He really doesn’t care” lol
  31. In case you need another reason to hate the Warriors, they just signed McGee to the league minimum, meaning they stay pretty much fully intact and have a full roster already.
  32. I am hoping Young and McGee throw punches in the locker room sooner rather than later.
  33. The Titans aren’t even a good team and they are releasing guys after getting shot…give the guy a couple of days maybe????
  34. Andrew at work was eating fruit at work, I thought it was a peach, I started singing that damn song from years ago, and the damn fruit ended up being a nectarine…flowchart.
  35. You know the song…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Cs8G_mY8jE
  36. I am tired enough not even to catch up on Deadspin…you do it…it is good for you.
  37. So, for the first time El Clasico is being held in the U.S. and Ronaldo won’t even show up????
  38. I have no idea WHY Greg from work was watching this video, but try and watch it without laughing, staring in wonder, or trying to figure out WHY you are still watching it still.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvVoY-PTf6s
  39. Did I hear a little birdie say Gruden wants back in coaching?
  40. If I am a football player, I am playing for Gruden any day of the week and other days too.
  41. I am not good at quoting cliches…sorry.
  42. Maybe I will post a pic of Varys on my picture run if it happens.
  43. Can’t wait until Sunday again…you are weird if you don’t watch GOT.
  44. OBJ wants to not only be the highest paid WR but the highest paid PLAYER, and I have a problem with a guy who is not involved in every single play being the highest paid player in the league.
  45. I can’t find a picture of it online, I had it when we were in Buena Vista, and I am literally having dreams about this cookie that House Rock Kitchen sells that was the best thing I have ever tasted and unfortunately is three hours away.
  46. I didn’t think it would sell out for the weekend, I should be there as the biggest fan, I am writing this instead, and Top Gun IMAX 3D was sold OUT…dammit.
  47. (watching these hockey shenanigans from the golf tournament in Canada today)
  48. Looks like the Rockies-Nats game was postponed, and that means that Bryce Harper still has a 19 game hitting streak intact.
  49. I would be a horrible rich person but I WOULD draw the line, as I just read about a ridiculous electric jet ski with a price tag of 18k, which is ridiculous and beyond.
  50. I understand the Drive by Dunk Challenge is getting wings, and it is a funny idea, but isn’t the kid who broke the rim on the family’s garage incriminating himself (scroll down to TheWrist one by Andrew Leonard)?  http://www.11alive.com/sports/keep-an-eye-on-your-hoop-the-drive-by-dunk-challenge-is-the-latest-internet-meme/458837160
  51. I can’t decide how interested I will be tomorrow in the Jones-Cormier fight, and at this point I think I will have to be really bored at about 9pm at night.
  52. I think we are heading to Seattle and Vancouver for Labor Day…just because it sounds like a good idea and for some reason Vancouver just FEELS like it might be one of my future favorite cities.
  53. Needed a pic in the theme (since I nixed the pic thing on editing) so I threw in a photo of the city.
  54. Go figure-it has a lot of water, so I like it.
  55. Again, I think that I have decided to become pretty good at golf, and considering that I am more decent than I should be for someone who has played like not at all, I think consistent practice will make me relatively dangerous.
  57. One of my fancy acronyms that I can’t spell out, but I feel better about saying it in some way.
  58. I think I have made the decision to not post pictures, and I will probably write another blog on Sunday before GOT.
  59. Why is Kyrie being UNREACHABLE?
  60. I hate the Cowboys because I am a Steelers fan, but am a fan of Jaylon Smith and am happy the kid is looking solid thus far-I think everyone who passed on him made a big mistake.
  61. It has been announced that OJ is not welcome at USC, and I am sure that is not the end of the list when all is said and done.
  62. I think Steven’s Cat is up in my top five of Widespread Panic studio versions of songs, and if you listen to it and get bored, at least fast forward to the last minute where the guitar just sings to you beautifully.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzaa0RenZ40
  63. I find it funny when you initially Google Steven’s Cat before typing in the band name, you just get the artist Cat Stevens.
  64. David Price being thrown on the DL with all of these other issues just really makes him more unlikable.
  65. Hey, David, my elbow hurts too.
  66. You know I am a diehard Steelers fan, and if you are curious, YES, I am slightly nervous about the Le’Veon Bell situation as a whole.
  67. I am watching the replay of today’s Around the Horn, I hate Woody Paige, but DAMN did the dude just drop a beautiful Game of Thrones reference ACCURATELY in a LeBron take.
  68. A guy gave me a wristband/ bracelet a year ago, I wore it nonstop and tried to live up to it (a little TOO much), took it off recently when I had some life events happen, and now am wearing it again as I realized I am simply REDEFINING what “epic” means in my life.
  69. The bracelet says “Do Epic Shit” and it is on my wrist again, revived and embraced.
  70. John Urschel retired from the NFL because of head trauma research, and I think he will be fine in life as the dude has a doctorate in APPLIED MATHEMATICS.
  71. Not sure how much detail Lamar Odom is going into detail on his recent writing, but I would hedge on the less gray side, bro.
  72. You know our world is changing when there was an article this week about Pacman Jones coming to tears when discussing his owner’s loyalty.
  73. We know you can hit five HR’s in an inning, but we are all still doubting your overall pitching, Nats.
  74. The Phillies got three prospects for one of their main guys, and why not as it can’t get any worse, right?
  75. Before being the hero in the Gold Cup final match, Jordan Morris ALSO won in the last year and couple months the MLS title AND the college title…not a bad run for that kid.
  76. Is it bad that Jam On It by Newcleus is still on my primary iPad song list and that I still consider that and Roxanne by UTFO two of the greatest rap songs of all time?
