Chords. Strings. We brings. Melody.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Let’s turn and burn.

On the clock again tonight.  Don’t know why, since my cable is out until tomorrow, but still…on the clock.


1)  I don’t know about you, but I found it weird after all the years of dominance not to see Kosuke Kitajima in one of the main lanes and not have Brendan Jansen in the final at all of the 200m Breaststroke.  I know times have changed, and newcomers…come, but I was thinking it would be one more Olympics before they phased out.  Tough to remain competitive in Olympic swimming.  The prime is extremely short, and maybe that is why the next accomplishment is so awesome.

2)  You were writing him off.  Hell, even I was a little after his initial performance.  However, Michael Phelps showed today who really is boss by not only being the first swimmer to win  the same event three times, but also doing it against the man who wants his glory, and thought his time was now.  Phelps took out Lochte in the 200IM.  Ryan was cool in post swim conference, and said they are friends, but you KNOW he is mad that Phelps has THAT strong of grip on the torch.  We will look back and might say they BOTH did well, and maybe Phelps didn’t exactly go out like Elway, but he did make a serious stand when doubters were watching.

3)  Weird to see the “hyphens” drop a volleyball game also.  Walsh and May dropped the first game, and then regulated in a way that would make Warren G proud.  21-8 in the second?  Damn, girls.  You just hit the East Side.  Still, them losing a game makes me remember when Karch Kiraly started losing some games.

4)  That spider bite I made fun of being my worst nightmare, a Brown Recluse bite, still has a brown spot where I got bit.  If I wouldn’t have read the Reader’s Digest on the coffee table when I was 10 that told of a guy losing his arm because of a Recluse bite, I probably wouldn’t think twice about it.  But I guess I am since I am writing about it.  I will just go with the “it was just a REALLY tough, jagged tooth regular spider” theory for now.

5)  I wonder if the same guy makes all the yellow lines in sports.  He has quite a gig if he is the same guy.  First the first down line in football, and now the world record line in swimming that marks where the swimmer SHOULD be.  Dude has his niche.  If he had wings, he could fly.

6)  The Redskins and Bills are cleared in Bountygate/ you both were JUST innocent enough to get away with it/ we already made one coach sit the season.  The Skins fans are already going to riot when they sit Stephen Strasburg-don’t push the issue on the football field.  Go let them sign another Pro Bowler, overpay him, and then not see him approach Pro Bowl form ever again.

7)  Some might be surprised that the Indians designated Derek Lowe for assignment after another poor outing.  I personally am just wondering if he will STILL be in the league when I am 60.  I am not saying he LOOKS old, and I am not saying he IS old.  I am just saying it FEELS like he has been around FOREVER.

8)  Did you hear what Ryan Lochte’s mother said about her lovable kid?  No, not that she is proud of him.  No, not that he has been a good son.  She said that all he does is one night stands, he is not a girlfriend guy, he had a girlfriend last Olympics, and that he could have fun at this one finally.  Quality stuff.

9)  USA beat Nigeria 156-73 behind 24 three pointers and 31 by Melo, a USA Olympic record.  AS I said yesterday, Melo excels in international play, it was just Nigeria, and why don’t you talk to the Fillerbuster after the weekend after they drop either the game with Lithuania or Argentina.  Yeah, I said it.

10)  Congrats to America’s newest sweetheart, Gabby Douglas.  She won the all-around in gymnastics for the U.S.  Since Missy Franklin wants to go to the prom and chase Justin Bieber through twitter, I guess we should just prepare ourselves for an OVERLOAD of the cute little 16 year old.

11)  Some younger people are not going to understand this, but the Browns….ehhhh… who am I kidding-I don’t get it either.  The Cleveland Browns, yes THOSE Cleveland Browns were sold for 1 BILLION dollars today.  Where is that damn flow chart?  Get me a flowchart, Lerner, and a financial analyst.  NOW.

12)  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  STOP it.  I thought it was going to happen today.  Honestly.  But.  It didn’t.  I thought a full 24 hours would go by without ANYTHING about Tebow.  This is getting ridiculous.  Well, here is the news.  The Jets released the goal line/ Tebow/ wildcat offense.  Great.  I can sleep tonight.  At least Dustin Pedroia (you need to read this thing regularly to get ALL the jokes) is happy.  Moving on.

13)  Ok.  Since the last hook had Tebow, I will walk RIGHT into this one.  There is no news on Dwight Howard today.  DAMMIT.  I fell for it AGAIN.

14)  The Olympic badminton coach admitted that the players threw the matches in the scam that just occurred.  Hold on….one second….nevermind.  I was sounding out a joke with the word badminton, Yu Yang, or Wang Xiaoli, but it didn’t come to me.  Probably for the best.

15)  Tiger Woods is playing the Bridgestone this week.  Hey, man.  Sorry if I am losing a little faith.  Why don’t you win this one (I think he is a monstrous 7 back already) so you can “be back” and we can falsely make you the favorite for the PGA Championship?  Whatever.  I will still watch, but please win something to give me faith.

16)  I LOVE preseason polls in ANY sport.  I LOVE them.  Seriously.  Anyway, the FBS Coach’s poll was released today.  I will run through this more thoroughly tomorrow when I am doing a Friday night rant, but I want to mention three things.

-I don’t dispute LSU’s #1 ranking, but I truly believe with the last couple pickups, USC is the best team in the nation.  That being said, it was a close vote, and you can’t really give a bad reason for Bama to not be there either.

-The trend is OVER evidently.  Virginia Tech is officially sliding in talent at #20 (of course, they play in the ACC so they could run the table), Boise State is #22 (they couldn’t move up 3 spots in an entire year, let alone 22), and Florida is #23 (damn, Urban could recruit)

-And finally, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I haven’t seen my alma mater-UVA- in other receiving votes in like 10 years.  We are MONEY to be ranked in the #25 by the end of the year.  Is the Poinsettia Bowl still around?  It will be tough.  My girl’s team is Oklahoma.  Must be nice to be pissed when your team is NOT in the top five…ever.  Hey, in my college days, I knew what it was like to be #1.  I am not checking the stats, but I am pretty sure that every year from 1991-1995, UVA started 6-0 and finished 7-4.  We LOVED the Peach Bowl.  They got to the 7th game of the season and said “they got guns to my head, I think I’m going down.”

17)  I went over.  That is because my cable is out, and I wasn’t motivated to finish.  And I had more to say than I thought.  Thanks for reading.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.  Peace.

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