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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Are the Nets and Clippers fighting over Brian Shaw for a head coaching job?  I love Brian Shaw.  Decent player, great guy it seems.  But THAT is the guy getting all of the hype presently?  THAT says something about the coaching prospect pool.

2)      Copy and Paste.  “Nadal advances.”  He smoked the dude today.  Wish I didn’t have this work thing so I could have seen it.

3)      Djokovic had a tougher time, but he also advanced, knocking out old man Tommy Haas.  Now we get to see my favorite facial expression that funny guy Djokovic gives.  It is the “how the HELL is he SO freaking good on this surface” look.  It is a much different look than Djokovic gives against ANYONE on any other surface.

4)      The Kings held off the Blackhawks last night.  The Kings were at home, where they are simply a different team or are making the ice different.  So is their goalie in this run.  Three out of four wins in the first series, four out of four wins in the next series, and their only win in this series.  Those are the games they have won at home.

5)      JR Smith says he will opt out of his contract and go to another team.  First of all, this is dumb.  You are playing in the Big Apple with talent on your roster in the weaker East.  Plus, whoever you go to pretty much guarantees THEY won’t win it all.  I will know the world is ending if JR is a starter or key reserve on any team that wins it all.

6)      Yes.  I despise JR.  Maybe not as bad as Gordon Gee hates Catholics, but I don’t like him at all and think he is an idiot.

7)      So. A top football recruit who we ASSUMED during signing time was signing with UCLA, and then surprised everyone by choosing Notre Dame, and then surprises us all again by going BACK to UCLA, and now loses a year of eligibility.  I need a flowchart for you, Eddie Vanderdoes.  And YOU just lost a lot of money when it comes draft time in a few years.  ONE full year of eligibility.  THAT will shorten your pro resume.

8)      The US Open is coming, and I am SO excited.  I will watch every second of that in a week plus.  You aren’t?  You say you don’t care about golf?  Ok then.  Maybe you fellas will care for one short second.  Thanks for the pic, JJ.


9)      Sharapova and Azarenka advanced this morning to the semi’s.  If you don’t follow tennis, you just need the players from the other side of the draw who had any chance against Serena advanced, therefore guaranteeing a solid final.

10)   Do you think when Karl Malone gets senile, he will finally put Michael Jordan in his starting five?  Scottie Pippen, Karl?  Maybe you are ALREADY senile.

11)   My problem in picking an all time team would be up front, not at the guard spots.  I would have a problem squeezing Tim Duncan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain into two spots.

12)   Big Ben is having surgery.  Yeah, yeah.  No problem.  This is preventative for some minor discomfort.  He had the same thing done on the other knee like 7 years ago and it hasn’t bothered him since…except during motorcycle crashes and odd poses when doing college girls in bars.

13)   Reggie Bush is talking trash about the Lions being the best offense and challenging for a title.  That is great.  I got an idea.  Be quiet on a team you have been with for two freaking months.  Yes, they have talent, but I don’t need some player who last year finally reached about 60% of what we THOUGHT he was going to do in the NFL coming out of college telling me what’s up.

14)   That is it.  My day just got busy.  All sports hooks today so Airwolf theme gets the nod since it STILL could kick the shit out of anything in the sky.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  As Jay Bilas says everyday in Twitter after some cool random comment, I gotta go to work.  Peace.

Whoops.  Forgot to talk about the Bosch thing.  That will be in tomorrow’s.  Gotta git.

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