Class act, way too young to walk away, and you will be missed. #sethdavis

Another day of random points.  And apparently talking Cavs fans off the ledge isn’t working too well right now.

  • BUT, even though the Pens aren’t the Warriors AND they are different sports, the Cavs can just look over to the Nashville Predators for hope in getting down 2-0 and then going home and tidying things up at 2 apiece.
  • Shame to hear MSU football players doing their best imitation of Baylor football players.
  • I get that Al Pacino will play Sandusky in an upcoming HBO film, but who really wants to SEE that story on a big screen? I don’t.
  • That is a different kind of “I don’t” as me seeing Get Out again, as once was enough for me. High quality, pretty disturbing movie that will make you squirm.
  • I wish I could hear the negotiations between Kaepernick and the teams he visits. Seahawks went David instead of Kaep.  I get why teams don’t want him as your starter.  I don’t get as  much how he just doesn’t have ANY job on any depth chart.  There are many worse second string QB’s in the NFL.  And if it is the other thing, then talk him into being a THIRD string guy.
  • Got an idea. Can we wait until the series is OVER before having Vegas start comparing this 2017 Warriors team with the MJ Bulls team?  We have the whole offseason to discuss that.  And the best player on the planet WILL win a game…maybe two.
  • So, Ohio State decides to fire Thad Matta in June, when all recruits are off the table, and all coaches have found jobs? Makes no sense.  You have enough problems being the football school instead of basketball school.  Insult to injury by doing this now.
  • So, Xcel Energy. With sunny skies and no hail, you better make sure my TV is functioning tomorrow night.  Sunday night was NOT cool with me having to workaround on my PC.
  • And that was right after you made the initial power go out before I even knew if what’s his name even GOT OUT.
  • I will keep saying it. No way Chris Paul goes to the Spurs.  No way.  I would look at the Spurs in a new way I don’t want to be like.
  • I think if I HAVE to order fast food, that the Baconator has overtaken all other sandwiches/ burgers as my favorite one in play.
  • A) I didn’t realize Ben Gordon was still trying B) I definitely thought he might be overseas and not in the D-League and C) I didn’t know pulling fire alarms was a thing of his. Rock on, man.
  • Sounds like the French Open needs to build some overhead ceilings…
  • Still planning on writing one NBA article a week for Rotoden starting June 18th. I will be brainstorming ideas before then, and apparently I need to rethink my Go Cavs logic talks and accept maybe Kevin Durant being on the Warriors is just a little unfair.
  • Once again, ping me if you want access to my Europe trip pics. Some of them are pretty amazing.
  • Amazing how the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry has kind of settled down. Well, I should rephrase that statement.  It appears to have settled down from out in Colorado because the media is not pushing it on me.  But, there are new characters on both sides, so I guess we need a hit batter, postseason showdown, or bench clearing brawl at some point to get this going.
  • I seriously thought Caroline Wozniacki had a shot in this year’s French Open. Guess that thought I didn’t convey loudly is now closed.
  • Seth Davis just wrote his final article for SI??? How did I miss THAT one on the radar?  Had no idea he was exiting stage left.  Anyway, I am jealous of his life as he pretty much did what he dreamed about and retired as a senior writer on a prominent sports website and TV channel.  I hope he continues to tell us his March bracket picks as every year, we are very much in line.  Here is his final one.
  • So, Mike Schmidt, my favorite baseball player of all time, comes on a media station today and talks about how Herrera due to a language barrier. Old school logic.  New school logic says he probably has more players on the Phillies who don’t speak much English than who do.  He has some people to chat with, Mike.
  • Luckily, by the time I wrote that on 2 hours ago news, media already broke it that Mike called Herrera and apologized. Thanks, Mike.
  • The Jets are releasing people like they have too much talent already are good.
  • And since I might not be able to console you Cavs fans if Game 3 remains ugly, we might as well leave you with a fun mailbag from Deadspin that starts with analyzing whether 73 regular season wins or 16-0 in the playoffs is more awesome. My opinion FIRMLY is with the latter.
  • That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog after Game 3?  That’s a CLOWN question, bro.
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