Catch of the Day. Guest blog.

Just kidding on the guest blog.

Just thought Frank would get your attention.  Things I think you need to know today.

  1. No comments on Black Monday fallout yet.  Let’s let the remainder of the chips drop.
  2. I will break down the Bama-Clemson game, but not today.
  3. Tom Coughlin retired, but said he is not necessarily done with coaching.  Two Super Bowl rings will get you that special consultant/ advisor/ whatever made up role where we aren’t really sure what he does with a team.
  4. The Browns brought on Paul DePodesto.  Yes, THAT Paul DePodesto.  The baseball guy.  Rock on, Cleveland Browns.  Whatever works.  Be different.  Hiring football people isn’t helping you we can tell you.
  5. Manziel has the weekend, Clarett gets an OVI, and Mayweather talks racism.  That is what I like to SEE, people.  I am about to release my final Rant Squad/ Castoffs 2016, and way to step to the mic with recent action.  LOVE it.
  6. Home page ideas for my new incredible upcoming website:  Rant Squad members and most recent activity, my blog, Twitter, who is hottest, dumbest, slowest, whatever in one particular sport, and constant updated predictions (Final Four, 2016 MLB season, Stanley Cup winner, etc.).
  7. If you don’t follow college basketball, and don’t follow stat lines, just know that UNC’s Brice Johnson’s 39 and 23 was…good.
  8. I have defined “trap game” many times in the last couple of months.  Definition #3478.  UVA going to undermanned VA Tech and having some dude hoist three’s Shawn Marion style after having tried about 12 all year…and making 3 of 4.
  9. AND adding the final blocked shot.  Ugghhh.
  10. I admit.  I like it.  Lindsey sent this to me a week ago and I didn’t read it.  If you care about Star Wars at ALL in life and have seen the new one, read now.
  11. Seriously, click on it and read it.  Waiting…
  12. We are down to SMU and South Carolina as the last unbeatens in college basketball.  Geez.  THAT would have been a gimme bet at the beginning of the year.
  13. Once again, if you played for South Carolina and THIS guy, you would be either undefeated, or pissing your pants for losing.  
  14. ESPN has a “Bored with Boards” article on its front page presently, and I find it ironic that the team with the MOST PF’s is front and center (although yes they suck).
  15. Pagano should be extended, as he should get one more run with Luck healthy.  Plus, he is very likable.
  16. Yes, the Warriors look fine with a healthy Curry in the lineup.
  17. Yes, we know by you saying “I accept risk in our backup QB role,” you will be picking up Manziel or maybe RGIII this offseason.
  18. Which is now for you, Jerry.
  19. Props for Ronda Rousey for being on SNL on January 23rd, because we had no jokes before and now after the loss they are pretty easy pickings.
  20. AND, I told you last night’s OU-KU game had epic foundations.  It was.  It pushed back my bedtime, and ended a little ugly as everyone on the court was exhausted, but THERE is your present leader for game of the year thus far.  And feel free to cast your All American first team vote for Buddy Hield whenever you like.
  21. That’s it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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