Catch of the Day…


I don’t care about storylines and fan bases.  I don’t care about who made the moves during the offseason.  I still get to this point.  You are telling me a bunch of people had months of meetings in conference rooms to open the NBA season with THREE teams from the state of Texas and FOUR out of four teams from the Western Conference?  Sure, factor in quality of conferences.  I still think that a couple of us wouldn’t have minded seeing Melo shoot the ball 50 times, see Derrick Rose’s alleged newbornness, or watched…you know….from Ohio.  Spurs-Mavs and then Rockets-Lakers.  If you are not a hard core NBA fan, from L.A. and want to see Kobe back, from Texas, or SOMEHOW a freaking Dwight Howard fan, you are not watching the opening two games.  That is all I have today.  I am in Nashville for a wedding.  Peace.

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