Congrats, Justin. Nice job today. Now I can get back to hoping for more dragons. #got

Quick one post PGA Championship since I am out of pocket for at least tomorrow…

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).
  2. We won’t get the dragons as they never make us happy two weeks in a row, but it is ok to dream.
  3. Congrats to Justin Thomas.  Well deserved, and we pretty much had a clue about which cream was rising to the top when a squirrel helped him out on a drive and a putt dropped in after CBS almost went to commercial first.  He was already on that “best to not win a Major” list, so inside golf circles this was no surprise.
  4. Unfortunately, there is no Kurt Warner grocery store story behind this guy.  Just a kid whose grandpa was a PGA golf pro and whose dad was also a PGA golf pro.  But, still likable and respectful.
  5. I think he kind of looks like an uglier Jordan Spieth.  When the camera goes to him on the course, you initially have to do a double take…except for his outfit, his walk, his swing, and other minor things.
  6. The post interview made it look like his mustache was shaved on the left side but not the right.
  7. That ball that hung on the lip was not unlike Tiger’s at the Masters years ago at the 16th.
  8. I question many of Hideki’s decisions on the back nine.
  9. NO excuses all.  Aside from Louis hanging out on the bottom of the first page and a late rally by Rickie Fowler, there were NO big names on the board that should have scared away guys.  If anything, I at least thought it would be a slugfest coming into the Green Mile ending.  But, J.T. had things well in hand.
  10. That Day 18th hole collapse on Saturday was so surprising-he would have put the fear of God into the newbies.
  11. “Moving day” had the least amount of movement I remember on a Saturday of a Major.
  12. So, we have a ridiculous amount of FIRST time Major winners…except for that glitch that was Jordan Spieth.
  13. You can side with whatever side you want to, and you can like pivotal score changing holes down the stretch.  I personally LOVED this tourney since whoever was ahead going into the last three holes pretty much had a processional as long as they didn’t mess up.
  14. There is a Young Sheldon spinoff?  Ugghhh.  I still am trying to grasp the concept that Big Bang Theory even made it past a season.
  15. They FOUND it!  The Cardinal Rally Cat was found, and, as always, more fun to read on Deadspin.
  16. I am not saying I would make ALL the greatest decisions if I had $880k under my mattress, but I surely wouldn’t bet on Floyd in the upcoming fight when I win and only walk with $1mil on my investment.
  17. Sorry.  “badass cyclist” in the headline caught my eye.
  18. Because we know you don’t have bandwidth to catch steeplechase races, even if they are solid.
  19. Deadspin is not popular JUST for funny stuff (although it helps).  Solid article about the C-Ville thing, which hits close to home for me since I went to school there.
  20. No hooks ON the subject though, as I stick to sports and useless noticed things in life, and I will let someone else write a better take on the issue (ironic since I am a political science major FROM UVA).  As Doc said in Tombstone, “my hypocrisy only goes so far.”
  21. Odd though that the Red Wings got pulled into this whole thing…
  22. And I am NOT reading any athlete takes on Charlottesville as they should stick to sports.
  23. BUT, I WILL say this is one day I wasn’t bothered by someone not standing for the anthem as much as I usually am.  #marshawnlynch
  24. I didn’t catch up on Deadspin during the final round of golf, so I leave that important task up to you today.  It is healthy for you.
  25. I am always amazed about the AMOUNT of places we have to go in CO to camp.  Denver is populous, and we still seem to distribute ourselves wisely with the hot spots.  I finally got to the St. Mary’s glacier area this weekend, and it was awesome and a tad cold right below the treeline.  I will post pics later this week as I just got done watching 4 hours of golf and now have some work to do before focusing on Game of Thrones.
  26. Of course some of those “hot spots” require a great 4WD vehicle.  Like mine.
  27. I am not a camping “expert,” but I have the minimum gear and keep making a list of things I need to buy to make it a little easier.
  28. Shame about the Usain Bolt end of career.  He pulled up in his final race after losing to Gatlin in the 100.  Listen, he is the greatest of all time at what he did.  Let’s remember THAT.  Tough to go out unscathed.
  29. I think the Nats will be fine without Bryce because of that base taking him out.  They have a large enough lead and won’t catch the Dodgers anyway, so they should like their spot.  This probably hurts any chance of an MVP though for the guy.
  30. As I said, pics later in week hopefully, but if you go to Idaho Springs, go to Main Street for brunch.  It not only has a full page of benedicts, but you can get a sharing “taster platter.”
  31. Skip the hot springs though.  I have been twice.  Once in 1997 and once this weekend.  It still sucks, and there are MUCH better hot springs places more into the mountains.  Worth the drive.
  32. Of course, Beaujo’s is always worth it though.  Mountain pizza with that honey stuff that people who don’t even like honey…like.
  33. Dammit, Tim Tebow.  Stop doing good stuff I tell you.  Dude took a ball to the head and stayed in.  Ugghhh.
  34. I watched Kong-Skull Island on Friday.  Watchable, nothing to write home about, had some cool monsters, King Kong likes a chick, and overall a movie where you will know there are much worse 2 hour movies you could get caught watching.
  35. I seriously love how the MLB trade deadline comes and goes and players continue to get traded.
  36. I wish the Brewers all the luck in the world, but not sure Neil Walker is the solution to their division.
  37. Now someone pick UP Aguayo so we can continue to oddly care about a kicker missing PAT’s and FG’s.  All second round of him.
  38. Wait-just saw the headline-the BEARS picked him up!!!  Perfect.  Nothing like cold weather/snow football to get your kicking leg back into gear.
  39. I caught this on Twitter the other day…and it is very funny.  
  40. I totally forgot Cersei from GOT was the chick in 300.  It was on TV Saturday and at least she had a head start on the my lady accent.
  41. I am so glad the Steelers have a Watt brother.  They should trade and get JJ too.
  42. Of COURSE Neymar had a goal and assist in his PSG opener.  Actually, after reading the SI article on him, I like him more (well, more than when I didn’t know much about him and was just being judgmental).
  43. Wow.  I love the statement, but UF is trying to become relevant again and has to suspend SEVEN players when playing MICHIGAN because of cash and books.  I guess that is better than guns and drugs though.
  44. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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