Catch of the Day…she is dressed as a clownFISH-it works with the fishing theme…

One hook and one hook only…AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL PICKS.


This will be quick.  I am going to Widespread Panic tonight and am too pumped.  List is still going and I will have a true rant with pics Sunday.  For today?  One hook and picks.  By the way, I am going to one of THREE Panic shows this weekend.  I went to ONE at Red Rocks.  Can I still handle three consecutive shows?  Maybe.  Do I choose to?  No.  Maybe if it was down the street at Ogden or Fillmore.  But this one is in Broomfield.  I am dressing as Dexter.  Not sure if kids still dress for Halloween Panic shows (been 15 years since my last Oct 31st show), but one thing is for certain.  You can NEVER look out of place at a Widespread Panic show.  Never.  Shout out to Pete, my colleague, who is doing tonight’s show on a party bus, and then jumping on a plane to Vegas to see Phish two nights.  I get tired THINKING about that.  Sounds awesome though.  Anyway…oh yeah…the hook.  Everyone take a step back.  Even the greats can get nervous.  I can’t BELIEVE the amount of judging going on about the Cavs’ loss to the Knicks.  The only thing that I can rationalize is that it was the Knicks, complete with the ball hog and Josh Smith trying to understand the triangle offense.  Anyway, James will be fine.  James will win the MVP.  Cleveland will win the East.  And remember THIS, haters.  RESPECT basketball.  Respect it.  It seems simple enough, but you have to be a player to get it.  It SEEMS a star leads the way, and they do in a way…but CHEMISTRY is the key.  You need the right amount of stars and role players on a team like you need the right amount of chicken and garlic and…shit…I can’t cook.  I don’t know.  Anyway, you get the point.  That game is about being able to sense where the other guys will be at, and you can’t do that fully in practice (cue Iverson).  Give them 30 games.  Then, there will be a serious run.  Step off the mic, haters.  Cleveland doesn’t have time for it right now.



Penn State -3.5 at home vs. Maryland

Ole Miss -1.5 at home vs. Auburn

Duke +3 at Pitt


South Carolina -6 at home vs. Arkansas

Navy +14.5 at home vs. ND

UNC +15 at Miami

That is it.  Enjoy your Halloween.  I am going to go enjoy my one night of Panic.  “Thank you very much…”  (inside Panic joke)

By the way, I almost DON’T buy a Panic ticket each year now…and then I do, and the excitement I feel right now can’t be matched hours before showtime.


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