Catch of the Day

Long blog is coming tomorrow.  Sticking to new form.  ONE hook and one hook only for today.  My breakdown of the top 11 (lucky number) and their chances tomorrow:

Rory:  He has already won.  He has no chick stealing practice time.  He has recovered about 3 times this tournament from shaky strokes (his par today on a loose swing was AWESOME).  I have him in my pool.  He is in final group.  He wins.  Boom goes the dynamite.

Bernd Wiesberger:  Not going to happen.  The most Googled person on the internet today will fade.

Fowler:  Best player out there in the hunt every time, my favorite guy when I don’t have $5 on the line, and the biggest foe for tomorrow.

Mickelson:  Winner.  Always a threat.  I think he has two bad holes tomorrow, and keeps grinning the whole time remembering how hot his wife is.

Day:  Listen.  I talked my boss into buying the last twenty golfers because he was in the mix.  I basically paid $50 for Jason Day.  He WILL win at some point in a Major.  Not tomorrow, but I won’t complain either way-splitting cash is still cash.

Oosthuiezen:  Destined to be on Wheel of Fortune someday and already has a Major.  Not tomorrow, buddy.  Consistent, boring, and how does he end up on EVERY Major leaderboard?

Stenson:  Due.  Four strokes is a lot though.  He needs to win like Kaymer won.  Wire to wire or something close.

Ilonen:  I don’t even know if I spelled his name right.  Go away.  This one’s not so good for you (Rounders).

Palmer:  He is the boring Tin Cup.  Go watch the movie tomorrow.  I dislike you for no reason at all.

Donaldson:  Not.  Going. To.  Happen.

DeLaet:  Bring liquor in your golf bag.

Stricker:  Always a threat and one of best to not win one.  Five strokes is a lot though.

Lurkers:  Scott (-7), Westwood (-7), Furyk (-7), Garcia (-5).

No on Scott since Tiger didn’t even make the cut, Westwood just isn’t a closer, Furyk just hangs out and cashes in with his ugly mug and ugly swing, and Garcia needs to start adorably chasing his balls up fairways again.

Rory wins.  Day and Fowler make it exciting.  Watch tomorrow, non golf fans.  Today’s moving day was fun.  Tomorrow will be more fun.  Lots of players within the lead/ Rory is not totally kicking everyone’s ass.  Peace.

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