Catch of the Day

Yup.  This will be a thing now I think.  At least for a while.  I have worked another 6-5, and am about to work 6-8pm again.  No full blog today.  Just one hook.  Work is beyond crazy right now.  I have said for over three years my job is “different levels of drowning.”  Well, I am barely head out of the water right now.

Rory.  Wow.  Some people who don’t know about his round just assume he is one stroke off the lead.  Ok.  You are right.  He IS.  But, HOW he got there is freaking amazing.  I had the PGA cued up on a side TV in our back room so I caught a couple holes.  I caught holes 10 and 11 for Rory.  Par 5 at -3.  In control.  He hits it WAY left, gets a double bogey, and then gets a 4 on a par 3 the next hole.  Suddenly he is even in an event where half the field seemed to be at -1.  That would have SUNK most golfers.  I have seen two holes like that sink Tiger.  But no.  If you don’t think he is the real deal, he reminded us he is today.  He birdied the next FOUR holes consecutively, birdied the last hole, and ended up at -5.  Amazing from a golf perspective, and ridiculous from a mental standpoint. Props, Rory.

Catch of the Day A) I personally hate courses with an ending par 5 for a Major.  Too much to gain on it.

Catch of the Day B) This hook had NOTHING to do with the fact I drew him in my $5 golf pool.

This is brilliant.  That took me like four minutes.

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