Catch of the Day.

Quick hitter, as I wrote a lot yesterday.



The Pats signed a very Pats add on by signing Reggie Wayne.  The Colts didn’t think he had enough in the tank to re-sign.  The Pats disagree and I think are right with this pickup.  Reggie will be a great locker room presence and probably will catch some important balls along the way, too.  Nice addition and this can’t hurt Mr. Brady at all.



Baker Mayfield gets the nod for the Sooners at QB.  I can talk about how being from the Texas Tech offense will make him perfect for the Sooners up tempo offense.  I can talk about how the Sooners kind of wish they had an obvious stud behind center.  I will skip all of that and just play the funny Mayfield video.  Sounds like a plan.



I never pretend to know a lot about auto racing, but here is hoping Indy racer Justin Wilson pulls through after his bad crash Sunday.

That’s it for today.  Need more?  Check out the afternoon party from yesterday.


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