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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  SPEED version.  I have 25 minutes tops.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       The British Open is underway.  CHILLS down my spine as this event is amazing.  We see who leads the charge early, pick out a few old school links guys who decided to show up, and then wait for the weather to kick in and jack up EVERYONE’S day.  Todd Hamilton?  Welcome back to your claim to fame event.  Nice -2.  Mark O’Meara is up there.  How CAN’T you root for that guy?  Zach Johnson’s name is in lights for at least a day.  Good stuff.  Nice 79, Rory.  No place at Muirfield to walk off the course at the turn, buddy?  This is going to be a FUN weekend.

2)      A-Rod will join the Yankees next week allegedly.  We are all SO excited, A-Rod.  SO excited.  Lean over to one of your new minor league buddies and tell THEM.  They might care.

3)      Keith Olberman is BACK at ESPN.  Freaking awesome.  Missed THAT guy for years.  Odd that his new show will run parallel to each night’s SportsCenter, but at least we all have a good flipper, right?  He as an OK newsman, but a STELLAR sports anchor.

4)      Think your dog knows some tricks?  I don’t care what is fake in this video and what is not.  Pretty tight regardless.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i02RXXmP9kM

5)      Hey, Johnny Football.  You DO realize that every person above the age of 12 (I figure that is the average drinking age these days) in the entire world KNOWS you were hungover, right?  Stop denying/ spinning the story.  I can’t WAIT until A&M drops an easy game against a directional school with a bad performance by Manziel and watch all of his social media pics and tweets surface again.  You are not Joe Namath yet.  You are not even to the next level, yet.  Stop being a super cool moron.

5a)  Correct.  One year ago, this rant was LAUDING this guy.  Evidently he is drifting towards my Snowball captained team.

6)      Can we stop the Manny Pacquiao commercials now that he sucks, no one cares about him anymore, and since we have Mayweather-Alvarez coming up?

7)      I liked the ESPY’s monologue from that guy I hadn’t heard of before.  He cracked a couple times on Snowball.  He is now one of my favorite guys.  What was it?  Jon Hamm or something?

8)      Adrian Peterson’s ESPY acceptance speech was pretty funny, witty, and even new nickname mentioning.

9)      Wow.  The special on Robin Roberts during her getting the Ashe Award was MOVING.  LeBron did well in presenting, and let’s remember that her disease had a 1800% increase in donors for it right after she went public.

10)   Mark Cuban says the Mavs are better off without Snowball.  I don’t know about THAT.  He still is a beast, no matter HOW underachieving he is these days.  Cuban must be exaggerating Samuel Dalembert’s ceiling just a LITTLE above others’ opinions…or hates Snowball as much as I do.  Welcome to the club, Mark.  I am captain of it before you get any ideas.  You can be VP.  Now go get your jet for us.

11)   I liked one of LeBron’s individual ESPY acceptance speeches.  He takes a minute and goes through how much he respects his competitors who were nominated.  Then, he says “This is for all four of us.  I will just keep it at MY house.”

12)   The Jimmy V part of the ESPY’s was pretty awesome too, with various athletes saying different parts of the legendary speech.

13)   Tiki Barber says that Eli is better than Peyton.  Ok.  Whatever, my fellow Wahoo.  How about Ronde is better than YOU???!!!  Go talk about something easier.

14)   That is it.  Half day due to a company meeting in the afternoon.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

14a)  No non sports stuff except for the dog.  Therefore, the baddest thing EVER in the air gets the theme.  Love ya, Airwolf.

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