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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Quick and dirty.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Ortiz threw some support at A-Rod (first person in like 5 years) about getting hit by the Ryan Dempster pitch.  Ortiz talked about caution in waking up the Yankees.  I get it. But Ortiz needs to realize that Dempster just came from the Chicago Cubs.  The mere excitement of being OVER .500 is probably a little overwhelming for the lad.

2)      YOU are on the clock, Denver Bronco fans.  Pretty entertaining breakdown of your team.  We ALL had to read these, so don’t get sensitive.  http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2013-denver-broncos-1178993544

3)      Looks like someone shut him down temporarily.  In my Twitter browsing, I noticed that this July 31st tweet was the last one from Mr. Manziel (although I assume he might have an alternative account).

I ain’t perfect, I ain’t insane but I AM worth it…if there’s one thing I am worth it. People keep hatin but it ain’t WORKIN!

4)      Congrats to Ichiro, who got hit number 4,000 last night.  As I said yesterday, I don’t give him full credit obviously since a only 13 years was in the MLB.  But, let’s remember that he had more hits than even Pete Rose over ANY 13 year span.  Ichiro is a STUD.

5)      Isn’t the NBPA President supposed to be a sub-main tier player?  Listen to some of these executives’ names over the years.  Steve Blake.  Anthony Tolliver.  Roger Mason (UVA!).  Derek Fisher.  The only one in the last 20 years who was a big name was Patrick Ewing, and that was at the end of his career when he WAS subpar.  Chris Paul just got named President.  He is just too GOOD for that title.  He better have SOME intern doing his legwork.

6)      Let’s have a moment of silence.  One, two, three.  Ok.  I just wanted to experience NO RGIII news or updates for a few seconds.

7)      We all were worried about Miguel Cabrera being injured.  He played hurt and still drove in a casual three runs.  Dude can flat out WRECK it.

8)      That is JUST what the doctor ordered in nervous Steeler fan camp.  LeVeon Bell will miss 6 weeks.  The team that used to be the meaning of running back heaven now makes me double check depth charts online.

9)      So, first Sharapova wants to change her name to Sugarpova.  Then, she backs off that wish.  Now, she pulls out totally.  The number of strong female tennis players is weak anyway, but without her in the Open it is worse.  Remember the days when anyone from the top ten was scared of everyone else…and all were good?


10)   That 2005 list is pretty solid.  I won’t even GET into the 80’s on the men’s and women’s side.  You can say I am biased, and then I could reply with the amount of players who were obvious Hall of Famers all competing AGAINST each other.  Sick.  How many more titles would Chris Evert, Graf, or Martina had if the others DIDN’T exist?  McEnroe, Lendl, Borg, Connors, etc.  Wow.

11)   Tiger tells us that it was a great year even without a Major.  Whatever.  Bubba Watson or Angel Cabrera wouldn’t even say such a thing.  You still need FIVE, bro.  Time’s a ticking.  We are now 8 months from me once again guaranteeing that you will win the Masters, and then spending Sunday afternoon drowning myself in beer watching you not win.

12)   Ron Jaworski says Colin Kaepernick could be one of the best ever.  Ok.  This is about online with someone saying last April that Jeremy Lin could be one of the best ever.  Let’s listen to Janet Jackson in the 80’s.  Let’s wait a while.

13)   Allen Iverson is getting ready to announce his retirement.  He last played in 2010.  I will wait until this is official to a) expand b) tell everyone once again why I loved him as a player c) play that practice clip again.

14)   Lindsey is finally going to see Dave Matthews Band live after all of these years.  I am not.  If anyone wants to go out for some drinks Saturday night, hit me up.  Dave was my college band.  Think I will pass on this one.  Every Tuesday at Trax for $4 in Charlottesville had me just SPOILED back in the day.  Then he released his worse song EVER (What Would You Say), which of course became a hit.

15)   After busting his knee a couple years ago, soccer player David Villa scored in his first match against Barcelona.  Pretty badass volley goal.  Here you go, Logan.  http://deadspin.com/david-villa-just-scored-a-golazo-in-his-first-match-aga-1179750800

16)   I proclaim a new roommate rule.  RULE 3451A6 Amendment #7:  If you are given control of the remote and hence put on a show that the giver would not proactively put on television in a million years while having TV as background noise while on his computer, you are hereby mandated to stay awake for more than 30 minutes watching above mentioned show.

17)   Just a tidbit of how the Jets coaches are TRYING to keep them boring.  Locker room hang up.


18)   Do I need to even make a joke?


19)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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