Catch of the Day

(Yes.  This is new.  Thinking of writing one hook on days when I can’t load up for a full blog.  No promises whether I keep doing it.  Lindsey is hitting the town tomorrow night.  I will do long version tomorrow night.)

Props to the San Antonio Spurs.  They are not only the class of the league on and off the court, but they are not afraid to try things.  Sad that having a female assistant coach is “trying” things.  Anyway, you take the grizzliest, grumpiest coach in the league, and add his choice addition for a full time female assistant coach, and you have eyes being opened (hopefully).  I don’t prefer to WATCH women’s basketball, but that is preference of enjoyment.  There is not a bone in my body who thinks a woman can’t coach men just as well as a man can coach men.  AND, there isn’t a team who would LISTEN like the Spurs players.  John Lucas opened this positive can of worms with a female volunteer assistant in 2001-2002, and it breaks my heart no one has ventured into this territory since.  Hammon played at CSU, for Russia in 2008 and 2012, for the Stars and Liberty at various points with lots of postseason, knows her stuff, is a great speaker, will learn from the best, and is a great hire.  You who look down on this should be shamed.  Props, Pop.

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