‘Cause me and the boys will be playin’…all night.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  30 minute work break/ sanity check (it is Friday afternoon).  I feel the need…the need for 5pm…I mean SPEED.  Quick hitter…

1)  The NHL union “doesn’t like” the owners’ counteroffer.  Did they hand them a napkin with “do you like us?  Yes or No?”

2)  Jerry Sandusky has asked the judge to overturn all convictions.  So, life can’t be THAT bad locked up for the guy.  They obviously are letting him drink and tinker with some hallucinogens.

2a)  No.  I didn’t open the article.  I am not the CEO of a company or anything, but I did an opportunistic time analysis, and determined that those 3 minutes COULD be used more wisely in my life.

2b)  Victim #1 in the case has come out with his real name.  Dollars talk, and I am sure although people now know he was abused, he is probably shopping Porsche 911’s right about now.

3)  Carlos Beltran was out for the Cards with an injury.  Does it matter?  Lose stars, pitchers get hurt, and this train seems to not miss a beat.  Considering the beatdown the Tigers put on the Yankees, we are looking at one very competitive World Series.

4)  Ok. Ok.  Tim Tebow went at LEAST three days without a headline.  That is now fixed.  He might play RB this week.  Stop teasing us with secret practices, obtuse playbooks, and random comments.  We don’t believe you, Rex.  If you DO decide to do that, then I hate ANOTHER thing about Tebow (thought I had topped out already, but I made room for more)…taking carries and TD’s from one of my fantasy RB’s that I have in both leagues.  Don’t you dare.

5)  The WADA has determined there are “gaps” in the NBA’s anti-doping program.  Really?  Did the WADA also determine on their own that the grass is green and the sky is blue?  I guess in between splitting the atom and building climate satellites, they also determined that there is a HUGE gap in the number of players busted in the NBA and other sports.  Yeah.  You NBA guys just have MUCH more following the rules types of guys.  Moving on.

6)  I relate Daniel Day Lewis to golfer Jim Furyk.  Both guys just chill out and stay off the radar in weak movies and petty tournaments, and then the Oscars or Majors come up, and BAM.  They are somewhere in the mix.  Not always winning, but in the mix.  This hook comes to life as I am about to give the Oscar for Best Actor to Lewis just off the PREVIEWS of Lincoln.

6a)  Another Oscar contender might be Hitchcock.  Have you SEEN who they have for that role?  PERFECT.  Anthony Hopkins.  Dead ringer pretty much.

7)  If you live in Denver, and you like sandwiches, go check out THIS place.  Everything seems simple enough, and nothing crazy.  But the ingredients are top quality, and you can TASTE them in the simple sandwiches.  I recommend the Grand or the 14er.  http://backcountryprovisions.com/menu.php

8)  I have to own up.  Aside from Big Ben, the Steelers over the years have a pretty freaking clean record for player off the field behavior.  Well, that hit a speed bump the other day.  They have suspended Alameda Ta’amu without pay for his arrest over the weekend. What did he do?

“He faces felony counts of fleeing police and aggravated assault while driving drunk; and three counts of aggravated assault for nearly running down police officers with his vehicle. He also is charged with 10 misdemeanors, including resisting arrest and attempting escape. Police said he crashed his 2006 Lincoln Navigator into several vehicles while fleeing them on the South Side.”

Well, let’s just say that by default, my Rant Squad scouts have been sent out to Pittsburgh to investigate his worth.  We are hearing of another DUI in 2011, so we just have to decide if what he did this past weekend qualifies just as one offense, or multiple ones.  I will keep you in the loop, and it would KILL me to have a Steeler on the Rant Squad.

9)  On the plane the other day, while reading the lots of pictures USA Today that the Hampton Inn provided me, I noticed a little section on celebrity autobiographies.  Of the ten they mentioned, I would read Heart’s (I HAVE to know if they were banging their own guitarists and more about Van Halen’s sexual offer to them), Peter Criss from Kiss (betting people with full makeup have better groupie and drug band stories than those losers without it), and Rod Stewart (love or hate his music, the dude has pulled some HOT chicks for like…60 years).

10)  If you are any team in the AFC, you are not concerned at all whatever your record is.  With two teams over .500, AND both of them playing this week, there is time for catchup OR separation.

11)  Sad to see Mavs guard Delonte West suspended for breaking team rules.  He has a bipolar condition, has had a gun or drug conviction somewhere in the mix previously, and is wasting a LOT of talent on the court because of these distractions.  If you all recall, the year that St. Joseph’s was undefeated for most of the year and pulled a #1 seed for the madness, Jameer Nelson got all the hype, but their shooting guard was West.  Dude can ball.

12)  I just got my ESPN Mag last night.  I had a few minutes to scan it as it was the NBA preview.  I was tired, it was before bed, and I don’t think ESPN writers are allowed to edit and publish stories WHILE they are drinking, but I SWEAR that they had Denver winning the Western Conference.  The Lakers were at #4 in the CONFERENCE.  I will go home energetic and alert and look again, but WHF?

13)  If you don’t know who Johnny Manziel is this week, you might just know his name WELL by Monday.  In a PERFECT trap game, Texas A&M gets LSU a week after a big win over South Carolina.  Whether they pull it off or not, this game will be fun.  It will also remind the other Texas schools that the dude was a stud in high school, committed to Oregon because no one called him, revoked that commitment when A&M came calling because he WANTED to stay in Texas, and now is schooling people.  He averages more offense per game than a good amount of TEAMS.

14)  Speaking of LSU, we all know about the Matheiu thing.  Now, what is coming out is that him AND present player Anthony Johnson were poster pimping student parties and events.  Not within the rules.  If this thing gets bad, they technically COULD take back all the LSU wins this year since Johnson is a current player (will it happen?  No, just saying they COULD).

15)  Proud to say Lindsey and I knocked out one of those wacky hints for NFL teams games in about 20 minutes without cheating.  She got Six Rulers=VI-kings, and I got Uncle Sam’s spouse in the army= G.I.Ants

16)  John Corey update.  The Panther is excellent so far in my early reading.  I don’t have large windows of time to read it, and the thing IS 628 pages, and I won’t finish it until next Saturday when Lindsey is out of town, but it is SOLID so far.

17)  I get SO excited at this time of year, as college basketball previews and articles are EVERYWHERE.  I will read them ALL.

18)  Thanks, Vernon Davis, for PLAYING, and still somehow finding a way to score ZERO in fantasy.  It hurts when I have Owen Daniels on my freaking bench.

18a)  I am SO stubborn.  I somehow pulled the Texans defense off the wire on the Steelers bye week.  They are rocking it out, but I still put them back out there today, since I have to stick with my boys.

19)  My buddy at work and the person next to him cleared their throats yesterday.  I already had one ready, so mine cleared right after their two.  I cleared my throat and LAUGHED.  Why, they asked?  Family Guy.  Here you go:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkxZSm02pTY

20)  Wow.  Crazy.  Oregon covered the spread again last night.  Grass is green, etc…

21)  College picks:

-Kentucky (home) + 27 vs. Georgia

-Georgia Tech (home) -14 vs. Boston College

-Stanford (away) -3 vs. California

-Washington (away) + 7.5 vs. Arizona

-Ohio State (home) -19 vs. Purdue

-South Carolina (away) + 3.5 vs. Florida

-Louisville (home) -6 vs. South Florida

22)  That is it.  Back to work.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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