  77. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaNzrXAUHBk
  78. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOTp3-jEMjQ
  79. In case you are wondering, like I was, about the wonder kid Cardale Jones and where he is, he was just traded from the BILLS to the Chargers for a SEVENTH round pick, so he is rocking it out just as he planned-lol.
  80. Hideki Matsuyama is #3 in the world rankings and yet hasn’t won a Major, which I find madly consistent but no trump card.
  81. You can read or write about the Freeze thing all you want, but I am already over it.
  82. In a very quiet blurb, Greg Olsen reported to NFL camp and probably could have held out for more money for his play at that position, but he didn’t, and that is classy.
  83. No one knows what is happening.  http://deadspin.com/heres-a-clip-in-which-everyone-suddenly-and-inexplicabl-1797275457
  84. I thought about writing an entire blog on the Phelps-Shark race, but then I read it on Deadspin and decided they wrote with the same attitude I would have and I want to watch a movie.  http://deadspin.com/michael-phelpss-next-shark-race-better-involve-seal-blo-1797280613
  85. Anyone else just SO tired of seeing how guys arrive at NFL camp?
  86. I still like the Curtis Samuel entrance, with his mom with hands on hips in background.
  87. I hate sites that have a list I am interested in, but have each thing ON the list on a separate page I have to press next for
  88. I hate si.com because now it has pop ups that I have to slide UP the page but I guess that is better than trying to hit that tiny X they make you hit otherwise.
  89. Amazing that Ledecky lost in the Worlds for first time after winning by NINETEEN seconds the day before in a different event.
  90. I can relate somewhat to Julio Jones losing his 100k earring while jetskiing, because one of my two Steelers hats that didn’t get retired ALSO got lost on a jet ski, and that was mentally worth 100k to me at the time.
  91. Listen, people, don’t take ANYTHING on a jet ski you can’t lose, and if you DO and DON’T lose it, then you are not going fast enough.
  92. Everyone was worried about whether the Red Sox were bringing up Rafael Devers too quickly, but that opening HR kind of silenced THAT worry.
  93. After Lucky Whitehead got dismissed by the Cowboys for a crime he wasn’t present for, I am glad the Jets picked him up and he has a job most likely.
  94. Stupid Cowboys…
  95. The people writing these MLB trade articles really make you click through a couple of times to get through the Yu Darvish and Sonny Gray mentions.
  96. Brevin White is the #193 prospect in the land, and the QB picked Princeton over 5 Big 5 programs…awesome for Tigers fans.
  97. Just listening to it for only second time, but kind of like this new possible recruit for my workout mix.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq4NJBr-pxM
  98. Although the video is just crazy weird…glad I will just be listening to it.
  99. Not sure why the local modern rock station is just playing it now, or maybe Disturbed waited this long to release it, but if you haven’t heard this version of Sound of Silence by a distinctive rock voice, you are missing out.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4
  100. PERFECT combo of not ruining a classic, while still putting his niche voice touch on the version.
  101. If you didn’t see Alex Gordon make a GREAT catch while casually blowing a bubble, than you are missing out.  Watch this.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY__fJojh14
  102. Todd Frazier might have hit into a triple play in his first AB for the Yanks, but he is a Jersey guy who can now go home to his real offseason home all the time, is only 31, and is truly living the American Sports dream.
  103. If Harbaugh is so interested in signing Kaep by the way, how come he picked up David Olson first?
  104. Correctly called off the top of my head in casual conversation today at work that Olson was Andrew Luck’s backup at Stanford…nice.
  105. Djokovic will miss the US Open with a bone bruise, and smiles reign throughout the future draw.
  106. Did any of you really think the Cubs wouldn’t make a run on the Brewers?
  107. We didn’t know it was going to be literally within 2 weeks, but we knew it was going to happen.
  108. Believe anything you want about this Kyrie thing, but the reason I know it is true that he is a punk is because Mr. Big Shot could even tell he was off when interviewing.
  109. Seriously, WHY would you leave LeBron’s side at this point?
  110. Even if LeBron DOES leave after this year, he could THEN be the focal point.
  111. He is already the focal point, as he scores more, shoots more, etc.
  112. Ugghhh, it makes me so frustrated.
  113. We thought the NBA offseason was DONE until Andrew Nicholson got traded for Allen Crabbe…monstrous game changing trade.
  114. I hope Kyrie gets sent to a shitty team, and I hope with Brandon Knight going down for season, the Suns somehow give Jackson and Bledsoe for Kyrie and he rots in the hot desert sun in losses.
  115. Did I see somewhere that Taco Bell and Lyft partnered?
  116. Now THAT is two companies really thinking about the bigger picture.
  117. They made the Saturday night Denver Cheese Festival event EXPENSIVE, as I would rather go get a block of Velveeta from Safeway and eat it all then spend $65 per person to eat a bunch of fancy cheese.
  118. Quietly outside of Denver, John Elway got extended on his contract and that is very, very smart by the Broncos.
  119. I heard the Chargers brought IN RGIII, but never heard how it went, and we are nearing the end so I am not Googling it.
  120. Kind of depressing that not only is LeBron James becoming one of the best ever AND picking pizza places to make more millions in.
  121. Another Kyrie thought is IF Derrick Rose has ANYTHING left, and if the Cavs trade Kyrie for a mountain of guys, then they pretty much get a good starting PG for nothing…but that is a lot of “ifs.”
  122. The Florida Gators quietly got a program changing QB…nice job.
  123. I think I would rather see Draymond Green fight Conor McGregor than Floyd and Conor.
  124. I am not a Dodgers fan, but really hope they don’t lose Kershaw in their quest to be one of the best records of all time.
  125. IIOMANY.
  126. Ok, it is almost 10pm.  Gotta go watch a movie.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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